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A website has a sum of layers—structure, design, content and functionality. The area which contains the technology and programming that power the site, which the end user doesn’t see is called the back end. It consists of the server, the database and the server side applications.A full stack backend developer is a expert who can work on the both frontend as well backend. Typically, the back end is the brain of the site where the main functionality occurs pertaining to the site. The user doesn’t see or interact with it directly, but the back end runs the site and is always running behind-the-scenes delivering a smooth desktop-like experience by sending the information from the database to the browser.
What does it mean to be back-end developer ?
The work of an expert full stack backend developer starts where the front end developer finishes. The finished front end product is taken and given a working functionality by the back-end developer. Full stack application development team focuses on using an array of programming languages and frameworks in order to build strong server-side software. The most popular and the common back-end technologies include and our developers work with are: Ruby, Java, C#, Python, PHP, Perl, Erlang, and Node.js
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How we differ ?
Although there is a lot of skilled workforce in the marketplace, we have a slight differentiation factor that gives us an edge over our competitors. Before, our full stack backend developers begin writing the code; they start by understanding both your business and your business environment and its needs to clearly translate those particular needs into the technical requirements. For this reason, we have been successful in embedding efficient solutions in the architecture of our clients’ products. In addition to this, our full stack back-end developers are the ones who love to work on the back end development love what they do, and as a team we see each other’s passion translating on the job towards better products and better outcome.