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Boost Your Revenue With Our White Label Partnerships

AIS Technolabs has a proven track record of executing projects flawlessly. We offer different types of white label partnerships to our clients for creating a new revenue stream and gaining a competitive advantage.

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white label website reseller program

Types of Partnerships


When you choose us for a closed white label partnership, we remain behind the scenes. You and your team interact with the clients. Your client would not know that we exist, and we work on their project. AIS Technolabs bill you, and you can bill your client.


Under open white label partnership, we act as a part of your in-house team and your clients would know that we exist. You manage the project, take care of the client communication, and guide us. We bill you and you may bill your end clients.


You introduce us to the client and we work with them directly. Our team manages the requirements and scope of the project. We would pay you a referral fee depending on the project size.

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Benefits of White Label partnership

White label partnership comes with a set of benefits for individuals, small to large enterprises. You can choose the best type of partnership model depending on your preferences.

Greater Scalability
Improved Profitability
Higher Client retention
Greater focus on core expertise