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The advent of the internet has made the world come closer; providing individuals with large number of services that were once outside the reach of a large percentage of the population. The internet has opened the doors for various services including e-commerce software, the online purchase and sales of goods; social media, the ability to interact and communicate with people far and wide almost instantaneously; and e-learning software, the ability to operate schools and universities to spread knowledge across the globe instantly. AIS Technolabs, a premium web development and design organization has created some of the most prolific e-learning apps; allowing organizations to swiftly deploy their learning systems with ease.

The e-learning platform from AIS Technolabs consists of a wide variety of tools to help both teachers and students; allowing the former to deliver their knowledge with ease and giving the latter the opportunity to enrich themselves with the knowledge.

What is E-Learning ?

E-learning is a system of formal teaching using computers and the internet as the primary medium of discourse. E-learning is currently one of the best methods to disseminate knowledge throughout the globe to students worldwide, and at the same time.

E-learning has been adopted by almost all of the major universities across the world to disseminate their knowledge. Universities including the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University, Stanford University, University of Cambridge have embraced e-learning to provide students desirous of higher knowledge and learning. Other than these institutions of research and higher learning, a large number of organizations have created e-learning apps and e-learning scripts to provide students with knowledge.

What are the Advantages of E-Learning Software ?

A high quality e-learning software provides you with a variety of tools to provide your students with knowledge as well as ease communication between each other. AIS Technolabs has developed a one-of-a-kind e-learning app which provides a large number of benefits:

Forums and Discussion Boards
Forums and discussion boards provide a place for students to discuss what they have learnt and allow others to provide their own inputs. Such systems are helpful in fostering creativity and provide students with ways to interact with not only their peers but with their teachers too in an informal manner.
Video Delivery
Video delivery solutions lets teachers teach students in real-time, with advanced systems of live interaction with them through video chat. For students who are unable to join the real-time streams, videos can be recorded so that they can get the requisite learning material according to their own schedules.
Instant Messaging Solutions
Instant messaging solutions let students communicate directly with teachers to understand and grasp concepts which might be difficult for them to understand.
Online Test Functionality
Online test functionality lets teachers evaluate and take online tests for students, without them being physically present at the test location.
Study Material Storage Solutions:
Study material dissemination is a key aspect of e-learning, and the e-learning script lets students download books, whitepapers, journals and research material easily and from a single location.
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Benefits of E-Learning Scripts

AIS Technolabs has created one of the finest e-learning scripts that can provide organizations with superior e-learning solutions for their clientele. Here are a few features and benefits of the e-learning software:
Easy Installation:
The e-learning script can be easily installed on a large variety of web servers on different platforms including Linux, AIX, BSD and Windows.
PHP-Based Code:
PHP is one of the most common web development technologies, powering over 65% of the internet as of 2018. The e-learning software is made using PHP, giving in-house developers the ability to provide add-on features when necessary.
Modular Design:
The e-learning script from AIS Technolabs is extremely modular, allowing for features to be enabled and disabled with a few simple clicks. This lets organizations choose the best modules according to their requisite business model.
Customizability is one of the core features of the e-learning software system, and nearly all aspects of the system can be customized through custom CSS scripts that can change the color, logo, typeface and other facets of the system with ease.
Administrator Panel:
The e-learning script from AIS Technolabs features an advanced administrator panel that site administrators can use to easily manage the e-learning site. The administrator panel features a whole host of functions which ease and automate routine site administration tasks.
Teacher Panel:
The teacher panel in the e-learning app gives complete control to the teacher in their delivery. The panel lets teachers upload study material, schedule classes, inform students about the schedule through mail and let students take tests online.
Script Elearning – Conclusion

A quality script elearning is not just an asset for an organization, online learning platforms give the company a wealth of opportunities to disseminate knowledge in an easy and hassle-free manner. The e-learning solution from AIS Technolabs has been created with the needs of both teachers and students in mind; and is one of the best ways to let companies start their own teaching systems in an effective manner.

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