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Overall client rating is 4.9 out of 5.0 for AIS Technolabs Pvt. Ltd. by 11362 clients on over 17,600+ projects.

We are a offshore web development india company that has the competence to meet all your company digital needs. The offshore web development services are offered to clients who are spread all over the world. We have a very large base of customers who have got and are still receiving the offshore web design services from us. Being a leading offshore web design company, we can meet your business easily. We can provide you with offshore web design india services that will be beneficial in enhancing your business. We are an offshore web designer of widespread repute with the efficiency of our services.

You can get your customized designs

With the help of outsource web development projects, we can assist you in the making of web pages as per the design of your choice. Apart from the websites, we can also prepare the web applications as per your choice. Apart from the normal web pages, we will make the online shopping pages and the gateways required for the online shopping.

All these creations will be done to suit your business needs with the features to meet your purposes. With a rich experience in such preparation of sites, we have the expertise of understanding your needs fully and delivering as per your expectations.

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What are the projects that are generally outsourced

The projects that are generally outsourced to offshore development company like AIS Technolabs are generally the ones that fall into the following categories

  • These projects are the ones which do not have any relation to the core activities of the company that affect the business processes of the company.
  • Projects having volumes of content which may require time for the preparation of the same.
  • These jobs are not having a very high level of values as compared to other jobs.
  • These jobs can be sent easily over the web.
  • Projects which are quite costly in their own countries are sent to offshore website development company for the execution at a low cost.
  • Tailor made web apps

You can concentrate more on further jobs

Many countries of the developed world tend to outsource their web development jobs to companies in India. This helps them to put their focus in other jobs. Many employees who otherwise would have been engaged get a lot of free time and they can be utilized for jobs with greater value addition. There are many jobs which have to be repeated and are not enriching to the employees. They can be easily outsourced. The employees can be put to other jobs which can create value for not only the employees but also the company as a whole.

We offer dependable services

The projects which we handle for our clients are all of such types that are scalable by nature. The volume of these jobs can be increased up and down as per the requirement by the client. Whenever there is an increase of decrease as per the need of the business, the scaling up or down can be done easily. Our company has excellent web developers who can very easily grasp the business needs with their vast knowledge in web development. We are very reliable in meeting the client’s expectations. This has made us a wanted developer among the foreign clients.

BlackBerry PlayBook Game Development
Excellent program developers

We have a large pool of veteran staff that are excellent program developers and can work magic with their knowledge. All these people are working in diverse domains can work together and work out a great choice product.

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Services are offered at very reasonable rates

The types of services that are offered are of quite high standards with no errors at all. These levels of professional services are offered at quite reasonable rates. Had these jobs been done in the countries of the clients, they would have to pay nearly double the cost. Here due to the cheap labor, the companies are outsourcing their web development jobs. The programmers and the developers here are all highly skilled and the services that they render are of the highest classes that are available internationally. All are greatly dedicated in their jobs and their final deliveries do not possess any defect whatsoever. AT AIS Technolabs, we are aware of the level of importance if these projects. We are never behind any timelines for any project and deliver the final goods way ahead of the final time frames.

Reasons of choosing our services

Given below are some of the main reasons for choosing AIS Technolabs for the web development outsourcing jobs

  • We possess the expertise for undertaking difficult jobs in a very simplified manner
  • Our team of programmers and the developers are one of the best in standards
  • The software we prepare is scalable and can be scaled up and down as per business needs
  • You can outsource the non-core jobs and focus on the core jobs
  • The whole project will be carried out at relatively low costs
  • We deliver all the projects way within the scheduled time frames
  • Many business risks can be easily avoided while using this process
  • The overhead costs can be brought down as they can be converted to variable costs
  • We will deliver the best support services along with maintenance to our customers
  • All our deliveries will be done on B2B basis

AIS Technolabs is a offshore web development company india company that can handle all sorts of digital outsourcing jobs. We are adept at doing offshore php web development jobs also. Get your web development offshore job done by us and get benefitted in your business. The offshore web developers of our company will be the backbone in enlarging your business profits.

We are an offshore web development services india agency that can partner you and contribute effectively for your business to grow.

Why Choose Us
Why choose us?
100% Customer Satisfaction

We have 80% client retention rate means most of our revenue comes from regular clients. It's possible because of total work satisfaction.


Our team is ready to serve you. You can even hire a team of developers within your budget with no compromise on quality.


Technology has never been a barrier to us. We have skilled iPhone game app developers as our team.


For us, quality is of formost importance. We ensure that the product meets your business objectives and delivers best results.

Get Offshore Web Development Services at up to 15% affordable prices.
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