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Now a days new formula of earning money from app development is to replace the original app by creating a clone of the app with advanced features. Recently the market is booming with clone apps of KIK, Viber, Snapchat, WhatsApp, etc. AIS Technolabs is right here to help you with expertise in clone app development for any operating system. Aftermarket research, we design our own KIK Script that allows building feature-rich KIK Clone App with advanced and customizable features. We assure our client that our KIK Source Code stands unique in the market as well as comes in a pocket-friendly rate. Our Kik clone is very flexible and allows easy customization so that businesses can quickly meet their requirements. Our Kik App Clone Script Source Code has all ingredients which help you to get maximum profit from the app.

Salient Features of

Kik Clone Source Code

User-Friendly Interface

Kik Clone is simple, understandable, and easy to use. This clone app allows the users to send an unlimited number of text messages, images, videos, etc. to another user. Also, the users can constantly act other users with the help of it.

Video Calling

This feature allows users to make a video call with their friends, family, or loved ones at any time and anywhere. To do so, register yourself and make a call with internet connectivity.

Invite People

With the Kik Clone App, users can easily send a request to other users to join them or become friends on our app. Moreover, our Kik Script can forward the user’s request to them by messages or social media.

Blocking Features

Kik Clone App helps users to block any unwanted contact that he or she wants if the users do not feel comfortable with the person and the users will not receive the messages any longer.

Choose Friends

Our Kik Script allows the users to make new friends and can easily find the people living in their community and close to it. Also, this clone app will suggest the users find people having the same interest as.

Chat Lists

Kik Source Code offers the list of all the people with whom he or she has a chat in the app, and all the details will display with time and other relevant information.

Why Social
Messaging App Like KIK ?

By seeing the increasing ratio of mobile users, the number of various apps also increased, and the messaging app is more in demand. The KIK messaging app is the 7th most popular messaging app in the US and has 120 million users across the globe. The advanced features of this app help it to grasp its place in the store. So creating a KIK clone app will not let the customer’s business decision wrong.

KIK app is more than just a messaging app. Our KIK Script gives users the privilege to connect with their friends and explore the app in a new way.

Our Dedicated App Developers Help to
Develop Kik Clone App According
to Your Ideas

Our precious customers have their unique idea for their clone app of Kik, but they do not know how to develop it or how to convert their opinion into a business. So, AIS Technolabs has an experienced and skilled team of designers and developers who will help the clients in developing the KIK Clone App safely and legally.

In addition to it, our software developers add stunning graphics along with extra features in Kik Clone to attract more customers. Even our company provides maintenance and support after the app got live. Apart from it, our business team also helps our clients to understand the business model so that they can easily earn money from the app.

How Can Business Owners Make Money
Using Our Kik Clone App

Cloud Storage purchases. Feature Unlock, Stickers, and other in-massage accessories. Paid and Free Versions of App. There are 100s of ways to utilize In-App purchase for making money.

KIK messaging app can leverage the same philosophy if our clients want to. Also, if users want ad-free messaging experience, they can buy it via “Remove Ads” in-app purchase. Implement Rewards / Prize / Points System .

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