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White label uber clone apps


Fighting competition without having a digital presence is a bit difficult. People are becoming more and more dependent on mobile applications, and thus you have to reach out to them where they spend most of their time.

While deciding to go with uber-like app development, it is necessary to consider all the available options. This includes custom application development and white-label app development. White-label solutions have come across as a popular option for companies that are working in the on-demand industry. However, white-label Uber clone app solutions help reduce the cost of development. It just requires rebranding or little customizations to meet the business needs. Also, you can implement or deploy it right away.
 Uber clone applications

Introduction :

When it comes to starting your on-demand business, you will see a peek at Uber. It goes without saying that nothing can top the functionalities, interface, and services offerings Uber offers at your fingertips. Ultimately, a lot of companies started using Uber as a template for digitally running their taxi business, and hence the market got crowded with almost similar applications.

So, if you are looking to own a taxing booking app, procuring a white-labeled Uber clone app is the best way to enter the on-demand market quickly. Uber clone app development thus cuts the chase and cherry-picks the most-needed Features In A Taxi Booking Application. You need to own the source code of Uber and later customize it as per your business requirements. This means you can fill the canvas as per your liking, such as adding more features to the pre-built product using plugin integration services, adding logos, and company colors, etc.

The code ownership will allow you maximum flexibility for adding and removing features in minimum investment. Rather than spending time and energy to build a product from scratch, companies find it more beneficial to rebrand the source code of a popular app and customize it to meet specific business needs.

This is why white label solutions are gaining popularity not only for creating taxi booking apps but also for food delivery, groceries, logistics, home services, laundry, and more.

Features of Uber Clone Applications

Since a taxi booking application has to serve three different stakeholders, i.e., admin, drivers, and customers, the features of the taxi application depend on the app's usability. In this section, we will guide you through all the three variants of taxi booking applications and how an uber clone app fits the bill.


Manage Dispatch :

An admin panel would have the necessary features to manage the booking requests. You can easily assign the tasks or automate the process to manage the dispatching of the taxi. You can easily manage the dispatch process by adding, deleting, or modifying dispatchers. You can track all the dispatcher activities. Furthermore, there is an additional assistance panel, where you get the necessary tools such as role assignment for the dispatchers.

Manage Passengers :

As an admin, you get many queries and requests. The admin panel helps you to add, delete, view, and modify details. It also provides transparency in the operations. You can easily check passenger details, manage their queries, view bookings, and provide a personalized experience to the passengers.

Manage Drivers :

Admin panel assists you in tracking the activities of the drivers. It helps you in reviewing driver and vehicle documents. You can easily add new drivers, delete the ones who are no longer in association with the company, and also modify the details of a driver profile. You can also add vehicles and various types of logistic solutions provided by your company.

Dashboard :

A dashboard provides you with a detailed view of all the key activities happening in your business. The real-time dynamic reporting system allows you to gain hold of your business and improves your decision-making. You can check active passengers, ongoing rides, new requests, available drivers (area-wise), and also earnings. The inclusion of features such as modern data visualization tools improves your understanding even more.

Data Analytics and Reporting

Data analytics will help admin in making better business decisions. The Uber clone application offers access to multiple reports, helping to plan and develop tangible business strategies for growth.


Profile Management:

Driver apps must have a registration tab where they can create and manage their profile. This allows them to provide the necessary details to sign up with your platform as a driver and use your services for getting rides. Also, this helps in an easy verification process. Profile management allows businesses to manage driver availability.

Push Message Notification:

The feature instantly alerts the available drivers in the area of the nearby bookings for the cabs. The application is GPS integrated, which helps get information of the pickup spot and the smallest route to save time.

GPS Navigation :

GPS integration is the most crucial thing for Driver apps. Google Maps helps reach the desired destination in minimum time and through the best possible route.

Fare Calculator Tab :

The fare calculator gives fare estimation to the driver along with the promo coupons or codes applied by the passengers. However, this helps them make a better decision in accepting or rejecting a ride.

Cab Sharing Facility :

Club the rides of multiple passengers together going in the same direction. This helps to reduce the fare prices. Also, it will reduce the time taken to reach a particular place and find rides. It also reduces the chances of a shortage of cabs. The driver app must include all the types of transport options you provide to your customers.

Income Report Tab :

You need a report section that helps drivers check their earnings, payrolls, and tips segregated daily, weekly, and monthly.


Easy Onboarding :

Customer onboarding can be made hassle-free with the inclusion of Facebook or Instagram logins and a mobile number. Having too many categories on the onboarding form can be a mood killer. Thus, try to collect only details that are necessary for onboarding. Also, keep a mobile number-based verification, so they don’t have to leave the app to check the mail inbox.

Fare Estimate & Seamless Payments :

Cut the chase and provide the fare estimate upfront while booking a cab from your app. Provide information on the surge and per kilometer price borne by the passenger. Providing fare breakdown is a good way to keep transparency. Also, this helps simplify decision-making for customers.

Notification Alert :

Customers should be provided with alerts such as cab booking confirmation, cab arrival, any messages from the cab drivers, etc. Push notifications thus can be a good way to ease communication.

Location Tracking :

GPS integration allows a customer to see the path taken by the cab driver to reach the customer's location. It provides an ETA on the ride arrival. This would help reduce the unnecessary need to get on the calls to know the real-time location of the drivers, as they can check it on the app.

Driver Feedback & Rating

Trip History :

Keep maximum transparency between the company and your customers. Allow them to check out their previous rides, ride fare, and details of the rides, such as driver name, kilometers, and their feedback.

In-app Chat Option :

The in-app chat option helps ease the communication between the passengers and the drivers. This would provide a free communication channel, and the drivers and passengers can get notifications of the messages through push notifications.

Payment Options :

Having multiple payment modes on the application would help you cater to the needs of your passengers. With the advent of multiple payment methods, customers can choose from credit/ debit card payment, e-wallet payment, UPI, and other options.

White label uber clone app

Cost-effectiveness of White Label Uber Clone App Solutions

On-demand mobile application development from scratch will cost you more than you expect. You need to set APIs and plugins that make the application more functional, responsive, and interactive. Integrating the app with different APIs, navigation, logistics is going to be costly. The delivery time will be more. Even the process updates will need more time and money. Also, you have to match the quality of Uber, along with innovative features, to stay ahead of the competition.

In contrast, getting a ready-made Uber clone app solution with white-label is a cost-effective alternative. Since white-label solutions are built by experts, branding the product becomes easy. Also, the quality of the product is at par. It makes market penetration fairly easy. It is less costly than custom application development. You can hire expert developers of AIS Technolabs to customize White-label Uber Clone App to match your business requirements. Also, our experts will help with custom plugin development. Thus, you will save a lot of time and money. However, it will prove to be a great benefit when you already have a business model in place and want to promote it on digital platforms.

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White Label Uber Clone

Benefits Of Our White-Label Uber Clone Application

Here are some benefits of our Uber clone application development :

Plenty of Customization

You can customize a pre-built taxi booking app with your name, logo, and advanced features. We know that business requirements are not constant. Hence, we customize the white-label solution of the Uber clone app so that you can convert your app ideas into reality.

Low Investment

With a White-label solution, you can get all the dynamic features as well as basic features your app needs. So, you don’t have to spend immensely on designing, process updates, and more. You will hold the fingers of our expert developers, provide an innovative interface to users, and manage high ROI with pocket-friendly solutions.

Boost Business Visibility

There is a lot of competition in the market. The earlier you start adapting to technology, the more edge you have over the market. If you have multiple services and products from third-party, like collaborating with private drivers to become your service providers, it is better to go with a white-label solution. White-label solutions help you reduce the cost of development while helping you save money to scale up and market your business.

Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty comes from the quality of services. White-labeling solutions offer a quality of generic products, and customized functionalities help you provide convenience to the people. Customers see you as a reliable service provider, thus staying loyal to your brand.

Advantage of Expert Work

Going with custom development would require you to screen third-party resources that may not achieve the quality that you are looking for. While white-label solutions from experts can help you rebrand efficient software solutions and use them to empower your business.

Finished Product

Our dedicated white-label solution providers would provide you with solutions that are beta tested, done with revisions, troubleshooting, and more. This process helps in improving the product, so you enjoy the quality products without investing your time and resources in making them.

Hassle-free Maintenance

We provide effective maintenance service after deploying your app. So, you can focus on core business activities without worrying about troubleshooting and maintenance of the app.

AIS Technolabs Benefit

How Can AIS Technolabs Benefit Your Business?

AIS Technolabs provides various white-label on-demand software and applications. We are global leaders in the market, we provide specialized services for custom product development too. We understand your business challenges and try to mitigate them with digital solutions.

Our white label solutions are easily customizable and well-tested. Our uber clone application is well-loved in the market. We provide 24*7 technical support and provide fast resolution to your problems. Built on modern and scalable technology, we deliver you well-tested, cost-effective digital solutions to meet your business needs.

Our services that include product customization, rebranding, custom plugin development, 24*7 customer support, and more can help you mitigate the business challenges.

Wrapping Up

White-label Uber clone app solutions are the fastest way to implement digital solutions to your online taxi-booking business while not compromising on the efficiency and quality of service. If you are looking forward to starting your taxi-booking business like Uber, consider the white-label solutions of AIS Technolabs.

We have a range of pre-built solutions tailored to your taxi business, so you get exactly what you need. The latest and advanced features will help to attract potential customers and mitigate the business challenges in a cut-throat competition. Get your tailored white-label Uber Clone app at an affordable price to quickly initiate your on-demand taxi-booking business.
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