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Video sharing is becoming very popular day by day with the rise in the internet users. Most of the world today is busy with the internet through various devices like computer, smartphone, etc. So the users are getting familiarized with uploading, sharing and recording their digital portfolio. As internet services are growing, online video sharing is increasing and getting more popular. With just one click, you can share your ideas with others and come to know about innovative ideas, market trends, and can update yourself with the upcoming trends at one place. AIS Technolabs is the leading software development company that provides world-class Video Sharing Script to help you share videos, download videos, and upload videos.

Our script is a commercial site with a vast user-base who facilitates additional customization and innovation with reasonable prices. It provides the ability for the new users to communicate with each other by stating the exchange of messages to each other. Our script is highly flexible and compatible and runs smoothly on all the browsers. It helps you to convert the normal videos into HD Video and is completely reliable media sharing and hosting service. The offered Video sharing script fulfills all the specific requirements and can be customized as per niche market.

Video Sharing Software

The video sharing platforms have brought a dramatic change in the way videos are shared on the internet. People today want videos for their several requirements like cooking, enjoying the music learning, or any other skills. Videos are highly preferred by the people to enjoy or learn anything because the combination of audio and video improves their learning experience. People can log on to the video sharing websites to watch their desired video and avail the learning and entertainment benefits. We provide you the best Video Sharing Software that helps you to develop video streaming sites and let the viewers have the best experience working on it. Our offered software helps you in the following ways:

  • Promote products and services : Market your website in a revolutionary way by promoting products and services with the help of online videos. Most of the successful organizations started to implement this technique.
  • Keep in touch with your customers : You can keep yourself in touch with your customers by starting your video community site and video repository with our Video Sharing Software.
  • Heavy traffic: Our software brings heavy and quality traffic than regular online content. It will help in generating leads by attracting your visitor’s attention through your very own video galleries
  • Customer support : Your customer can access you every day every time and the response would be as if they were interacting directly with your team.

PHP Video Sharing Script

PHP Video Sharing Script from AIS Technolabs is designed while keeping in account users of all potential to satisfy your customer. It provides you all the benefits and features to design and develop a video sharing website. Our PHP Video Sharing Script supports all the basic and advanced formats of videos. The major benefit of our script is solely responsive templates, URL, program friendly; thus don’t need to give your time for SEO. It validates hypertext mark-up language code by well-organized coding; all the search engines accept the newly uploaded videos. At our company, we provide with the facility of customization as per your requirements and modern market trends. Our PHP video sharing script comes in with varied features:

video sharing script
  • Demographics: You will get the demographics of subscribers, viewers, likes, dislikes, and comments. This helps to attract customers to increase your user-base.
  • Sharing feature: This feature helps you share your video with anyone around the globe. We have integrated social bookmarking so that the user can directly share the videos.
  • Advanced features : Our script is integrated with features like distribution options, caption certification, license and rights ownership, and location details along with comment responding system.
  • Video Manager : This feature deals with video uploading, editing, promotion, and history. Also, you can include tags to the video that you upload.
  • Video player features : You can play & pause the video, increase & decrease volume, turn on off the captions, change video quality and playlist
  • Watch later : With our script, you can save the video and watch it later on as per your will. Thus, every time you visit, you will not require searching the same.

Video Sharing Clone

The video sharing clone has standard features and is uniquely designed to help you start your project quickly with optimum quality. The main feature of our clone is Super-Fast Conversion, and it automatically catches the CPU type on the server side and then optimizes the code in the script. This will reduce encoding time which leads to high-quality video conversion speed in the channel. Our video sharing clone has specified admin area to manage your website. It enables you to add, edit and delete any video in the channel and also you can change your profile with the help of Admin panel. Our clone is highly flexible, robust, and can easily be customized as per your requirements and thus it helps you in many ways.

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