Donation Management Software

Way back, when the only option was to ask for donations on the street or knock at people’s doors, finding contributions were not only difficult but limited too. With the availability of limited resources and a pressing need to create miracles on a daily basis, success was hard to come by. Later, with the advent of the Internet and social media, fundraising and raising awareness has taken a new shape. We create powerful donation software that helps both individuals and groups seeking funds about people’s plight, education or any chosen charity.

About AIS Technolabs

We are a team of creative experts in the field of innovation and marketing. We are in the business of building solutions for your business needs. From providing best-in-class web and app development services to comprehensive cloud-based business solutions and helping you realize your business vision to improve your business processes; AIS Technolabs is one of the leading service providers completing over 20,000 projects serving different client needs. We are keen to create the online donation software as this is one of the most rewarding sectors to work with and there is no better way to make a difference in people’s lives.

Online donation software

Through our online donation software, nonprofit or independent organizations or anyone operating fundraising activities can process donations and funds digitally. From collecting your donor data and creating online donation forms to organizing peer to peer lending software for fundraising, everything can be done online with the help of our donation software efficiently and professionally.

PHP Donation script

If you are looking to build your own crowdfunding online donation platforms or be a medium to pool funds and resources in order to fund a project and support a cause then creating a PHP donation script is the right choice for you. Our donation script comes with many advanced features and a highly responsive interface to serve your purpose clearly. Due to the power of the smooth running donation script, you need not withhold yourself and give truly for the cause you believe in.

Donation tracking software

When dealing with donation tracking issues like massive spreadsheets, irregular engagement levels of volunteers, and inconsistent data entry and more, our donation tracking software teams catch up with you to solve these problems. Many times donations are also not consistent you get them in many ways such as checks, cash, gifts, online transfers, charitable annuity and trusts etc. As they are varied it may be difficult to capture them all and maintain them every single time. We build a powerful donation tracking software that automatically tracks the donations and groups them in designated sections so you can run your fundraising projects and succeed effortlessly.

Donation management software

Using our donation management software, you can see the total number of projects, live projects, current projects, future projects, and completed projects. We see to it that your dashboard contains detailed information on the projects, donors and their donations clearly in an up-to-date fashion. In addition to this, for donors, submission of requests on the projects is easily available with a one-click option. Security and integrity is our top-most priority, therefore all the payments and transfers are made through secure online PayPal transactions.

Some of the features you’d get:

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Donation management software

With change come innovation, creativity and incentives for improvement. Therefore, you can create and maintain your ideas and innovation for developing your fundraising projects. We will help you set up an innovation centre so that no idea goes unnoticed.

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Designs and Templates

We build designs that are functional helping users navigate easily and without having to be explained. You can choose from wide range of templates we’ve built showing the glimpse of your fundraising vision, these templates are mostly practical and still look great.

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Mobile friendly

Unlike the many websites with poor responsiveness, we do our best to create highly responsive donation software that looks great on different devices including desktop, tablet, and mobile in order to provide a quality user experience to both website and mobile users. In turn, this will help in ranking your donation PHP script high in search engines so donors and supporters can easily find you.

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Custom web forms

Creating contact forms, online donation pages, feedback forms or any other type of forms is now easier than ever before. This is because; we give you an option of creating multiple custom web forms for donation and contacts alike. You have the option of adding built-in confirmation page, automated email generation, customized design options and many more.

Events and Campaign management

Organizing campaigns and attending events is a regular part of fundraising activities. It can seem like a hassle when they aren’t handled smartly. Therefore, we integrate better event management into the donation management software to easily create, track and manage events. In addition to this, we see that your sponsorships, attendance, mailings associated with the event, revenue goals and figures, and event expenditure details are maintained and in one place for you to look up when needed.

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