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Teen Patti also known as 3 cards Brag is an old British card game from the 16th century. Teen Patti game is considered to be a predecessor of Poker’s variation Draw. The basic rules are very similar to Poker but there are few modifications and specialties. In Brag each player is obliged to put an ante bet in the pot.The system of betting in Brag differs from usual Poker games. If any player bets, the next player in the order must bet at least the same amount or greater to stay in the game.

When it comes to card games, Teen Patti always draws the attention of gaming enthusiasts. It is counted as the most entertaining and popular game and has taken the online casino gaming world by storm. It also leads to the business opportunity for game enthusiasts and business owners.

We at AIS Technolabs, have come up with a team of professional game developers who have a proven track record of offering the best game development solutions for teen Patti and other card games. Our Teen Patti developers transform your innovative ideas into a feature rich game.

teen patti software

AIS Technolabs has the best team of game developers who are skilled and talented in developing various interesting games. Our game developers provide the best features and unmatched user experience. With our online gaming platform, the players can use the game chat feature and get customer support.

Our talented team of developers combine the social platforms with the Teen Patti game in order to encourage multi-user mode. The users can compete with each other through online social media platforms. We make use of leading technologies for creating bug-free Teen Patti game. Our developers are always available to provide you full technical support after delivering the Teen Patti Software.

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teen patti source code

We are the leading teen Patti game development company. We have the best team of laudable game app developers who have the best skills for creating various function-rich game apps for different kinds of customers in the world. We make use of the best tools and technologies and customize the software as per your unique need. The major goal of our agency is to offer the best in class services and important modules which are required for running the game effectively.

We have good resources and years of experiences in this competitive market. We understand the current expectations of players in different nations and plan how to introduce new and innovative elements in an existing game. We are glad to provide the best in class teen Patti game to our clients leaving them more contented than ever. If you need the Teen Patti source code, contact us now.

Our teen patti developers are highly devoted to card games and state of the art gaming technologies. We are constantly improving our expertise in our line of work. We can also help you make a decision about how to enhance the overall experience of your players with enchanting graphics and thrilling sounds.

We also encourage our game developers to be active on social media platforms, their groups, and communities in order to gain full knowledge of players’ expectation. We identify the most suitable way for enhancing the game to the highest degree.

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Reasons to Choose Us
Reasons to Choose Us
Use of advanced technologies
Use of advanced technologies : We use latest technologies in order to keep you on the competitive edge.
Talented teen patti game developers
Talented teen patti game developers : our game developers can create different variations of teen Patti game.
Multiplayer mode
Multiplayer mode : Our software will enable your players to enjoy the game on single and multiplayer mode, so that they can enjoy the game with their friends.
Cross-browser compatibility
Cross-browser compatibility : Our software is compatible with all browsers and mobile devices.
Prompt technical support
Prompt technical support : We provide technical support to your project.
High quality graphics
High quality graphics : We use high-quality graphics in order to create a mesmerizing gaming effect on the users.

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