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The ongoing pandemic has resulted in a drastic change in everyone's lifestyle. People are no longer crowding in restaurants, malls, or pubs. Instead, there is a surge in need for on-demand delivery applications and services today. The JustEat clone apps have, therefore, become popular today.

Despite the pandemic, the desire for delicacies and indulging in food cravings remain intact. It is more reason for a definitive elicits in food delivery services. The food delivery market has proved to be diverse and bankable.

It has made entrepreneurs and business owners take up a chance in this market. Let's understand some reasons why JustEat clone is a popular choice amongst restaurant owners.
JustEat Food Delivery App Clone – An Overview

JustEat Food Delivery App Clone – An Overview

Simply put, the JustEat clone script is a ready-to-be-launch script of a food delivery app high in demand. It has bestowed its users with exceptional features to order from their favorite restaurant.

People's cravings have added more profit to the restaurant businesses undertaking the JustEat clone delivery application. In addition, the clone app is completely customizable. It indicates that business owners personalize the clone according to the business requirements and the restaurant niche.

Now, choose to fulfill your desires by ordering from neighborhood restaurants and get them delivered to your door within a stipulated period.

Advanced Features of Just Eat Clone App

Advanced Features of Just Eat Clone App

Some advanced features that may make the just eat clones a popular choice amongst its users are:

Clone App Availability

The clone app must be available on popular platforms like Google Play Store to increase its availability. The absence or reduction of proper accessibility of the app can make the clone script lose out on potential customers and clients.

Hassle-Free Account Opening

Users opt for applications that support simple profile setup and account opening. A complex and time-consuming sign-up will usually be left undone. Hence, the login procedure must use either the mobile email id or offer login access through chosen social media platforms.

Unique UI/UX Design

The application's design made it stand out and preferred amongst most users. Hence, incorporating an effective UI/UX design, listing the restaurants, available food items, and prices ordered.

Finally, a good GPS tracking option and separate sections for restaurant owners, food delivery executives, and customers must be available on the JustEat clone app.

Highlighted Features Of The JustEat Script

Highlighted Features Of The JustEat Script

  • Unlimited Restaurants To Order From

The app developers can add more restaurants to the wishlist or its functioning. The clone script is capable of handling multiple restaurants at once.
  • Menu Management

The developer can surprise its users by offering modified menus every day. In addition, they may allow the restaurants to update the available menu as per their convenience.

  • Geographical Area-Based Delivery
The app can deliver food to users as per the delivery zones. Hence, the creation of delivery zones for restaurants helps ascertain the minimum order value and a delivery fee accordingly.

  • Work Status

It allows the delivery personnel and the restaurants to update on their present delivery status. It indicates if they are currently available for delivery or not.

  • Restaurant Feedback And Reviews

This area helps users post their restaurant reviews and feedback on the food delivered by them. The developers can add the review for users and restaurants to communicate through the reviews and their replies.

  • Branding

The design is meant to replicate the brand name and expose the application to every user that opens the app.

How Does The JustEat Clone App A Restaurant Business Grow?

How Does The JustEat Clone App A Restaurant Business Grow?

The just eat clone app is a favorite choice for every business owner or entrepreneur planning to build their online food ordering system. Listed below are some of the primary reasons why Just eat clone are in demand.

  • 1. User Accessibility

People are constantly glued onto their devices because of the internet. This online era has made restaurants connect with more customers via the JustEat clone script. It allows them to inform the users about the good delicacies they serve.

The clone app for restaurants displays diverse cuisine types, food products served across different restaurants, and online menus for users to drool over. In addition, different pricing, discounts, combo offers, and delivery specials make it more appealing for users to refuse.

All these services are available to the users using the app that helps them to order food at their convenience, anytime, and from anywhere.

  • 2. Save Money
Generally, online orders are high compared to traditional restaurant dining orders today. With the JustEat clone script, numerous restaurants can exclusively offer online food delivery services while excluding dine-in services.

In this way, restaurant businesses can save on their labor, dining space, and interior service. In addition, with the clone food ordering application in hand, restaurants can provide their loyal customers with flexible takeout choices.

Not to mention, it is a win-win situation for the clients and the restaurant owners. The clients don't have to deal with delivery personnel, and restaurant businesses save on delivery services expenses.

  • 3. Brand Recognition

The clone app users and customers are allowed to check the menu of different restaurants. Ratings, reviews, and even the ambiance and some of the dishes served in the said restaurants. All this can be done before ordering food from a particular restaurant using the JustEat script.

It helps customers order online with confidence and encourages them to return to the chosen restaurants due to their excellent evaluations. Furthermore, with the app's help, restaurants can increase their visibility online amongst Just eat clone customers.

Better delivery of food online improves the chances of customers coming again for online services.

  • 4. Live Tracking

This application allows its customers to track food delivery time in real-time. Just a few clicks on the delivery application helps track the order delivery status from the chosen restaurants.

This makes it easier for the customers to look positively at restaurants valuing their services. In addition, this prevents them from worrying that the delivery of the order at their doorstep would be late.

  • 5. Multiple Payment Options

Different payment options like wallet payments are available for consumers to choose from. For instance, Paytm and Amazon Pay are linked to most eat clone apps for online food ordering and delivery services.

During payments from these places, customers may even receive discounts on it. On the other hand, restaurants accept payments for the ordered food and its packaging before delivery. Therefore, restaurants save money on cutlery as well. Consequently, it may add to their benefit and profits over time.

  • 6. Flexibility For Restaurants

Apart from offering a variety of cuisine to customers, restaurants can use the Just eat script free demo to communicate their valuable notices to the users at any time of the day.

Different options like employing festival seasons, weekends, weather conditions, and time relevant to the app users can be based on sending notifications to them via email or SMS.

Why Use AIS Technolabs For JustEat Clone App Development?

At AIS Technolabs, we offer several on-demand apps like Just eat clone to users. It is a software solution and mobile application development company catering to the needs of customers by offering highly demanded apps.

What makes AIS Technolabs stand out?

  • We offer readymade clone scripts of the JustEat application
  • The clone app is 100% customizable as per the requirements of the restaurants and their niche areas.
  • Users can hire a dedicated developers’ team from AIS Technolabs to develop their clones on JustEat from scratch.


By now, it must be clear why the JustEat clone app is a popular choice amongst customers and restaurant owners for ordering and delivering food online. It improves the number of online orders, elevates restaurant sales, establishes client relationships, and helps save time and money. So make use of the clone app and start winning in the restaurant business right away.
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