How Does MPL Clone App Boost Business Opportunities?

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How Does MPL Clone App Boost Business Opportunities?

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Initially mobile gaming began with snakes and ladders and then mobile gaming was immensely revolutionized. Gaming apps are the most popular category of apps and have a high number of downloads in both play store and app store. Although there are numerous gaming apps available in the play stores, still new games are continuously being launched because the craze for gaming among people will never end. If you wish to start your business in the gaming industry, then it is advisable that you develop a multi-gaming platform just as MPL.


If you are looking forward to starting your online venture that has default benefits and features of popular online businesses instantly and cost-effectively, then cloning is the best way of kick-starting your new business. A Clone app is a modified version of popular apps that are developed and designed to replicate their features and functionalities. This write-up focuses on the benefits of MPL clone apps to entrepreneurs.
What is an MPL Clone App?

What is an MPL Clone App?

An MPL clone app is a multi-player gaming app which is based on gaming tournaments. This offers a great platform that enables multiple users to play games and earn rewards. They have privileges of enrolling in various tournaments and play as many times and as many games as they wish. The rewards which are earned can be used to buy and redeem the money.
What are the benefits & revenue models of Multi-gaming Platform App?

What are the benefits & revenue models of Multi-gaming Platform App?

It does not matter what the game is, the most influencing factor for developing the app will be its ability to generate money. Well, multi-gaming platforms are common in this case. There are various factors responsible for generating revenues when you talk of multi-gaming platforms. Some are mentioned below:

Players buy coins

For playing the game, unlocking specific characters or some particular features in the app, players will need coins. For doing so they shall use their money for buying coins from you which in return will be your revenue. The more players buy coins, the more your multi-gaming platform produces the revenue.


Once your app achieves a large user base, you can also earn revenue by applying ads to your app and charging money from the owner of the product which is being advertised. You may charge additionally for showing the ads while the game is still on and also charge some money when the players click on the advertisements. This is the best way of generating revenues from gaming apps these days. Most apps are following this method for generating money.

List of Games that can be added in your Multi-gaming Platform

Adding more than one game to your gaming app enhances the feel and adds extra value to your app which results in capturing more users to your app. Here are some of the widely popular games that can be added to a multi-gaming platform app.
  • Ludo
  • Chess
  • Carrom board
  • Poker
  • Puzzle solving
  • Rummy
  • Shooting games
How MPL Clone App is beneficial for Entrepreneurs for expanding business?

How MPL Clone App is beneficial for Entrepreneurs for expanding business?

Clone apps have various advantages and some are mentioned below:

Scalable & Customizable

The MPL app source code for clone apps sold at PieceX offers you full access to customize and edit the app according to your needs. You can make the app more unique by adding some features that will differentiate you from others.

Quick & Easy

As all the source codes are verified by PieceX before selling them to customers, it helps in preventing major errors. They look after all the challenges coming in the clone app’s way, which shortens the time taken to launch and develop.

Cost Effective

One great advantage of Cloned apps is that there is no need for initial research which saves cost as they are replicas of the actual apps, which are already well researched and widely popular in the market. It requires lesser cost for developing the app from scratch and uses minimal budget for the marketing of the brand and app.

Greater chances of success

Since Clone apps are mostly made only of already popular online businesses which are doing great in the market, this increases chances of your app achieving the same progress faster.

Not much effort needed

By cloning apps, you don’t need to do a list of primary work which is already done by the developers of the original app. This work includes market research, UI design implementation and business planning. Building Clone apps requires lesser efforts as compared to independent apps.

AIS Technolabs provides the best MPL Clone App services.

Now, as you have learned about the benefits of the MPL clone app for choosing it as your new business and starting your own gaming business and the advantages of clone apps over independent apps, you must be wondering about which company to hire as your MPL app developer. We have solved this problem for you. At AIS Technolabs we have the best MPL Clone App services on offer. This is made possible by our team of experts who are highly skilled and experienced.

Wrapping Up

AIS Technolabs is a leading company in mobile gaming industry and app development, with great expertise and experience in developing and designing multi-gaming fantasy sports apps similar to MPL. We have MPL clones on offer for launching your fantasy sports app on popular platforms like android & iOS. We hope that after reading the above write up you must have reached a conclusion about how to proceed with your new gaming app business like MPL. Reach out to us to learn more.
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