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Ultimate Guide for Choosing Top Hybrid App Frameworks

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To serve businesses better on digital platforms the best way out is an app. The app can be native or hybrid in nature depending on the end user’s requirements. Though it is purely your choice for which way to go, marketing experts recommend going hybrid. Hybrid apps not only engage a wide audience base but are also more convincing in terms of performance, features, and benefits. Read below to know about hybrid app development and the best related frameworks.


Your cool idea has now structured into an amazing project and there is just one thing you are still confused about – which app development framework to choose!

Be it a beginner, professional, or a developer, keeping your app development in the right direction is the only way to succeed. However, with a variety of frameworks available, anyone can get confused. But this confusion cannot be stretched longer, and hence, we share with you this post that speaks about all the best mobile app development frameworks available.

While hybrid frameworks have definitely eased the lives of developers, you need to pick that framework, which optimally meets most of your requirements. So, read on to wisely choose the best mobile framework for your upcoming hybrid app development project.
Hybrid vs. Native App Development

Hybrid vs. Native App Development

Both hybrid and native app development platforms are well-known offering a lot of features. But which one is the best? Let’s figure out!

Native App Development: Coded for specific devices with a particular operating system, these apps make the best use of OS features and software tools installed on a device. They are powerful enough to access numerous functions of a device like camera, gallery, contact list, and others. When native apps are combined into machine codes, a better performance is delivered.
Highlights :
  • Extremely reliable
  • Efficient and fast performance
  • Enhanced user experience
  • Exploits native features at best level
  • Compatible with offline and online activities

Hybrid Apps : These apps are based on CSS, HTML5, and JavaScript, and have the best of both native and web apps. They are much faster and written in a single code for numerous platforms making the development process a lot easier for the developers. Also, known as cross-platform mobile app development, it is useful in developing dynamic apps.
Highlights :
  • Offers code reuse facility
  • Quicker app development
  • Cross-platform user interface
  • Cost-efficient development and maintenance
  • Efficient and easy to maintain
  • Integrates with the device file system
  • Single code management
Benefits of Hybrid App Development

Benefits of Hybrid App Development

Low Cost with Ease of Development

Hybrid mobile apps offer a unified development process that save businesses spending bulk money on building multiple versions of one app for different platforms. With hybrid frameworks, developers need to build a single version, write and maintain individual code bases for distinct platforms. It saves a lot of time and money involved in the development process. Moreover, it offers companies the chance to first release MVP before their competitors. This brings a competitive edge t-o the users.

Offline Support

It is a highly rewarding feature for those who have limited data consumption plans, setup in underdeveloped or rural areas, travel a lot, or have interrupted or intricate connections.

With the offline support, it is possible for the users to stay connected with the app features even when there is no network connection. It is a great treat to the users residing in a fast-paced environment that limits the number of attempts their app takes to reconnect. Most importantly, device API allows users to store specific data locally as offline storage that is useful for users in transit or who often lose coverage.

Native Experience with Simple Backend

It’s true that native app offers exceptional user experience. But a hybrid app offers it all with the additional benefit of maintaining a simple back-end structure. You may pick comprehensive development frameworks for building a hybrid app UX, which exquisitely connects to device-related functionalities. The UX stays seamless while working on updates and fixes across all platforms. The hybrid app users witness fluid native feel while shifting from one platform to another.

Multi-Platform Support

Hybrid applications are limitless in terms of how much it can support and expand on all platforms. The performance of the app depends on the framework used for building it. Reputed hybrid app Development Company can offer interactive, flawless hybrid apps, which work efficiently across all mobile platforms.

For a well-recognized platform, users can even get the desired support for newly introduced operating systems and their corresponding updates.

Hassle-Free Integration with Other Apps

One constraint with native apps is that they run on the same operating system. It is therefore challenging for the users to make it work in harmony with other apps. There is no inter-app interaction. But hybrid apps break-free from such problems. These apps hold the power to integrate seamlessly with other apps, which is a great benefit to hybrid mobile app developers.

Moreover, hybrid mobile apps connect easily with the device’s system scenario just like native app operations. For this reason, users never experience any hassle while using hybrid apps.

Creative Ideas Meet the Target Audience

Hybrid apps are sophisticated and well-tailored to wisely function with device operating systems while maintaining the device’s inherent functionality. It allows app developers to practice creative ideas with hybrid app development and gather attention of the target audience.

More Qualified for Online Marketplace

Apple and Google Play follow strict guidelines for apps published on these platforms. These platforms invite apps that are either hybrid or native. For succeeding in the market, you must submit your app to these stores. Hence, we suggest building hybrid apps, which qualify to appear in such popular marketplaces.

High-Speed Performance

In comparison to native apps and other mobile development options, hybrid apps are the fastest and most responsive. They don’t rely much on network connection, and hence, always run fast on the device screen even when there are a lot of users. One such great example of a hybrid app is Twitter!

Attractive UI/UX Designs

For attractive design and unmatched experience there is no better option than hybrid apps. They offer incomparable performance and experience to app users.

Due to their unrivaled operation and appearance on each platform, they are most invited on app stores. Users never experience problems of low performance or slow loading time with these apps. It is a preferred choice for businesses looking for higher engagement on both Android and iOS device users.
Top Hybrid App Development Frameworks for Your Mobile App

Top Hybrid App Development Frameworks for Your Mobile App

React Native

Introduced in 2017, this open-source app development framework is owned by Facebook. It is useful for building cross-platform app delivering a native like experience to the users. It supports Android, iOS, and other platforms like Microsoft Universal Window Platform, Apple, tvOS, and others.
  • Node.js supported
  • Native code creation
  • Easy identification of bugs
  • Live reload functionality
  • Permits maximum code reuse that saves expenses


Presented by Google, this open-source UI development toolkit has simplified developer’s jobs for establishing easy and appealing to navigate products. It develops a cross-platform mobile app and numerous companies have already taken benefit of.
  • Fast development
  • Hot reload feature to let see the changes in the app correct way
  • Dynamic code writing
  • Smooth UI designs
  • Dart choice for cross-platform development


Established in 2011, owned by Microsoft, it is a wonderful tool to build cross-platform apps. The same code can be leveraged by the developers for various operating systems including Android, MacOS, Windows, iOS, and others.
  • Delivers a native experience
  • Aesthetically pleasing sound
  • Reuse code, functions and tools
  • Easy API Integration
  • Quick GUI prototyping


This framework has gained popularity because of its outstanding results when combined with Angular JS. It is preferred for cross-platform app development because of its vast list of features.
  • Inbuilt support for material design
  • Pre-generated app setups with creative layouts
  • Apps build are not complex and permit easy updates
  • Combining with Angular concepts ease the process


It is an Adobe product and delivers the fastest app development platform. Like other programming languages, it permits developers to reuse the written code for developing hybrid applications. It harnesses the power of Cordova plugin.
  • Easy to Learn
  • Rapid testing process
  • Easy to perform
  • Compatible with plugin architecture
  • High flexibility that supports HTML, CSS3, and JavaScript

Choose the Best Hybrid Mobile App Development Company

There are plenty of hybrid mobile app development frameworks available. Hire the best hybrid app developer can make a huge difference. We are the best hybrid app development company India holding a team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals. There is intense competition in the digital marketing industry and we can surely help you taste success. Connect with us now!
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