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Penny Auction Script

A penny auction site is an innovative type of online auction website where the bidder pays for each bid he makes. After a while, the auction ends and the last participant to have placed a bid wins the item and also pays the final bid price. AIS Technolabs is a renowned software development company, actively committed to providing an easy to navigate penny auction script to our esteemed clients all over the world. The product we offer you has all the essential aids that you need to manage and run a penny auction website.

Our penny auction script is ideal to start a penny auction business with the most potent penny auction software ever made. With the help of our penny auction script, the auction managers can take care of the account status of all the members available on the particular site. They can easily regulate and remind the subscribers whenever the payment against a particular auction gets due. All these things can be done very easily with the help of our Penny Auction Script. Have a look at how our Penny Auction Website Works

  • First, the auction admin will post products or services for sale. In B2B case, the seller will post the product or services
  • Once when the product or service is posted, the user will log in their account to make a bid for the product or auction items
  • Then the user needs to buy bid credits to make a bid which can be set in the admin backend.
  • The buyer then place the bid on an auction item, and if his bid is highest, he will win and get the product at the end of auction
  • Once declared as winner, he will need to pay the bid amount to get the product
  • Then the invoice and other related details are sent to the user account and admin backend for transparency
Owing to its superb use; the penny auction software is highly acclaimed and preferred by the online auction website owners. With the emerging fame along with the user, the auction sites owner plans to improve their auction sites with penny auctions script. Once when our penny auctions software gets installed, it helps to bid and buy various products at a very reasonable price. With this, the shopping process becomes very easy, and the user can decide some items with simplicity. The offered product is fairly benefitted to the owners in the following ways:
  • Our Penny Auction Software has effective clone application which creates it the ideal alternative of the bidders.
  • With Penny Auction templates, the design of the site can be modified. The look of the site attract more visitors to it
  • The bidders can have rest because it has the features Auto-bidders and maintains the user free from any manual bidding.
  • The bidder can refer to other friends who will certainly boost the traffic of the site
  • It is uploaded on various domains which enable the user to access the place effortlessly and also helps to boost the traffic of the site.
  • The provided Penny Auction Software is quite okay to handle heavy server loads and cannot be unsuccessful at any cost.
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Among all the renowned auction scripts, the Penny auction script is certainly beyond comparison. Our penny auction script will enable you to establish a complete and robust site with two auction types buy seat penny auction and a regular penny auction. The site administrator can easily set the auctions time, bid increments, graphic design layout, user authentication, and other parameters in the admin panel. Our auction script is successfully tested on several parameters and run all our low bid auction software, ensuring optimum performance and easy installation. If you are looking for the best Penny auction script, we are here to help you and make your website responsive, so that it can be viewed on all screens. Following are few of the features of our Penny auction script:

  • SEO Built-in: It is SEO friendly and gives high potential to be found by bidders using search engines
  • No Skill Required: There is no such specific knowledge required to operate and control your functional auction bid website.
  • Power Packed Platform: Various features in one platform to manage the money transaction safely; Payment Gateway, Watch List, Invoicing, Buy Now, etc.
  • Referral Program: There is a referral program option to refer new people to the website.
  • Google Analytic: The script is embedded with Google Analytics that helps you to monitor your site traffic, bounce rates, page views, and conversions.
  • Payment Gateway: Various payment gateways can be integrated easily with the script as per your requirement.
  • Watch List: There is an option for the user to keep a tab on particular products.
  • User Account Feature: Features like Coupon Code, Notifications, Newsletters, Wallet System are implemented with script
  • Fully Customizable: We provide a completely customizable script to meet the user’s requirement.
  • 100% Source Code: All codes are available in the market with 100% access to source code. Since it is built using the PHP platform, any PHP professional can customize the code according to their requirements.