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Convert FoxPro to MySQL

Visual Foxpro has been programming language since the 90s, and VFP applications become outmoded when there is an evolution of cloud technology, and it requires robustness, data privacy, data regulatory, and device interoperability.

Foxpro migration to SQL was never easy before. Companies want to implement this technology without losing their data and its capabilities, and when you think of it, then AIS Technolabs is best in the business. We migrating Foxpro to SQL services is easy, and without losing or compromising data. It helps your business in improving your enterprise collaboration and accessibility. To convert Visual Foxpro to SQL, you need a cunning strategy in place with skilled manpower who are well trained in the implementation of the solutions. We work to migrate all your applications from existing networks to the newest framework that suits your business needs and is aligned with your business goals.

Convert FoxPro to SQL

Our Smooth & Seamless
FoxPro to Net Conversion Process

We follow hassle-free steps to convert your data as quickly as possible. Moreover, we handle the conversion process very smoothly as well as seamlessly. These are the following steps we follow.

  • Select source database
  • Select the target database
  • Choose a table to convert
  • Convert

Reap the Astounding Benefits of
FoxPro Migration

Converting the Foxpro applications into a SQL language through the asp net development company via .NET framework requires effort and proficiency. At AIS Technolabs, we offer our clients a knowledgeable team of migration, with familiarity in both environments, which can successfully and smoothly do the transition. The astonishing benefits of FoxPro migration are listed below:

Multi-Language Support

The .Net framework support multi-language feature. Which allow developers to implement best features and reuse of code as much as possible this improve the overall development process.

Rich Functionality

Using .Net frame provide a larger library which is integrated with rich tools like Visual Studio IDE and Microsoft SQL.

Compatible Database

The framework supports SQL server, which makes the easy conversion of Foxpro database to SQL server. The server of SQL is scalable and retrieve a large amount of data quickly.

Platform Compatible

The .Net framework supports every platform like web, mobile, and client-server environment, which give freedom to build robust applications which can run on any platform.

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Why AIS Technolabs for
Migration of FoxPro?

AIS Technolabs has an experience of offering Foxpro migration and has the best team in place to migrate Foxpro to SQL. We understand the agility and performance that SQL offers, and the advantage gained from it.

Our experts have the best strategy that can help in migration. We plan every page of migration and then deploy it to SQL. Our FoxPro Migrating Services includes:

  • Migrating FoxPro to SQL
  • Migrating FoxPro to MySQL
  • Migrating FoxPro to.Net
  • Converting FoxPro to C#
  • Migrating FoxPro Database
  • Migrating FoxPro to Access
  • Migrating FoxPro to Excel
  • Migrating FoxPro to Oracle
  • Migrating FoxPro to Java
  • Convert FoxPro to Web Application

We use flexible engagement models to deliver quality migration solution. Our expertise in migration will help you increase productivity and ROI.


Yes, we do. There are many options for publishing an app, and the best one is providing a web interface.

We use an agile development method that consists of 4 key components:

  1. Discovery
  2. Planning
  3. Data Upsizing
  4. Phased development