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How React Native Drives Cost Efficiency in Cross-Platform Development?


Cost is one of the primary factors of consideration while going for development of apps for multiple platforms. A lot of businesses have to make tough choices due to lack of budget and dire need of quality to build apps. Cross Platform App Development can be a solution.

Cross platform app development rose as an amazing solution for tapping a wider market through multiple apps built from a single codebase. But is it successful? Cross platform app development is usually seen as appropriate for apps with less features and complexity. But not now. Technologies such as React Native provide native-like app development and allows businesses to meet their app development needs. Complex app development, maintenance of the applications, time of development, react native is here to save businesses from spending tons of money on the development of mobile applications for different platforms.


React Native is an open-source mobile app development framework. It was built by Facebook and has been in use for the News Feed feature of the product for iOS, Android, Web, UWP and more.

The technology is known for agility, power and building native-like applications. It is a cross-platform app development technology that provides a minimalistic approach to development and offers tools for building apps faster and at reduced cost.

One of the major concerns of the companies, UI and UX is also well-sorted. Facebook, Instagram, Tesla, Uber, Skype, Vogue, Pinterest are amongst many other companies that are using React Native technology for app development.

Cost-effectiveness of the technology offers a great benefit to the budding small and medium sized enterprises. They help in developing multiple applications using a singular codebase. React native offers access to libraries and plugins and helps in elimination of resources which result in quick and cost-effective development.

Stands to benefit of React Native Cost Reduction

Stands to benefit of React Native Cost Reduction

React native development services are popular nowadays. There are many big enterprises using the technology and this shows a lot of trust the development community puts into it. Regardless of whether you can afford multiple platform app development or not, the quality of development and reduced time of development are crucial metrics to follow still. With programming languages and platforms mushrooming every year, the question is what did react native applications do for becoming so huge.

Honestly, we don’t blame the developers. The cross-platform app technologies have not proven worthwhile. There were no good technologies for complex app development and the user experience was very scrappy. The code of the native applications needed regular fixes and thus the whole concept never took off well.

In response to this problem, Facebook came up with react native and the chain broke. Today, React Native is one of the top-notch open-source cross platform technologies that provide native-like app development, despite providing all the benefits of cross platform.

React native provides collective libraries for app development through frameworks such as PhoneGap and Xamarin and helps develop applications faster. Also, it allows developers to write code in Javascript and reuse it for multiple devices.

React native is efficient, scalable and provides easy development of complex applications for multiple platforms.

How to save money with Cross-Platform App Development?

How to save money with Cross-Platform App Development?

For years businesses have believed and were forced to choose between the platforms to offer products and services. If not, the development cost would eventually make it difficult for them to choose what works best for their business and customers.

But not anymore, with cross platform app development you don’t have to think about the platform. You don't have to worry about the money for building different apps for platforms. All you have to do is find a good technology that helps you reuse the code. Cross-platform compatibility allows the use of single code to customize the mobile application for iOS and Android platforms. Maintenance of the application becomes easy and affordable too. This saves time and efforts of the developers and provides rapid development of applications.
Secrets: How Can React Native App Development Save Revenue?

Secrets: How Can React Native App Development Save Revenue?

Reusable Components

React Native offers an advantage to business owners. There are a number of platforms for which apps are built, this includes iOS, android, windows, desktop, and other platforms. Building components of the apps for each platform is downright time and money-consuming.

React Native offers code usability of the native components. If you are worried about the quality of development, rest assured. The technology also makes sure the cross-platform compatibility between components is at par. So, go ahead and reuse the components built for iOS or Android to develop apps for other platforms. Use the same code to build applications for different platforms and build packages. Also, if the app uses lesser code, the faster the development work happens. Cost and time-saving are significant features of React Native app development for all businesses.
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Rapid Development Time

Building applications is not an easy task. You have to be precise and accurate so that the quality of the app is maintained while also, the cost of development doesn’t increase over time wasted in multiple changes.

Since multiple apps are not required anymore with the code shareability, a developer can focus their time and energy on single app development and get the quality right, and later use the components to build other apps of good quality too.

Reduced development efforts, time, and cost can help your competitive business environment and offer you an amazing benefit. Strategically make your development plan and also utilize the saved time and money in the marketing of the application. This makes your app more profitable.

React Native provides a major benefit by providing high-quality app development for multiple devices that run on various OS and also by reducing the developers. Since, the time and efforts are directly proportional to the cost of overall app development, React Native is your solution to reduce the development cost, which statistically lies somewhere between 35-40%.

Team Management

React native allows developers to work on the same module irrespective of the programming language they are using for different OSes. This is one of the greatest superpowers of the framework.

Despite different technologies, resources, and tools your productivity is not at all hindered while the other people work on the product. To build apps for specific platforms, unlike any other native app development technology, react native allows easy team and task management while bringing down the development cost even further.

Also, native apps are built to be compatible with certain generations of devices. To make them accommodate and support various dimensions and configurations, a lot of resources are spent. Hence, increased development cost. With React Native, you can use the digital ecosystem for cross platform apps and optimize to support as many devices as possible. Hence, reduced development cost.

Lower App Maintenance

React native is all about reducing the hassles found in the development process. It helps developers in building applications for multiple platforms. But what about maintenance? Worry not, for react native borne mobile applications are quick and easy to fix. You can share the maintenance strategy of multiple platforms to build one and use it for the maintenance of all the apps.

In most cases, the maintenance strategy for various platforms differ. Android and iOS apps have different maintenance needs. But for the developers it is just added work.

So, unlike natives apps that regularly need updating, troubleshooting, patching and other fundamental support operations, react native can do all this without versioning. Hence, saved enormous amounts of time and money spent over app maintenance.

With such convenience and flexibility, cross platform mobile apps become more scalable than native mobile applications. Every react native app development company loves the technology because it offers best possible app maintenance in reduced time, efforts and resources.
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No Worry About UI/UX

UI and UX are the two very important components of mobile application development. It is a herculean task to keep your users glued to your mobile application, and if not for the visual attractiveness of the application it would have become more difficult. Designing native apps for Android and iOS platforms separately would require different consideration for UI and UX.

This is because of the device functionality, customer preferences, trends / technology and tools and more.

There are a lot of considerations taken for app designing. As an app developer you have to consider all the instances in which a platform is different from others and keep that in mind while developing apps for various devices.

The cost should be on a higher side, as compared to the cross platform app design. This is where React native steps in. It allows cross platform compatibility and thus, it also helps you with the UI and UX.

Apps built on react native run the best and in full uniformity on the device it is being installed. Also, they can run the data faster, with added capabilities to adjust to multiple screen sizes and configurations with sheer promptness.

With react native, you can say bye to fluctuations in data streaming. It helps make lightweight applications and provides amazing support to the graphics.

Fluid Integration

Different platforms require the use of different programming languages. This requires a company to look for resources with diversified talent and experience.

Cross platform application development helps you in cutting down the work and reducing the work. Whether it is iOS or Android, you just have to use one language that helps you in the integration and synchronization of such applications and make compatible apps.

Simply put, a react native mobile app exhibits features of that of a native app. It also utilizes the device capabilities such as camera GPS, gestures and more.

Availability and Scalability

React Native helps debug via Chrome’s Dev Tools. It helps in smoother app development . You can see a Debug JS remotely’ option on the in-app developer menu for the app development in progress.

The unique feature lets them tap into new webpages with debugging tools that can be used. This solves a lot of problems for developers while developing Android and iOS applications. It also saves the extra hours of work and saves money.

Rapid app development

Cross-platform mobile app development has proved beneficial for the development companies that are looking for faster development.

It allows native developers to transfer code between different mobile platforms. This practice simplifies the process and reduces the development cost and time.

Hot Reloading

Due to hot reloading, a native developer has to only change the source code. While looking at the result they can immediately even without the need to recompile the application. React Native offers hot reloading and this helps them look at the results of the changes in the code immediately. It helps reduce time and cost of development significantly. Due to the robust technology, a lot of big projects are able to use the technology for quick fix ups.

How AIS Technolabs may assist in cross-platform app development cost reduction?
How AIS Technolabs may assist in cross-platform app development cost reduction?
Apart from the technology itself, there are other factors that help you reduce the cost of app development. Factors such as developer experience, enterprise system integration, support and maintenance, etc. These things help you get the quality right for the cross platform applications. Other things such as app distribution, authorization of the users help you in planning the app better and reducing the development time and cost.

AIS technolabs helps in the development of cross platform applications. We use react native technology that gives us a sharper edge in the market to develop feature-rich applications. Experienced developers, in-depth understanding of technology and industry helps in the development of feature-rich and complex applications easily. Choose AIS Technolabs for cost-effective cross platform app development.


React native is a robust technology that allows faster development of apps for Android and iOS platforms. It can be used for building apps that are easy to manage and maintain while also managing to make apps like native apps that allows the development of apps for multiple platforms.
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