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Indiegogo clone script is an open-source script that is used to develop a crowdfunding platform. The crowdfunding platform can enable various businesses and persons to provide funding to different types of projects. Indiegogo clone is a fantastic way to start your own online fintech business. Using the Indiegogo clone script, the business and individual can explore different projects based on their interest. Through utilizing the Indiegogo clone script, you can help the users to collect funds for their various ventures, such as innovating, artistic, research, cause-related, etc.

indiegogo clone app

You can start a trustworthy online forum for entrepreneurs and innovators to introduce new ideas and products with the help of AIS Technolabs. We developed customized clone scripts and ensured that the customer has favorable experience out of your platforms. Our developers took into consideration all kinds of companies and businesses across the world and ensure that our developed solutions come with a holistic technological approach.

AIS Technolabs deliver the solution as per the individual need of the customer. Our developed Indiegogo clone website will help you to make a mark in the field of online fundraising ecosystem very easily. We always make sure that developed solutions are delivered on time and provides you best return on investment. Our developers design the solution on a bigger scale, so you can start your online crowdfunding business for any number of users and businesses Explore this new opportunity to start your own online fintech company.

Features Of Our Indiegogo Clone Script

Start Your Crowdfunding Platform With Our Advanced

  • Advanced Sorting And Search Mechanisms

    In our Indiegogo clone script, you can provide your users with excellent functionality to explore a range of crowdfunding projects and campaigns. Our developed crowdfunding platform comes with several filters and sorting features using which the user can find out any project of their choice.

  • Diverse Type Of Projects

    Through the unique features of our Indiegogo clone scripts, you can cater to the users to different types of projects to raise funds for further growth, such as software and innovation, artistic work, community projects, and many others.

  • Category Management

    Our ingenious, developed Indiegogo clone app enables the entrepreneurs to list theirs under different categories. This allows them to get easy funding for their project.

  • Campaigns Management

    You can give your users this incredible feature, where they can handle all their various crowdfunding projects using Indiegogo clone script. The users can use their dashboard to add, edit, or manage any project.

  • Comments Management

    Our Indiegogo clone script allows the users to manage the comment received against their crowdfunding projects. This helps to respond quickly to investors queries and maintain better customer relationships.

  • Notifications & Alerts

    On our Indiegogo clone script, you can offer a fantastic feature to your user where they will receive various notifications and alerts when they receive a contribution from various persons in terms of funds and comments.

  • Currency Management

    With the support of Indiegogo clone script, you’ll be able to handle multiple currency transactions depending on their country of origin.

  • Social Media Login

    The Network can be directly accessible by investors, guests, and consumers using their social media handles such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and others.

  • Information Management

    This feature allows businesses to update investors with the latest information. The collected funds, changes in completion times, and others may be included in the communication, which ensures better coordination with the investors.

  • Multi-language

    Enable global investors by giving them their choice of language. Popular languages such as English, Mandarin, Spanish, and more can be easily integrated into the platform.

  • Push Notifications

    The newest updates on the project funding can be sent to the entrepreneurs and campaign owners. These are notifiable by email, text messages, and push notices.

  • Analytics

    The advanced analytics feature offers the system admin comprehensive reports about individual campaigns, collected funds, visitors, likes or dislikes, and other information for each campaign.

Ais Technolabs Dedicate To Provide You Best Solution For Your Business

AIS Technolabs is a one-stop software company that supports you in fulfilling your most ambitious and complex requirements for the creation of web applications for your business. We have demonstrated the standard of delivering excellent web & mobile application solutions that meet customer requirements.

Our experienced team comprises mobile app developers, IT experts, strong web-backend developers, and experienced project managers who take pride in what they do and can perform high-quality work within the defined timeline. We typically adopt an agile approach for web creation to ensure full accountability and measurable performance.

At AIS Technolabs, we love to build mobile apps for our customers that are innovative, interactive, and user friendly. We have shown the quality of delivering outstanding services and solutions for Web & Mobile Applications, in compliance with client needs.

We are very much trustworthy and reliable, allowing us to establish the best relationship with our customers. We focus on providing our customers with an innovative environment to achieve their objectives. Get in touch with us for any mobile and web application development and experience the best solution.

ais technolabs dedicate to provide you best solution for your business

Unique Properties Of Our Indiegogo Clone App

Customized Solutions

It is fair to say that every business has its own unique needs and would represent specialized industries. That’s why we at AIS Technolabs give custom tailor-made support for all clone products. We offer personalized clone products so that startups can develop and deliver unique services to the industry. Our design and development team do a detailed market study before delivering any product and tune in with your requirement to make the solution most demanded in the market.

Quick Launch Of Website Clone Scripts

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    Our Indiegogo and other clone script are uniquely developed by our team. Our script enables start-ups to quickly launch their platform without much investment.

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    Our Indiegogo Clone Script will make you the leader in the field of crowdfunding.

Platform Based Approach

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    Our fundamental idea behind every development is to develop and meet every challenge of the online market.

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    We ensure a platform-based approach for each of our developed software and deliver a completely integrated solution that fits your processes perfectly.

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    We always built the solutions to give you a rich function according to your niche needs and which can be easily integrated with your existing systems.

unique properties of our indiegogo clone app

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