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Tinder like App

Get your dating app like Tinder created through us!

The use of dating apps has increased significantly in these Covid times. Singles are always looking out for someone to hang out with. Developing a tinder clone app could be the best resolution you ever make in this kind of situation. Read this article and get to know everything there is to make your tinder clone and establish yourself in this ever-growing digital dating world.


Nowadays, if people want to hang out with someone, get to know them, or even go on a date, everyone knows that Tinder and similar dating apps are the best places to find such people. Amidst the pandemic, these apps have become highly popular.

Things have become so easy and efficient that all you have to do to get your potential match is swipe right and talk all you want. What is so desirable about Tinder and Tinder dating app clones? Well, people get to know strangers and find a potential partner in them. It is also safe and secure as you don’t have to meet those strangers until you are comfortable.

Keep on reading to make your dating app business a huge success. This post will teach you all you need to understand about Tinder Clone.
Tinder like app features

Features of Tinder like app

Signup / Login

The signup process is the first impression of your app; therefore, it should be easy. The entire process of registering the app, making a profile, and adding all the necessary details, might be a bit of a struggle. Your goal as the owner should be to keep the procedure as simple and straightforward as feasible.

So, if you are creating a Tinder clone app, allow for social sign-ins. This way, people can create their profiles through existing social media profiles like Facebook, Instagram, or Gmail. This is convenient and effortless as your user will not have to add additional details like email ID or usernames.

Users have to enter the information being asked, like their preferences, bio, choices, and similar things, in the next step. Therefore, having a user-friendly interface in your sign-in process will encourage people to explore your app further.

User Profile

To make the dating process work, the most important thing the customer needs to do is create a good, attractive profile. The first impression of a person on tinder clone apps is their user profile. This application should assist users in creating a visually appealing profile with a user-friendly interface.

Don’t irritate the client with too many additional questions which are of no use. Ask them basics about their choices, preferences, personality, bio, dating preferences, travel goals, lifestyle, food choices, hobbies, etc., to ensure a personal engagement between the app and the client.

The goal is to entice people to establish profiles and provide convenient match-making options. The profile may also contain additional information about the user that can help them to find their ideal match.

Find Perfect Matches

Help your users find a perfect match for themselves with the help of given choices, preferences, and ideas. Enable geolocation to ensure that your customers find their partners in the location of their choice. Allow folks to conduct targeted searches to find exactly what they're looking for. Searches based on detailed filters like Name, age, location, hobbies, ideas, and mutual friends make it easy for the customer to find their perfect match.

These features on your tinder clone app are sure to boon your business.

AIS Technolabs

Age-Based Matches

The minimum age to create a profile on Tinder or any similar Tinder dating app clone is 18 years. Your users should be able to find matches as per their age preference. After logging in, users can change their age and discover options to change the age preferences for their ideal match in a sliding scale UI. This will also benefit the match-making algorithm as the users will get only those profiles that fall under their choice of age.

Browse Profiles

Browsing profiles is one of the most critical features of dating apps. You have to ensure that your app allows users to approve or disapprove people based on leads like age, gender, location, distance, preferences, etc. Your customer might want to find specific profiles based on certain criteria. This function will permit them to search for and develop connections with people or acquaintances they have met previously.

If you want your tinder clone to be a smash hit, make sure users can search for people they want on the app. Improve the search experience by adding multiple filters and advanced search options.

Set updates

The feature to set up dates allows your user to manage all the requisitions with ease. Set updates with your partner after talking to them. Get provisions of unlimited chatting and calling and meet only when you are sure.

When you plan for a tinder clone app for your business idea, this is a crucial feature that you cannot exclude. This feature will allow your users to set up and confirm dates in places of their choice and take a step further.

Chats and Calls

It is quite natural that people would want to talk to a person first before they meet up, especially when they are strangers. After the initial chat, people can use the video calling and voice calling features to have a more in-depth personal connection and determine whether or not they wish to meet a person. The feature of chats and calls will let your customers decide whether they want to take it to the next step or not.

If you create a tinder clone, make sure in-app chatting and calling features are present in your app.

Super likes

This is a unique and very helpful feature for your tinder clone app. Super like will allow your users to convey their special emotions of liking someone. Just the way we have the facility to react heart in Facebook, Super like, will allow your user to notify their interested ones that they Super like their profile. It highlights that the person is interested in them. In return, if the person likes you back, it is a match!
Create Tinder like App

How can you create your Tinder-like App without having Programming knowledge?

If you aim to create your mobile dating app like Tinder, AIS Technolabs is the best place to find everything you need to make your tinder clone app. The main motive of a tinder clone app is customer satisfaction and security. The exceptional services provided by AIS Technolabs are in such a manner that the customer will have complete convenience and ease to access their dating profiles to find their ideal match. Get your hands on the Tinder clone script made by the experienced app builders of AIS Technolabs and create your Tinder dating app clone.

With our services, there is no need for you to be a tech expert. Booming your business in the dating app industry with our readymade script for Tinder is a breeze.

You don’t have to know any technical knowledge or be a programming master. Get our super-efficient services to make yourself an easy tinder like script with an extremely user-friendly interface.
Tinder like app revenue

Revenue models for Tinder-like app

Tinder Revenue Model has a unique business proposition of connecting two strangers, which they wouldn’t have met otherwise. Unlike bringing together friends and acquaintances, Tinder and other tinder clone apps allow strangers to meet and enlarge their dating circle.

The key to making your tinder clone successful is to come out with a bomb marketing plan. This will ensure traffic and customer loyalty. Tinder-like apps extract revenue by various means:

  • Freemium version – allow users to access features of the app for free within a trial period. This will encourage them to buy the premium or gold version.
  • Advertisement – Go a little light on this, as people find this irritating often. Allow other apps to advertise on your platform for pay.
  • Special features – Establish various In-App Purchases for your users and make their experience better.
readymade tinder like app

Why use our readymade Tinder-like app?

In this pandemic era, singles have been waiting eagerly to find themselves a match. Therefore, these tinder clone apps are in high demand. If you are a budding entrepreneur aiming to launch your business in the digital world, making a tinder clone app is the best and most profitable decision you can make.

As a beginner stepping into the digital world might be a little intimidating at first but with the readymade script for Tinder of AIS Technolabs, you don’t have to worry about the technical stuff. Get services from our team at AIS Technolabs. We are expert, experienced developers of on-demand applications. Our experienced group of app developers can assist you in obtaining a ready-to-use Tinder clone script, thereby creating your own app from the ground up.


If you have a Tinder dating app clone idea, then this might be the perfect time to put your concept into execution. You must plan well-defined growth, engagement, and marketing strategies for your app to ensure the success of your business.

However, when developing a tinder clone, keep in mind the basic features mentioned in this article. So, if you need total app development assistance, contact us. Our company, AIS Technolabs, is a foolproof app development company that will help your dream come to reality with our thorough strategizing and execution.
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