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Video Sharing Script is used to upload the videos, create playlists, rate any video quality, creating groups as well as channels, define favorite videos, and interact with other members.To fulfill the rising demand of Video Sharing Software, we at AIS Technolabs are capable of designing a powerful Video Sharing Script that is loaded with all the essential high-end features and helps to develop your video sharing websites.

Our highly skilled developers of Video Sharing Clone build a Video Sharing App or website with adding your company information as well as your brand logo. This software is enriched with ample video managing options and social networking aspects that allow users to add, flagging, editing, uploading, and sharing videos.

PHP Video Sharing Script allows users to watch their favorite videos from anywhere without facing the problem of buffering. Our developers use the Clip-Bucket, which is an Open Source Multimedia Management Script (MMS) that come with advanced and versatile features and capabilities to cater to all video management needs. So, the clients can easily get started to build and run Best Video Sharing Scripts.

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Video Sharing Script

Custom Script for

Video Sharing Software

to Provide Better Solution

In the modern era, people are showing their interest to upload the videos on social media websites and platforms, thus, video sharing business has become one of the trending and profitable businesses. AIS Technolabs builds Online Video Sharing Software with advanced admin dashboards, custom front-end UI, powerful analytics panels, and much more. Some benefits are discussed below:

  • Our Video sharing script is 100% customizable according to client business model.
  • Video sharing software created by us will be integrated with all advanced features to get more traffic for the business
  • Make video private or open for the individuals who do not care to share
  • Supports multiple video types such as DVDs, VHS tapes, DivX files, Blu-ray discs, etc. on the hard disc.
  • It has Scalable Architecture
  • Domain expertise and cost-effective

Outstanding Features of

PHP Video Sharing Script

that Satisfy all the Requirements of Users

With the increasing prevalence of technology and the internet in everyone’s life, the video hosting sites have become the entertainment source for people in the form of games, comedy shows, music, live shows, and much more. So, our company provides customized PHP Video Sharing Script according to the needs of the clients that helps entrepreneurs to generate maximum profit. The Video Sharing Script includes all kinds of attractive video factors such as Sports, Music, TV Shows, Movies, Trending Videos, News, and much more. Also, our PHP Scripts supports all the basic as well as advanced formats of videos. PHP Video Sharing Script offers numerous features to the users that are discussed below:

Subscribe to a Channel

It allows users to subscribe to different channels, and they will also be notified when any new video is posted on a relevant channel.

Social Login

The social login feature is giving the user an option to quickly login into the app using their social account.

Profile Settings

The detailed profile settings of the Rental software help to create a good profile that will help you in socializing easily. This feature breeds the trust of the users as well as builds lasting relationships with them.

Commenting System

With this feature, users can give comments on the videos, dislike, or like the video. Also, clients will have better user engagements regarding the uploading videos.

Banner Videos

User can make a custom banner video within the app and will play automatically when someone views it.

History Tracking

With the help of this feature, users can easily see the history of videos they have watched earlier.

Video Ads Management

This feature enables users to decide how and where ads will be displayed. Users can also modify various settings of their advertising campaign.

Dynamic Admin Panel

The dynamic and robust admin panel of the Video Sharing Software offered the users to add, edit, and delete the individual user-profiles and uploaded videos.

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Video Sharing Clone app allows the users to share their favorite videos within one click with anyone all around the world. The app is scalable, highly flexible, and can easily be modified according to the needs of clients. Let’s have a look at the developing process of the Video Sharing Clone that follows as:


Our Video Sharing Script developers always work on Video Sharing POC (Proof of Concept), MVP (Minimum Viable Product), as well as prototypes that are used to assess the market size and segment, growth potential, target audience, etc. to validate client’s idea.


In this phase, our developers gather all the required information and envision the client’s idea to implement. Our skilled team would be working on the SRS, wireframes, diagrams, and SOW, etc. to analyze and represent the vision.


Our developers define all the typical features of video sharing, along with UI / UX design patterns. The design of the Video Sharing Software can be identical, unique, or completely different from other Video Sharing Script.


Our Company has a Center of Excellence (COE) that carries all the detailed information regarding the client’s requirements. Our developers use the agile development methodology and DevOps to implement the Video Sharing Script solutions for the client’s business growth.

Quality Assurance

During this phase, our team carries out unit testing, integration testing, and regression testing to check product efficiency. AIS Technolabs also provide security testing, speed testing, stress testing, load testing, and server load balancing as per client’s needs.


Our business analyst team provides deployment assistance on the client’s server. Also, the client has the authority to host their Video Sharing store application with us as well.

Why Entrepreneurship Need
Video Sharing Script
for their Business Growth?

The world is progressing at an exponential rate in the field of entertainment, education, music, business, and health, etc. So, AIS Technolabs offers the latest trends, advanced technologies, and frequent upgrade in the Video Sharing Software for the clients.

To slim your industry dilemmas, our company is the perfect choice to make higher profits in client’s business with full swing. Also, The Video Sharing Script is capable of satisfying all the requirements of the users as well as a client-base commercial site which supplies additional customization and innovations at affordable prices.


A: Our expert developers build Video Sharing Software as a convenient system that is supported by all kinds of browsers and platforms according to the “Responsive Standards”. Therefore, our clients will be able to use their Video Sharing Script on every browser, operating systems, and platforms.

A: Yes, our developers offer custom development work in Video Sharing Script as per the client’s needs. We also provide custom works to fulfill your demands over the video-sharing website. For more detailed information, contact us with our business analyst.

A: Our Company always maintains a comprehensive software testing process, agile work methodology, and superior client-oriented services to assure quality and reliability of the software or products that we deliver to our clients.