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Spotify is a leading music streaming service, providing new experiences to the music loving users. This revolutionary app has changed all the definitions of searching new music because it lets the user enjoy music directly from the cloud without the need of a download. After the launch in 2008, the Spotify app soon became a strong competitor of iTunes of Apple.

Spotify has some unique and amazing features and because of these features, the demand for this application is increasing everyday. As a result, different app builders are trying to work on Spotify clone script. For most of the competitors, a Spotify clone is an ideal choice rather than a completely original application.

What is
special about Spotify ?

With more than 30 million tracks, Spotify is available for free to the users. Spotify is compatible with all the devices like Computers, Tablets, Smartphones, and TV set-top boxes. Furthermore, the users can search any track, artist or album to enjoy the music for free. There are a number of categories to choose and then you can create or share your own music collection. In addition, you are allowed to enjoy the music when you are offline.

Thus Spotify is a feature-rich application that allows the users to upload and share playlists and also make their own melodious music collection. Furthermore, the users may search the music according to different genres, such as metal, acoustic, rap, traditional, classical, soundtrack etc. It is not tough to conclude that Spotify is ruling the music streaming field because of such amazing features and if you also like to make something similar, just make a call to us.

Benefits of a
similar Spotify app

With the team of AIS Technolabs, you have a great opportunity to start your own audio streaming business because you have a readymade concept to deliver your services to the music lovers.

In addition, your awareness for various outstanding built-in features allows you catch the interest of your potential users. After that, it is easy for our team to develop an original idea that is a mixture of the older version of Spotify and your requirements. The Spotify app provides you a basic structure because this app is a perfect example of all the traits that are necessary to entertain the music lovers. It means, your app will follow the same structure when you hire our developers and on the other hand, they will be working on some original ideas as well.

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Why AIS Technolabs
to build a clone of Spotify ?

As a team of certified and skilled experts, we have made various powerful applications. Because of our experience in the field of app development, we are fully capable to bring some fresh ideas to you. However, if you have your own idea or a source of inspiration like Spotify, our experts would not deny making apps like Spotify for you.

At present, we have a skilled team of iOS and Android developers who will help develop a unique application as per your specific requirements, similar to the Spotify app. After the first meeting, we study your needs, goals, and major expectations and then, we are ready for further steps with a proper documentation of the upcoming project. Furthermore, we can set a deadline and generally, we handover the project on time. When we have developed the application, our team of professionals tests it thoroughly. If the app works efficiently, we deliver the project to you.

The cost of the project

The development platform, design of the app, total time, number of professionals in the team and your requirements are some of the main factors which decides the cost of the app you want to build. However, our team is committed to provide cost-effective solutions. Our company does not deal with hidden costs, everything is clear and transparent when you work with us. Therefore, do not feel hesitant to fix up a meeting with us.

If you are convinced, you can contact us and share the necessary information with us. We have made similar apps in the past and we can repeat the same again.

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