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Boost Your Mobile App Marketing: Powerful Strategies Ahead


iOS & android App Store shows 76% downloads from the game category and Android 90%. These statistics are enough to consider game app development for earning money from app-based businesses. However, not all gaming applications are successful and there is one major mistake they all do - bad strategy.

Strategizing helps you in promoting and defining your product better. It helps you weave your marketing goals with business goals and channelize the engagement to earn more money. Not only is the iPhone game app development services ensure the success of the gaming app, but also marketing of the app is important. In this blog we have identified some amazing ways to market your gaming app well in the market and stay ahead of the competition.

1. Introduction

iOS is one of the leading app development platforms. And gaming applications are one of the most popular app segments. If you want to enjoy the best of both worlds, it is crucial that you market your app well in the market to get new customers from your marketing investments.

Before you start marketing operations, start by identifying your market. Find the right user persona for your gaming application and start defining the channels that you can use to capture their attention.

Moreover, business goals should be well aligned with marketing goals. You must have the foresight required to weave everything properly. You should know your long-term goals, short-term goals and then proceed in developing the right marketing strategy.

Ways to market your mobile game application

2. Ways to market your mobile game application

Give your app a home on the web page

Mobile gaming is popular and there are millions of games out there in the market. People love to research good games available and usually resort to the web for finding out more about the games before downloading them.

Having an informative landing page that shows a glimpse of the game can help you in attracting more gamers to the application. It is not just important that your ios game development is perfect but also a beautifully designed landing page.

Landing pages are single-page web pages that help you in marketing your products, games, offers, businesses, etc. It would allow you to run advertisements and drive more people to the page and ultimately download the game application.

To create a good landing page, you must strategize centrally around your marketing goals. The priority would help you in generating more leads and collecting demographic information about your target audience. Using the data you generate, you would be able to make your marketing campaigns more effective and useful.

Traditionally, a good landing page has the following design elements and features:

  • Attractive Headlines
  • Relevant Keywords
  • Accessible Social Sharing Buttons
  • Images
  • Strategically placed CTA’s (Call to Actions)

Ask for Feedback and Reviews to gain better insights

People have become more aware of their options in the market. When it comes to online shopping or using an on-demand app, or particularly downloading a gaming application they would check the reviews and ratings on the app stores and online communities.

As an app marketer, you must make sure that the game is built of exceptional quality and is matching the superior trends that govern your game app category.

Making the game application as per the trends helps you capture attention and increases your chances of getting good reviews. They can work as a major advantage for your customers and allow people to know more about your services.

Furthermore, it is very easy to add a rating prompt to your application. There are various tools available that allow your customers to provide feedback and reviews without leaving the application.

Optimized experience on the app and the customer feedback is relative. Take the reviews and ratings of your app seriously. Not always, bad reviews are a stunt by your competitors to make your ranks fall. Some of the crucial things coming through feedback should be taken seriously and used for

Create forums for customers to discuss your mobile game

A forum can help you create more awareness about your game. It helps your customers to build more trust in the gaming application and allows players to interact with the game much better. Developers can also be benefitted from the positive and negative comments.

Always have a zeal to improve your gaming application and interact with the iOS game app development company to provide you support for a long time. A company that believes in long-term support, maintenance and helps you in adding new features to the application would help you throughout the product life cycle.

Also, don’t be discouraged by the negative comments and feedback you receive on the different platforms. It is the part of evolving into something better. You must see them as a huge opportunity allowing you to grow and improve.

Another important part of the product is customer support. A lot of times people would want to reach out to you in case they have found some issue in the gaming app. Mostly in-app purchases, logins, data are some crucial things that a user would want to discuss with you.

Be Social with your game

Social media marketing is one of the best digital marketing strategies that help you in gathering more users for your application. There are millions of users available on social media. Adding social share buttons can help you in driving organic traffic to your application.

It is also recommended that before you launch the application you do a good campaign on social media to create hype around the application.

Posting details about your gaming application on various social media channels and helping people recognize your app would help you in creating a fan base for the app. Connecting with fans and channelizing the attention towards forums, landing pages would help you see a great engagement.

There are many social media channels. You should give a lot of thought to what social media channels to choose when starting a campaign. Not all the channels are right for game promotions. Identify where you can find the target audience.

Partner with other global names in mobile

Partnering with good mobile app developers would help you in getting a lot of hype in the launch process. A good game app development company is always followed by the fans. Identify people in the network that have developed good games in the past of the same genre. Fans that have been following them would be interested in downloading the new game developed by them.

Furthermore, the experience and expertise they hold are unbeatable. You would be able to develop the game faster and there would be very few issues in the final product. This also reduces the game development cost and allows you to build a standalone position in the market.
Why choose AIS Technolabs for developing iPhone & android Games?

3. Why choose AIS Technolabs for developing iPhone & android Games?

AIS Technolabs is a leading game app development company. We hold expertise in casual gaming and have many pre-built games that can be used as white-label solutions.

Also, our custom game app development services for Android and iOS platforms are exceptional. We are global leaders in betting game development, including other segments.

We use modern technologies and tools. Our team has more than 10 years of experience in game development. We follow the modern game development trends and make sure the games are seamless in user experience and are visually stunning. With extensive knowledge and experience, we are your one-stop solution for building a wide range of games.

Wrapping Up

Casual gaming has become highly popular. iOS and Android both platforms have some of the highest game download stats. You too can develop your application and earn money from it through in-app purchases, in-app advertisements, affiliate marketing, and more.

However, you must strategize your app at its best. Use the points mentioned in the blog to create hype in the market and channelize it into a fanbase. Stay tuned for more interesting information on casual gaming, promotions, game app development trends, and more.
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