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SharePoint is a Web Application Platform which is used by many organizations to collaborate, secure, and efficiently retrieve information.AIS Technolabs is a leading SharePoint Development Company that can take care of all the needs of the clients. Also, our company provides a wide range of features and benefits to any size of an organization.

Our skilled SharePoint App Development team provide help to implement the SharePoint portal definition and planning, enterprise content management, business process analysis, support document, search configuration, technology implementation, workflow integration, data presentation and much more.

Our SharePoint Development team contains SharePoint technical consultants, architects, and software developers. They are highly experienced in programming solutions of SharePoint App Development that are modular, secure, robust, and streamlined with the business trends and requirements.

Providing End-to-End Enterprise Level

SharePoint Services Solutions

Our Company has the best SharePoint developers who are immensely qualified and capable to provide solutions for various applications. We as SharePoint Web Development company helps to build functional and safe SharePoint portals, intranets, websites, extranets, and many more. Let’s have a look at our services for SharePoint Development:

  • Assured commitment from ideation of client to completion of the project.
  • SharePoint Dashboard Development and Business Intelligence.
  • Enterprise Collaboration Solution with Multi-level Workflow and define business rules dynamically.
  • Implement SharePoint Solutions with BI capabilities such as Charts, Reports, and Graphs
  • centralized document management system with Role-based access functionality and Extensive search
  • SharePoint Web Development applications Integration with Email, Active Directory, desktop, and web applications.

SharePoint App Development & Other Services Offer By US

Our company offers numerous SharePoint Development Services catering to the diverse requirements of our global customers. Our developers create structured, scalable, and fully functional portals of SharePoint concerning Custom SharePoint Development. Some SharePoint app development services are discussed below:


Our developer team is capable of migrating any complexity of the SharePoint App from the on-premises server or another cloud hosting. Migration approach of our company ensures that relocated solutions retain all capabilities of on-premise software and also enriched with specific benefits of the cloud platform.


Our expertise developers ensure to provide feature enhanced and user-friendly applications of SharePoint App Development. With extensive flexibility in developing SharePoint solutions, our company completes all its tasks and satisfies our customers.


This service is unique and rich in its features. Our Company inspires businesses to realize the full potential of the SharePoint platform. Our developers understand all the requirements of SharePoint deployment. Also, advise their clients on the hardware stack and optimal software as well as improve overall platform performance, security, and usability for maximum return on investment.


Our SharePoint Development developers create an inclusive SharePoint environment that is operated as a centralized repository for organization data and allows for uninterrupted workflows and clarity. They also enable interoperability of your SharePoint App with other corporate software like CRM, ECM, ERP, SAP, etc., Microsoft cloud-based platforms, and custom solutions.


The team of UI/UX design always focuses on delivering consistent software to their clients. They are capable of customizing layouts, default master pages, and CSS patterns with the most recent design trends. They also build unique UI templates that can be deployed across other SharePoint sites and retaining all custom features and brand styling.

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Custom SharePoint Development

on Time and Within Budget

Our dedicated SharePoint developers are capable of reshaping the ready-made platform elements into a unique product and can also integrate new custom features into already running systems. They can optimize the legacy architecture of the software for further scalability. Our Company is responsible for engaging in end-to-end customization of SharePoint components like web parts, add-ins as well as workflow, event receivers, timer jobs, and field types, etc.

Knowledge Management

The record libraries and documents of SharePoint are very powerful. The companies can manage huge volumes of documents, workflow, latest versions, and powerful metadata tools. Once the documents have been brought into SharePoint, then they can be easily retrieved via SharePoint search and navigation tools.


With the help of SharePoint workflow facilities, users can automate and handle critical business processes. The workflows are pre-programmed mini-applications that are used to streamline many business daily processes. Also, they can collect signatures; get approvals for a document or plan, feedback, and tracking the status of a procedure.

Business Intelligence Platform

It is an integral part of the Microsoft Business Intelligence technology stack which is used to deploy SQL Server-based BI tools. It is considered as one of the three main components of Business Intelligence solution (Excel, SQL Server, and SharePoint) and organizations typically use them together.


SharePoint App Development offers an excellent platform for team collaboration. The document libraries, tools, discussion boards, task lists, calendars, wikis, social media features, outlook integration, and third-party tools that empowered the SharePoint team to become more productive.

Fast Search for SharePoint

Our Company helps organizations to implement Enterprise Search that is an amazing new tool from Microsoft. Microsoft FAST search is a search engine which is used for SharePoint that locate and retrieve stored enterprise content. This feature is typically operated in private company networks such as document libraries and intranet.

Features which SharePoint Has to Offer

SharePoint is a multipurpose tools that are incredibly rich and lets users enjoy various features. Users can easily manage their intranet portals, blogs, emails, extranet portals, documents, business intelligence, files, websites, and much more. Also, SharePoint is a must-have tool for hassle-free and smooth management of documents, content, and web applications.

It has become a favored choice for all those enterprises that require a robust intranet network. Java app development is also a perfect choice for all those businesses that need highly functional content management system applications for all kinds of purposes.

AIS Technolabs provides high-end solutions to the clients with the help of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS). We have professional, dedicated SharePoint Developers who have helped businesses to grow over the World Wide Web by giving them the right end solutions.


SharePoint support various kinds of web browsers that are Mozilla, Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, and many more. But sometimes, some web browsers may cause the functionality to be limited or can only available through some alternative steps.

Yes, you can assign the permissions as per your needs. You can easily set the permission levels for each user or also can assign specific permissions for a particular file or directory. You can also add security at various levels. We also provide some certain rules that are used to check out the documents in order if they want to edit.

Unlimited file versioning is possible through SharePoint. To do so, you have to click on a document and get back to its previous version and even when it was created. You can also quickly check the version as well as verify who made the changes. The file versioning feature is handy and easy, especially when the business strategies change.

Site Server


1. Product Management, Content Management, Advertisement serving, and order processing, etc. are some of the functionalities of the Site Server.

2. Site Server manages the websites with multiple technologies
Portal Server.

3. Create the web sites for document collaboration and information sharing and is treated as services of SharePoint Portal Server.

4. SharePoint Server offers additional functionality to the MS Office system applications.