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Online Marketing For Restaurants

We at AIS Technolabs are adept at providing online marketing for restaurants that suit your business goals depending on where you run your business and based on your customer personas.

Have your users found you on the net yet? Whether you want to target more customers, earn more profit, or create your own brand here are few things you’d need:

Responsive design

In the days, where we use multiple devices it is imperative that your site should adjust with new resolutions according to the device whichever your customer uses. A highly responsive design can help you render that.

By this time, you know how important it is to have a highly responsive design since users access your site from any device. Our team boasts of easy navigation. We see to it that it is mobile-optimized, displays information and is easily navigable , supporting orientation, customization and upgradation from time to time.With the changing times, we understand the importance of being flexible, therefore; we follow users’ preferences with respect to design so there is less chance of failure of any sort.

Online Menu

You can make your restaurant menus available online.You can even display your speciality food of the day. In addition, to adding your restaurant menus online you can also choose to add calorie information labels on your menus. For people who love their food, you can add appealing pictures of almost the entire menu portraying the freshness and flavour of your restaurant menu.

Easy customization

Chain restaurants and food establishments always change and evolve with time. Without customization it loses its mark over the years. In order to avoid any such trouble, we provide high levels of customization. Over the years, with so many of our clients, we have found that strong customization helps to enhance the functionality of the website while paving way for clean and enjoyable user experience.

Your own customer database

We help you store and maintain your own customers’ information for future business use all the while building a system that prioritizes your users’ privacy and sees that none of their personal information is compromised.

We help you put protocols in place that helps your operations from any security breach that could expose user data.

Customer service
As the marketing space evolves and your brand continues to march onwards, we are with you in every step to offer our support and help you with any maintenance when necessary. In our experience, firms could build sustainability over the decades largely because of such strong support. Therefore, we stick with it.
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Search Engine Optimization

With optimization, we’ll help you reach the plateau by assisting your brand with tools and strategies to rise to the top-of-the-game on Google rankings. We take care of keyword research, on-site and off-site optimization, internal and external linking, prioritize content freshness, and measure your results. Apart from these, we are also interested in implementing many more techniques to properly optimize your brand.

We provide the best user-friendly navigation on your site with advanced search options. Our main agenda is to build the system in place so your users can find the required information in 2-3 clicks once they land on your site. Better still, we provide mobile friendly searching experience for your users.

Internet marketing for restaurants:

We can help in creating opportunities for internet marketing for restaurants. As the internet has become a big part of the lifestyle of people, it is a great attempt to build your restaurant business online.

Connecting with your story
One skill that has not lost its value over decades is telling your brand story. In fact, it seems like there is a renewed interest in brand storytelling to attract customers’ attention. When your customers connect with your story, they connect on an emotional level, a personal level. This only brings you more customers and within no time it opens doors for exploration of new channels to connect with them.
Nutrition support
We offer another interesting feature that can boost your marketing efforts. The intention of providing a feature called nutrition support is twofold—to portray that you are not just profit-oriented but service oriented. Customers then view your brand and your restaurant food as healthy, unique and safe choice as you promote them to make better food choices.
Customer engagement
For us, customer engagement is a big part of the marketing channel. By harnessing and showing your customer stories, you as a brand are able to connect with customers in a more personalized and authentic way. Once customer engagement rises, trust is built, more tables are filled, and more orders are placed. Your passionate customers become your brand advocates, who build communities around your brand. If you too want to reap the benefits of influencer marketing, digital marketing services and brand advocacy, then reach out to us immediately.
Corporate social responsibility
Solving of social problems may seem unnecessary but with our experience with different brands, we’ve seen how businesses can have direct implications for their economic results. We project you as a brand that contributes to the society. If you choose to have it, we can help you embed CSR into the strategies of your business. Let’s make a leap to improving the quality of your brand by indulging in CSR and develop a sustainable restaurant brand.

Restaurant search engine marketing

We have coupled our restaurant experience with an entrepreneurial spirit to bring brands such as yours to life online. There are many ways to build restaurant search engine marketing and there is no one-size fit for all restaurants. Therefore, we focus on the specifics. The reason we do— because we love to witness your success real time.

Time and again, we delivered the best by prioritizing three key elements:

  • Design
  • Content
  • Navigation
Promotional Mix

We build a strong promotional mix that resonates with a wide range of audience for all the brands we’ve worked with so far. We want to meet your expectations with the same. We don’t believe in wasting your time with a speculative pursuit. Instead, we want to use our time investing in strong marketing strategy that uncovers a strong growth strategy with internet marketing for your restaurant.

Strong social media Incorporation

Progression and Innovation are different aspects of our human life. Technology advancements and social media developments have become an important tool for the growth of the business and meet the individual needs of your customers. We ensure that your online tourism marketing strategy is focused on smooth social media incorporation creating a new social environment for your brand.