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Hire Kotlin Developers from AIS Technolabs to create responsive, cross-platform, and robust applications with advanced tools and technologies. Our programmers implement features while utilizing Kotlin technologies, including Ktor, Vert, Spring Boot, IntelliJ IDEA, Android Studio, Eclipse, Atom, and Visual Studio Code. They leverage APIs, standard library functions, extensions, and high-order functions to attain perfection.

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Why Kotlin AIS Technolabs For Your Next Project?

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  • check-iconExperienced team for building responsive applications
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Hire Dedicated Kotlin App Developers Within 48 Hours


Vidhi P

Kotlin Developer

Vidhi P is a full-stack Kotlin developer having 5 years long experience and expertise in developing secure, modern, and feature-rich Android apps with Kotlin. She can translate designs, wireframe them into codes, and deploy error-free apps.

star Expert in
  • Java
  • Android SDK
  • CSS3

Also Worked With

  • Gradle |
  • DevOps |
  • GitHub |
  • Vert
5 Years


Kotlin Developer

Kajal is a proficient Kotlin developer having a total experience of 6.5 years. She excels in Android app development, identifying and resolving bugs, and working with APIs and data sources. She implements advanced technologies to improve user experience.

star Expert in
  • Java
  • C#
  • Android Studio

Also Worked With

  • RESTful APIs |
  • Spring Boot |
  • JSF |
  • Android Studio
6.5 Years


Kotlin Developer

Avanish is a top Kotlin programmer developing Android apps for the last 7.5 years. He writes clean code and maintains its quality, finds bugs and technical errors, and implements new technologies to enhance app performance. He follows security measures to safeguard the app from external threats.

star Expert in
  • Scala
  • Android SDK
  • Java

Also Worked With

  • Ktor |
  • JVM |
  • Vert |
  • JSF
7.5 Years

Hire Kotlin Developers To Meet Your Project Requirements

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High-Grade Kotlin Android Application Development Services

Our kotlin app development company is known for providing exceptional development services using Scrum and Agile methodologies. Utilizing our boundless expertise, we create extraordinary hybrid applications while integrating Kotlin with MVVM, Android, Room Database, etc.

  • Custom Kotlin App Development

    Our developers create a visual representation of the user interface while defining app structure, navigation flow, and layout. They follow the best strategies for frontend and backend development, database integrations, and app testing.

  • Android App Development With Kotlin

    Our developers use advanced tools like Android Studio, Android SDK, and Kotlin plugins. They set up the development environment, write codes and utilize Kotlin extensions and libraries to enhance user experience.

  • Cross-Platform App Development With Kotlin

    We set up a development environment with Android Studio for Android and Xcode for iOS development. Our experts write shared codes and implement platform-specific technologies to ensure app responsiveness.

  • App Development For Wearable Devices

    Our programmers determine the key features according to wearable devices. They build user-interface while leveraging platform-specific UI frameworks and libraries and test app functionalities using the best testing strategies.

  • AR/VR Mobile App Development

    Our programmers build the app with AR/VR concepts, SDKs, and technologies. They take the support of ARCore for Android, Unity, Google VR SDK, and ARKit for iOS to streamline development.

  • AI & Machine Learning Development

    To avoid complexities, our developers build the app to conduct data analysis and process, clean, and handle data. Our experts use Kotlin libraries like TensorFlow or Keras suitable to enable the app to perform AI/ML tasks.

  • Server-Side Development

    Our developers design robust server-side architecture and implement server-side logic to achieve optimum performance. They design APIs and take the help of authentication and authorization mechanisms to secure the app.

  • Kotlin Performance Optimization

    We analyze real-time app performance and user feedback to comprehend performance issues. Our developers use proven optimization techniques to keep the app updated with the latest technologies.

  • Kotlin API Development & Integration

    We develop RESTful APIs for Kotlin to allow the app to take support of third-party services. Our team extends app functionalities with these APIs and customizes the app to meet your requirements.

  • Kotlin Upgradation Services

    We upgrade Kotlin apps with the latest functionalities and version updates. Our programmers make specific changes to align the app with the new version and help it operate better.

  • Kotlin Migration Services

    Our programmers identify critical components, libraries, codes, and dependencies that require migration. They follow a tested process to migrate the app and ensure its behavior and compatibility with Kotlin.

  • Kotlin Technical Support & Maintenance Services

    Our developers monitor user feedback, identify and fix bugs, and address reported issues. They keep the app updated with the latest technologies to enhance performance.

Why Hire Kotlin Developers From AIS Technolabs?

AIS Technolabs has an in-house team of expert programmers to build your project with trending and next-gen technologies. We take responsibility for the entire process, from initial planning to app deployment, and offer out-of-the-box kotlin android application development services.

  • Flexible Engagement Models
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  • 170 Man-Hours Guaranteed
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Frequently Asked Questions

We allow you to work with our developers during this time. You can use this period to evaluate the expertise of our programmers and understand their take on your project. After this period, you continue taking our services, change developers, or ask for refunds for dedicated projects.

Our Kotlin developers have extensive expertise and experience working with diverse project technologies. They excel in discovering and implementing new technologies in Android and cross-platform apps. They follow best practices to maintain code reusability, quality, and continuous evaluation. Our experts integrate security features and write unit tests to make the app bug-free.

Our developers speak to you regularly to provide project updates. We use the latest communication tools like Slack, Zoom, Basecamp, Trello, Skype, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Smartsheet. You can instruct the team or address queries through these tools.

We primarily use IntelliJ IDEA, Atom, Sublime Text, Eclipse IDE, and Visual Studio Code for Kotlin app development. However, the final selection of tools will depend on your project requirements. We will determine development tools after understanding your expectations and project objectives.

We have an expert quality analyst team to test your application according to standard quality parameters. Our QA team writes unit tests and implements advanced features while following best security practices to ensure safety and error-free deployment.

You can add or remove developers from your team according to your requirements. We have a large talent pool of pre-vetted developers available to fill the position immediately. You can hire Kotlin app developers in the middle of the project as well.

We do not claim any rights on the project and intellectual property. After finishing the project, our developers will hand over source code, ownership, IP, and other rights. You will hold complete rights to the project. We do not reuse and share your data, codes, and technology stack with any third party.

We provide dedicated support and maintenance services to help our clients run their apps smoothly on all platforms. You can hire Kotlin app developers to resolve technical errors, fix bugs, debug malicious codes, and update and maintain your project.

AIS Technolabs has an uptight security system to safeguard your project technology, data, IP, source code, NDA, and intellectual property. The system prevents hacking and phishing and secures the project from other cyber attacks.

We have a flexible contract exit policy that allows you to terminate the contract before the deadline. You can exit the contract after following the terms and conditions mentioned in the NDA. However, each contract is different, and the policy may vary according to project type and technology stack.

Our Latest Blogs

Table of Content

End-To-End Guide To Hire Dedicated Kotlin App Developers: Define Responsibilities, Project Objective & Cross-Verify Technical Skills

Kotlin is a versatile and useful programming language for coding cross-platform apps and Android apps. It offers advanced tools, frameworks, and libraries for development and helps manage risk and minimize disruptions. To leverage its advantages, you need to hire dedicated kotlin app developers who are well-versed in using Kotlin technologies.

However, onboarding skilled developers is not an easy task. You need to follow a set process, screen profiles, interview developers, and negotiate over the crucial aspects. In this blog, we have provided valuable suggestions to help you hire dedicated Kotlin app developers. You can use them to interview candidates and build your team.

Important Project Development Factors To Check Before Onboarding Kotlin Programmers

Outline Project Features

Start the process by defining project objectives. You must know what problem it aims to solve and what goals you want to achieve. Identify the expected outcomes and purpose of the project development. Also, analyze your competitors to know how they have launched the project and which strategies are working for them. Implement your strategies after outlining their core strengths and weaknesses.

Develop a Compressive Project Plan

Outline project factors like timeline, milestones, and deliverables. Divide the project into phases, each with specific goals, define dependency, and estimate the effort required for completing each phase. Also, demonstrate technology stack and development platform, identify programming language, frameworks, tools, and libraries required to implement desired features.

Decide Budget For Project Development

Budget is a crucial factor in Kotlin project development. Each Kotlin development company charges differently, and you will come across numerous companies offering similar services. However, you need to figure out how much you want to invest in project development. Evaluate the market value of your technology stack and the cost of hiring resources, and choose a beneficial engagement model.

Determine Resource Requirements And Project Constraints

Identify resource requirements, skills, and expertise to hire Kotlin programmers, designers, testers, and project managers. Also, roles, responsibilities, experience, and qualifications are required to fit the position. Consider project constraints and limitations and communicate clearly with candidates about them.

Conduct Technical Interviews

Connect with your selected developer and test candidates' technical skills. Propose a technical test or coding assignment and give them a time window to finish it. Craft the test carefully according to your project technology because you have to test developers' technical skills and knowledge about the relevant technology. Based on their submission, make your decision whether you want to hire the candidate or not.

Screen Portfolios With Precision

Choose a reliable Kotlin development company and ask them to send developers profiles. Go through each profile and evaluate the developer's skills, expertise, experience, qualification, etc. Consult their previous clients and ask them for feedback. Their experience will help you understand the project-handling skills of potential candidates. After finishing the process, shortlist candidates and determine the interview process.

Propose Technical Assignments

While interviewing Kotlin developers for hire, give a technical test or coding challenge to analyze their programming skills. Discuss your project technology and ask them to find loopholes and provide feedback. You can judge the candidate based on their problem-identifying skills. Also, check their availability, work ethics, and communication skills.

Start The Trial

Take a 15-day risk-free trial to cross-verify your decision. During this phase, you can change your team or terminate the services if developers don't meet your expectations. If you're satisfied with their services, hire Kotlin app developers for Android app development after negotiating crucial factors and technology stack.

Required Technical Skills To Check Before Selecting Kotlin Developers For Hire

Knowledge of Kotlin Language Fundamentals

Kotlin developers must be familiar with the syntax, features, and concepts of Kotlin programming language. They should know about variables, data types, control flow statements, classes, inheritance, functions, and other important concepts.

Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)

You should hire Kotlin app developers with a strong understanding of object-oriented programming, such as encapsulation inheritance and polymorphism. Kotlin is an object-oriented language; understanding these concepts is crucial for writing clean and maintenance codes.

Familiar With Kotlin Android App Development Techniques

Kotlin has gained significant popularity for Android app development. Programmers must grasp Kotlin Android app development concepts, including activities, fragments, views, layout, and resource management. Developers should know how to build user interfaces, handle user input and interact with backend services.

Skilled in Using Kotlin Standard Library

The Kotlin standard library provides a rich set of APIs and extensions that simplifies development and offers convenience. Kotlin developers should be proficient in using standard library features to leverage projects effectively.

Understanding of Java Interoperability

Kotlin is fully compatible with Java and interoperates with existing Java code seamlessly. Hire Kotlin developers who are experienced in working with Java libraries, frameworks, and APIs and use them for app development with Kotlin.

Experienced in Using Functional Programming

Kotlin supports functional Programming Paradigms. Developers must know functional programming concepts like Lambda expressions, higher-order functions, and immutability. It is a must-have technical skill to write concise and expressive codes.

Proficient in Using Development Tools and IDEs

Hire Kotlin developers who are familiar with popular development tools and Integrated Development Environments such as Android Studio and IntelliJ IDEA. Kotlin developers must know how to effectively use debugging tools, code editors, build systems, and version control systems.

Important Technical Interview Questions To Help You Hire Kotlin Programmers

  • 1 What are data classes in Kotlin?

    Kotlin data classes hold the data, and its constructors have at least one parameter. It is a must-ask interview question because developers cannot work on the project without creating data classes. Hire Kotlin developers who can answer the question and know how to create data classes.

  • 2 Define Null Safety in Kotlin.

    Null Safety in Kotlin is a process to clear the risk of Null references present in codes. The Kotlin compiler throws away NullPointerException if it discovers a Null argument passing without executing other statements. Hire Kotlin developers who are well-versed in using null safety to ensure security.

  • 3How many modifiers are available in Kotlin?

    Kotlin primarily has four visibility modifiers, including private, protected, internal, and public. All modifiers are visible in their respective parts. You must put forward this question to demonstrate the technical knowledge of Kotlin developers.

  • 4 What are strings in Kotlin?

    There are two types of strings in Kotlin, Raw Strings, and Escaped Strings. Raw Strings comprise arbitrary text, newlines, and other characters, and Escaped strings handle special characters. The concept is an important part of Kotlin's development. Your developer must be well-versed in using these strings.

  • 5Define Scope Functions in Kotlin.

    Scope functions help to execute blocks of codes within the scope objects. Developers use scope functions to wrap a set of logic or variables and return object literals in the form of results. Your programmers must have the skills to access these objects without their names to streamline development.

Technical Questions To Ask While Communicating With Kotlin Developers For Hire

Add these interview questions to your list to analyze the technical expertise of Kotlin developers.

  • Can you name different types of Variables in Kotlin?
  • Explain the role and usage of Companion Object in Kotlin for Android developers.
  • What do you know about sealed classes in Kotlin?
  • What is the primary use of extension functions?
  • Define the use of abstraction in Kotlin.

Reasons To Choose Kotlin For Android App Development

1. Interoperability With Java

Kotlin is interoperable with Java and enables developers to use existing Java tools, libraries, frameworks, and codes in Kotlin projects. It allows easy migration of JAVA projects to Kotlin and facilitates collaboration between Kotlin and Java developers. Both technologies extend project functionalities and make the app technically more advanced.

2. Concise & Readable Syntax

Kotlin has a concise and expressive syntax that reduces boilerplate code and improves code readability. It provides features like type inference, data classes, Lambda expressions, extension functions, and smart casts. These features make the code more concise, leading to increased productivity and reducing the risk of committing errors.

3. Null Safety

Kotlin addresses the notorious null pointer exception issue by incorporating Null safety features into its type system. Nullable and non-nullable types are explicitly defined, preventing Null references and offering more reliable codes. The feature helps eliminate a significant source of bugs and enhance the stability of your application.

4. Tooling and IDE Support

Kotlin gives excellent tool support, including integration with popular Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) such as IntelliJ IDEA and Android Studio. These IDEs provide advanced features like code completion, refactoring, debugging, and linting support, which enhance developers' productivity and help catch errors early in the development process.

5. Coroutines For Asynchronous Programming

Kotlin has built-in support for coroutines, which simplifies asynchronous programming. It allows developers to write asynchronous code in a sequential & readable manner, making it easier to handle concurrency & asynchronous operations. It supports writing efficient, non blocking codes and improves overall application performance.

6. Android Development

Kotlin is the preferred language for Android app development. It offers full compatibility with the Android platform and provides features specifically designed for Android development. Using Kotlin for Android development leads to shorter development cycles, improved code quality, and enhanced app performance.

7. Gradual Adoption And Learning Curve

Kotlin has a smooth learning curve, especially for developers coming from a Java background. Its syntax is familiar to Java developers, making it easier to adopt and start using Kotlin in existing projects. Developers can mix Java and Kotlin code seamlessly and opt for a gradual transition.

AIS Technolabs is a perfect choice for taking Kotlin Android application development services. We plan the process carefully, allocate sufficient resources, manage time, and ensure quality with unit, integration, and regression testing. Our experts deploy bug-free apps that run on all platforms smoothly and achieve maximum revenues.

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