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Boost your business with the best Grubhub Clone Development Company

If owning an application as good as Grubhub was your dream, it is time the dream comes true. Get a Grubhub clone application development from a leading app company where you get an app with all the advanced features.

At AIS technolabs, you get a fully customizable Grubhub Clone script with integrated features, functionalities and solutions to run a successful food delivery application. We help you get different solutions for users, service providers and admin to improve the experience of all the stakeholders.

Interactive user experience, high-performing application, and quality at par, here is everything you would require for an online food delivery business, at cost-effective prices.

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Grubhub Clone App Development

Best Grubhub Clone Script

Running an online food delivery business is going to be competitive. There are many applications in the market, which are doing pretty great. But that doesn’t mean you cannot make it big in the market. All you need is a great business idea, and an application that offers an amazing user experience. Meanwhile, you have a fantabulous business plan ready, you can trust a globally leading mobile app development company for an app like Grubhub. We provide you with a Grubhub clone script that can easily be customized, added with 3rd party libraries and allow you to provide a superior experience to your users.

With 10+ years of experience, and the biggest mobile app developer pool in India, we stand unprecedented in the mobile app development segment. Get responsive Android and iOS applications that run seamless on devices with different screen sizes. Use our Grubhub Clone to reduce the cost of development and meet your business goals.

Why opt for Grubhub Clone App Development?

Grubhub being an internationally most used application of all times for online food delivery is sure to grab your attention. But behind this brilliant application is an incredible business plan and an outstanding work of developers that has allowed the entrepreneurs to meet their business dream. It requires a lot of budget, time and planning for kickstarting your business.

Grubhub Clone application allows you to get it all in less time and cost. Clone applications are code scripts that can be customized to meet your business needs. You get to own your source code, and you can use the source code to keep adding new features, make changes to the app for scalability. Clone applications are a much more flexible solution for businesses with less budget and time for launching their business.

Advanced Features of Grubhub Clone Script

Advanced features allow you to deliver a much better experience to your users. These features ensure better operations, more features, high-functionality and experience on the application. They allow you to stand out from the competition and help you increase your churn rate. Advanced features include features for users, service providers and also admin that brings a 360-degree change in your business capabilities.

Contactless Deliveries

Ensure your users’ safety by offering them contactless deliveries, in the times of pandemic, a feature like this will surely help you draw more people to your application.

Order Pickup Verifications

Order pickup verifications for improving your customer experience. The feature allows you to provide your users with information that their order has been pickup and on its way.

Order customization and confirmation

Order customization and confirmation to allow users to make changes or tweaks in the available food options, and confirmation from the restaurants to inform the users.

Explore Menu

Allow users to access the menu of different restaurants and diners. You can even choose to add ingredients to the menu for allowing your users to make a better choice for themselves.

Change Language

Improve your retention by allowing users to change the language in which the app operates, it would be a great help to the business that is targeting the users internationally.

Instant Search

Instant search using food names, restaurant names or past orders. This will help your users to instantly order from the app, like within a few minutes.

Multiple Payment Options

Integrate a secure payment gateway to the grubhub clone app, that allows users to pay for their orders using ewallet, credit/debit cards, UPI, etc.

Live Order Tracking

Live order tracking with ETA to help your users track their order in real-time. This helps you in improving your user experience.

Reviews and ratings

Allow your users and service providers to offer ratings and reviews, this not just help you improve your customer experience but also of the service providers.

Benefits of Grubhub clone app development

Customer satisfaction is very important for us and we have achieved that with our dedication to provide you with amazing cost-effective solutions. We offer you a customization service that allows you to build feature-rich android and ios app development services. We have developers with more than 5+ years of experience that help you in providing applications for customers, delivery professionals, restaurants, and admin. Our solutions help you ensure better business management and faster delivery.

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Restaurant App Features


Easy login to the application using social logins including social media accounts, google account or Apple ID.


User-friendly business promotion tools allowing restaurants to promote their business on your application.

Track payments

Easy order and payment tracking brings more transparency in the operations, it helps you improve your business client relationship.

Manage Customer Requests

Easy customer request management to allow restaurants to improve their business operations, resulting in the app experience.

Multi-location Food Chain

Multi-location food chain management that allows restaurant owners to manage multiple businesses and see insights separately for each of it.

Instant Replies to Reviews

Instant replies to reviews allowing restaurants to stay responsive to their customers. It also helps them create their online reputation.

Customer App Features

Profile Setup

Create, edit, and update the profile to improve the application experience for the individual users.

Exploring Offers and Rewards

Dedicated page for exploring offers and rewards available on the application, allowing you to keep your users engaged on the app.

Browse Restaurants

User-friendly restaurant search bar, allowing users to search nearby restaurants, diners, takeaway, etc. using food names, tags, GPS locations,etc.

Customize Orders

Easy tab-based order customization feature, to make order customization easy for faster checkouts.

Track orders in real-time

GPS based order tracking in real-time with ETA for improved user experience on the application.

Easy Reorders

Dedicated carousel for showcasing previous orders for easy reorders, with the location, quantity, and price.

Cost of Grubhub Clone App Development

Native app development is a labour and time intensive job. It requires expertise, knowledge and experience to build applications that fulfil all the requirements of users, delivery personnels, restaurant owners and admins.

Development cost of application is influenced by these factors. The more complex an application is, the more time and efforts it would take and more that cost. You can avoid this by using a Grubhub clone app. Clone applications are perfect, as the code infrastructure is ready and you just have to paint the application in the colors and features that would work best for you. This takes less time than developing an entire application. Thus, Grubhub clone app development is the first choice of many businesses.

If you too have an app idea, share it with our expert team and avail 30 minutes free consultation to understand the complexity of the app idea and get an estimation of time and cost.

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