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Flight Delay System

Flight Delay System

A bespoke solution built on Third-party API (Amazon API) to track and report the flight activity to get compensation for their delays. The dashboard helps users to get the real time status of their booked flight, suggestions for claim and the claim progress.

Delay is one of the factors that can affect the business of any transportation system. It can be frustrating when your travel plan by flight is interrupted. Flight delay system is solution to track your flight either for rescheduling or look for a refund on your original booking. AIS Technolabs is a leading Web app development company, that provides you a flight delay system services that helps you to get the refund whenever your flight is delayed or cancelled. We are quite familiar with the aviation industry,and have immense knowledge and experience to ensure that your claim is in safe and capable hands.

Our offered system automates a high proportion of the process involved in progressing and managing a flight delay claim caseload. With the help of our flight delay system, you can send out emails and SMS automatically, and ensure file documents are printed in bulk when due. It also integrates electronically signed papers, making it simple to gain client authority for Flight Delay claim. In addition to this, the system has a complete scanning suite that automatically links documents to the relevant claims and schedules a right response. If you face any problem while handling our automated system, our team of experienced professionals is always there to help you out at a moment’s notice. We have a large network of experts that will look closely at your case and know exactly how to proceed. When you use our system to claim your paid amount, you will get the following:

Flight Delay Pay
  • Meteorological conditions checked.
  • Claim checked with existing successful claims.
  • Delay timings checked.
  • Legal letter to the airline checked by our solicitor.
  • Court representation.
  • Court proceeding drafted by our solicitor.
  • Court fees paid by Flight Delay Pay.
  • No win no fee.
  • Expert fees paid when required by Flight Delay Pay.


  • Designed a database for storing user-customized news pages and their properties.
  • Developed a database and web UI.
  • Created a library to consume existing WSDL-based progressive web app development.
  • Created multiple successful POC’s that became real projects.
  • Different email clients (Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook) Integration.
Flight Delay Pay Features
Flight API Integration
  • Data importing and claim processing module.
  • Improved web pages’ load times by optimizing JS, CSS, and images.
  • User Notification module.
  • Flight API Integration.
  • Mail chimp Integration.

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