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appointment scheduling software php script

Appointment Scheduling software

The appointment scheduling software plays a very crucial role in managing and organizing the businesses and professionals. For keeping everything in order, a business owner or a professional has to update their calendars with meetings, bookings and appointments. There are online software which helps the businesses to manage these tasks easily and effectively. The php appointment scheduler open source system can be related to desktop applications as well as web based systems which are popularly known as SAAS (Software As A Service).

Appointment system source code php

The desktop applications of appointment system source code PHP are programs that are generally licensed and installed on end-user maintained computer hardware. Such programs are very efficient when it comes to features like reporting, tracking and maintaining. These programs can be customized with respect to the client’s requirements. But the drawback is, desktop application often does not have an online portal for staff and customer to access. Besides, the applications may require ongoing maintenance, support and upgrade by the users.

Appointment booking system php

Due to the limitations of desktop based software, we offer web based appointment booking system which are scheduling tools and function as a hosted software solution. One of the common benefits of appointment booking system PHP is that the customers can be provided with the option of booking their own appointments. This helps your clients to book an appointment at their convenience as they can access your professional schedules. In general the appointment booking systems php has four primary functions which are stated below:

– Permissions system
– Calendar system connected to a center database
– Integration with customer or employee or member data
– Ability to operate and analyze calendar data

Permissions system

In permission system of PHP code for appointment booking, different pricing models are available while the traditional software licensing model of a one-time licensing fee predominates the desktop market. Besides, the software is also available for advertising based, subscription based, per-use based, free web based, fee per booking and many other needs.

Calendar system

In calendar system, the customers can book an appointment with the PHP appointment scheduler script by using the calendar. They can also set an alert in order to notify them for the appointment 30 minutes prior.

Integration with customer or employee data

The appointment scheduling script can integrate the meeting with the clients and employees by using their data. It can also track their attendance in order to provide perfect and accurate reports.

Ability to operate and analyze calendar data

Our appointment scheduling script has the ability to look into client’s calendar data in order to find his availability. It can also analyze the data in order to provide the best time for making an appointment.

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custom Client Profiles

With our appointment PHP script you can customize your clients’ profiles for your business by setting up your clients fields so that they contain just the information that they care to see. All the fields are controlled by you so that you can stay updated about the clients’ required details. You can also add individual appointments to track progress over time. You can also add notes to your client’s profiles for general information about them.

Public & Private Client Fields

You can set up your client’s profiles so that they are encouraged to fill out some details while they are booking with you. While the rest of the fields are filled out automatically.

Set Up Repeating Appointments

We add repeating appointments to your calendar in a snap so that you don’t have the hassle of setting up the appointments again and again. Your clients will also get the summary of their repeated appointments and an individual reminder before each booking.

No Email Clutter

Our PHP appointment booking script is also designed to send out an email summary to your clients of the appointment dates and times so that they won’t get frustrated with you for cluttering their inbox.

Adjust Availability Based On Service

Each appointment time slot available will adjust automatically based on how long it takes for you to offer a service. In this way, you can display appointments of varying length in real time.

Different Availability For Each Staff

If your staff members work on different schedules, you can also set meetings separately with them according to their availability, it is like one size fit for all schedules.

2-Way Sync With Your Favorite External Calendar

You need not maintain two calendars which is too much time consuming. You just have to add all the events in the software and it will automatically synchronize with your favorite external calendar. You don’t have to spend your precious time to keep your calendars updated as both the calendars will stay connected automatically.

Sync Each Staff Separately

With our appointment booking software, you can synchronize each of your staff separately. In this way, you can sync your business’s calendars to separate accounts and then share them internally.

Choose Your Favorite Program

We allow you to synchronize our software with your Outlook, Google, Live Exchange and office 365. All you need is just to select the program and enter your credentials and your sync will run automatically.

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