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Create App From Excel Spreadsheet

If you’re seeking expert help to create an easy to use front end as an alternative to working on excel spreadsheets, then you have reached the right place. From providing best-in-class web and app development services to comprehensive cloud-based business solutions and helping you realize your business vision to improving your business processes; AIS TechnoLabs is one of the leading service providers completing over 20,000 projects serving different client needs. Due to our excellent track record and best customer experience, our clients keep coming back to us.

You tend to receive endless list of benefits and convenience with us. Our team of developers are here to save you from struggling with your Excel spreadsheet by creating a customized app from excel spreadsheet. Thus, no matter what kind of business need you have, only after identifying and understanding your requirement we aim to create a smooth running app from excel spreadsheet.

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Create App From Excel Spreadsheet

Benefits of our Spreadsheet to Web App

Industries we serve

In dynamic business environments, where business needs keep changing on a day-to-day sometimes, or an hour-to-hour basis, it is difficult to keep track of everything that goes on with already existing apps or excel for that matter. For this reason, turning a spreadsheet to web app is quite popular across the below sectors. If you don’t find your sector in the list below, then it is time for you to explore the endless possibilities.

Mobile friendly

Once we create your app from a spreadsheet, you can simply sync and carry your work on any device using any web browser. By treating this spreadsheet as a shared database, we can also integrate sharing functionality so that multiple people can view and edit at the same time. Therefore, you can work on any device and share your work or a portion of your work with anyone you want.

Excellent customer service

Our customer support team is one of a kind. As our team comes with a bulk of experience serving frontline and dealing with complex situations, it is the diamond inside the lump of coal. We understand that you seek our support at the critical moments of your business. Therefore, we are always mindful and pay keen attention to your feedback in order to improve our services day-in and day-out.

Easy customization

Once we identify your business needs, we build features that are most suitable to your business. However, as and when you need to customize or integrate additional features, we are here to guide you and extend a range of powerful features such as charts, reports, GPS and workflows in order to create a tailor-made app for you.

Operate offline

In order to avoid the fear of losing your data, you can also choose to use the operate offline functionality whenever needed. The information can be stored locally on your devices and connect to the internet at a later period, which will help you sync your work easily.

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Create App From Excel Spreadsheet

Banking and Financial Services

From home equity and debt reduction to personal finance, different kinds of tax and countless calculations, the complexity of handling these operations cannot be stressed enough. You would need a set of powerful excel formulas integrated and embedded into an app to run operations without a glitch. However, as excel may not be the one size fit for all tasks, we can help you figure out and build an app from excel spreadsheet to save your time and cater to your dynamic industry needs.


It is hard to imagine the complexity of maintaining multiple excel spreadsheets for calculating BMI, calorie consumption, cholesterol, Blood pressure, nutritional value and the like. Along with these, maintaining a bulk of spreadsheets on a daily basis appears as more than a hassle. Even after building tools, it may not be feasible to carry out all the operations across all devices smoothly. Therefore, we offer great value by converting excel to a mobile app or web app and customize it as closely as possible.

Real estate

Even though Excel is a regular part of a real estate professional, it is not surprising as to how many individuals aren’t aware of every formula in excel. Truth be told, mastering all the complex formulae pertaining to a particular industry is exhaustive. For all the different functions such as building cash flows, calculating mortgages and taxation, analyzing data and reports etc, you could leverage a mobile or web app and work as you go places either online or offline.


Whether it is to save time by automating essential calculations, grades and budgets or to increase motivation by turning mathematics to graphics, using Excel have been a real delight in the education industry. However, teachers and administrators hardly find time to build spreadsheets for various purposes. Therefore, we step in and make this task easy for you by converting excel to a web or mobile app.


With so many calculations to be done on an hourly basis, it gets confusing to remember all the formulae. It is difficult to tackle the pool of customers let alone Google for the right formula in order to perform a single task. In retail industry especially, a web or mobile application with all the required functions embedded from Excel spreadsheets could be your ultimate saviour.


In case of calculating thermostat readings, electric, heat, cooling load readings and temperature, energy fuel consumption readings and many more, a customizable application is more than necessary. We can create an app from your spreadsheet integrating your data into an easy to use application.

Convert Excel to Mobile App

AIS Technolabs gives you the advantage of easily turning excel spreadsheets into software application that can be managed from any location. AIS servers are built on the highly-scalable and robust Microsoft SQL Server, which can handle databases of almost any size. Our user guide provides all the information you need to convert your Excel files into an easy-to-use web app, and our support team is always ready to guide you through the process if required.

In addition, AIS provides an easy-to-use point-and-click interface for creating powerful, scalable web-based spreadsheet applications without the need to hire expensive web developers.We are at your perusal at any given point of time and our support team is ready to help you 24/7. Call us now to get you excel files get converted to mobile apps.