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Hire Zend Developer

Zend, one of the best MVCs around, is a shoot of PHP. Great web solutions have been designed with it – solutions which are commercially viable. As it is, nothing that is not secure and reliable can be commercially viable.

It explains why AIS Technolabs considers it to be no lower ambition to be a leading Zend developer, offering services such as architecture development, Scrum master and entrepreneur IT solutions provider. Our goal is to win for our clients the end users of our products. You have come to the right place if you are looking for excellent coding.

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Hire Zend Developer

AIS Technolabs offers to do a lot more than just a Zend development. This is because our dedicated Zend developers are capable of putting the advantages offered by this open source framework to optimum use, creating intuitive PHP apps with ease. They have worked for long on Zend PHP framework and have fulfilled the expectations of global marketplace.

Developments based on this framework are great at meeting demands, such as online closeouts, booking frameworks for e-stores, upgradation of transportation framework, etc.

We recommend it for the features it offers. These make the task of development quite efficient and the resultant products extremely useful. It also supports PHP5 and higher adaptations, various databases, storing, approval and other such modules.

Zend Development Services

The zend development
services offered by us include…

The hire zend developer services that we offer to our customers are the following:

  • Web portals and e-commerce solutions
  • Social media and community portal
  • Online ticket booking systems
  • Health and fitness site
  • Banner/theme management
  • Bookmarking/blog sites
  • Multiplayer gaming
  • Revmob, Chartboost, Mobclix
  • 2D & 3D games and
  • NavMesh and Mecanim
Our Zend Development

Our products can be effortlessly deployed on multiple platforms. We believe in collaborative efforts both with our clients and among our staff of developers in order to assimilate their suggestions, instant improvisations, etc to offer a comprehensive solution.

  • 2.0 Web applications
  • Websites
  • Integration and customization
  • Business intelligence and customized solutions
  • Mobile apps
Hire Zend Developer from AIS Technolabs for End to End Services

AIS Technolabs has successfully served media, entertainment, education, retail, travel, healthcare, manufacturing, construction, telecommunications and many other industries. We attribute our success to the flexible architecture that we have put in place, making the task of learning and building easy for our developers. We have nurtured our talent pool carefully enough to make them fit for delivering end-to-end services to our valued clients.

Get Customized Services

We can customize entire web solutions as per the clients’ demands which often spring from their insight into the core activities of their business. You can rest assured that our solutions will be unique. They are nothing like the common sort with which market is abounding nowadays.

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Why Hire Zend Programmer
from AIS Technolabs?

If you hire the services of AIS, this is what you will have:

  • Flexible hiring model (fixed or T & M or hourly) to suit client’s requirements
  • Maintenance of robust infrastructure supported by latest hardware and software
  • Staff of experts who know and use various technologies and advanced tools
  • 100% customer-centric service
  • Secure project management system (PMS)
  • Ergonomic workstation and
  • Round-the-clock tech support
  • Video of the testing process delivered together with the product
  • Thorough in-house testing of the product we develop and

Our clients are distributed across almost all continents except Antarctica! This is surely not a claim that is too good to be true. Hire our zend developers now and get superb custom zend applications and framework business solutions.
Hire Zend developers for custom Zend Application and framework business solutions