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There have been a phenomenal growth in the on-demand services since the last few years. Everything we can think of, has literally become possible to order through an on-demand app, right from booking a cab, beauty services and many more. There are on-demand carpenters, dog walkers, baby sitters, doctors, mechanics available any time of the day if need be. Same is the case with on-demand food delivery. After all who won’t like to order food on the fly? When one doesn’t have enough time to go to their favorite restaurant to either pick up food or dine there, the food delivery apps come to the rescue. The on-demand food delivery apps similar to just eat script, helps to bring your food right at your doorsteps, wherever you are located and on time.

Our company AIS Technolabs is a major software solutions provider and mobile apps development company. We have prepared on demand apps for various customers and you can trust us with your requirement for an on-demand app. So if you are looking forward to build a just eat clone app/ software, contact us and we would be happy to help you. We can assure you that our Just eat clone app or any other clone scripts will be a favourite with your customers.Our app is compatible to both iOS and Android Platforms.

Just eat clone script

We have discussed here
some general features that our
just eat clone

Real-Time Tracking
Search Restaurants
Profile Creation
Special Instructions
Contact Service

How does the
just eat app script

The just eat clone app/web interface works in the following manner:

  • User finds the nearest restaurants based on the location and category
  • He adds food items of his choice into the cart, checks out and pays (online)
  • System will auto dispatch the order to nearest delivery boy. He will accept the incoming request and move to the desired restaurant. Meantime, restaurant will prepare & pack the order
  • Delivery boy arrives and picks up the order from the restaurant
  • Delivery boy delivers order at user location
just eat clone script
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How does the app work
for the restaurant?

Manage food sections

The restaurant can list the different food items under different categories on the app/web interface.The restaurant may also add or delete items and categories.

Manage Orders

The restaurant app can have a glance at what orders are coming in from the users ,which are set for a pickup, which are canceled and the orders which are delivered to the user.

Restaurant Status

A restaurant can go online on the app and display itself to be open to take orders and go offline when it is not available to take in orders.

Add and manage coupons / Store offers

The restaurant can add and manage discount coupons and store offers as and when it decides depending on certain occasions or simply as a way to retain customers.

How can
It benefit the admin?

The seller or restaurant, only needs to fill up the seller form, which will be reviewed and approved by the Administrator. Once approved, seller can start posting their menu on the site and their store will appear on the listing page. For every successful order from the customer, the admin will be credited with a certain amount of money as commission from the restaurant owners. Admin can manage the restaurants and receive commissions based on product pricing, and decide on the cities where restaurants can offer their services.

benefit just eat script

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The team of AIS Technolabs will provide end-to-end solutions including instructions and help with the launching of your app on Google Play Store or App Store and offer comprehensive android app development services. We will be available round the clock to answer your queries, should you have any issues post-launching of the app.