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Becoming a Reseller

AISTechnolabs is continuously looking for motivated business partners and individuals with the right drive to increase their monthly income exponentially. You will have unlimited capabilities to offer and resell to your existing and new customers.

Our customer retention rate is 80% and our growth rate is on an average of 323% quarterly proving to be one of the fastest growing websites, software, mobile games, mobile apps, SEO and web Development Company since inception.

Our Reseller Programs gives you the ability to offer your clientele all the same great services what we do use as your own brand and company independently.

This gives you unlimited capabilities to increasing your monthly income significantly.

You just need some facts to understand how our reseller program works. Please click on 6 questions below for long lasting relationship.

Let's go...


Joining us is a simple "zero" cost process. Start with filling the “Resellers Application Form, on your right”.

Requirement - Send us what you need. You can give us as much or as little details you have.

Scope Preparation - We will work with you to finalize your requirement. If required, it can have several to and fro communications.

Finalization - We will give you a free quote at reseller prices, most likely you will be able to see few similar works which we have already done in past, which in turn you can also show to your clients. Finalize the deal with the client with milestones and deliverables.

Project Completion – Our team of specialized designers, developers, UI/UX experts, Technology Experts and Project Managers will work and complete the project on your behalf.

Our strength is PHP be it custom or framework and Website Design, Mobile Apps, Mobile Games & Software development. We also have very talented UI/UX team. This is how we honestly rate our skills-

  • PHP --------------- Skills 90%
  • Drupal --------------- Skills 90%
  • WordPress --------------- Skills 100%
  • CodeIgniter--------------- Skills 90%
  • Unity3d--------------- Skills 90%
  • Joomla--------------- Skills 90%
  • ASP.Net--------------- Skills 90%
  • .Net MVC--------------- Skills 90%
  • Zend--------------- Skills 90%
  • Magento--------------- Skills 90%
  • SugarCRM--------------- Skills 90%
  • Custom PHP--------------- Skills 90%
  • PHP Frameworks--------------- Skills 90%
  • Laravel--------------- Skills 100%
  • UI/UX Graphic--------------- Skills 90%
  • Jquery/AJAX--------------- Skills 90%
  • HTML5--------------- Skills 100%

Mobile Apps Development Platforms

  • IOS --------------- Skills 90%
  • Android--------------- Skills 90%
  • Windows--------------- Skills 90%
  • Native--------------- Skills 90%
  • Cross-platform--------------- Skills 90%
  • Phone Gap--------------- Skills 90%
  • Hybrid--------------- Skills 90%

Mobile Games

  • 2D-3D Animation--------------- Skills 90%
  • Unity 3d --------------- Skills 100%
Once you joined our website reseller program, you get a Reseller Pricelist from us which gives you ballpark prices of many standard services we offer. For other projects, you can just ask us an estimated price and we will be happy to oblige. Our pricing policy is mostly uniform and once you do few projects with us you will be able to estimate the project cost independently. Before you give final prices to your client for complicated projected, it’s advisable to check the prices with us.

Not much! Our expectations from you -

Be in touch with your clients and understand their requirements. It’s important that you have your own set of clients and you can handle them well.

All financial aspects of the project are only between you and your client. We are not interested to know what you are charging from your client and how much profits you are making from each of the projects.

Leave everything technical for us, we are your workforce and you are our face.

80% of AISTechnolabs revenue is generated through its reseller’s network. We are committed to providing excellent service to you.

Fair price- Our prices across our entire reseller network are more or less uniform.

Project Manager - A project manager will be dedicated to managing your project on your behalf. He will be the link between you and your team here so that you can sleep without worries.

Timely Completion – Our team of specialized designers, developers, UI/UX experts, Technology Experts and Project Managers will work and complete the project on your behalf.

Quality– We pay close attention to details and quality of service.

Integrity– Complete honesty and transparency.

There are numerous benefits of being a Reseller with AISTechnolabs-

© - The copyright lies solely with you - The Reseller.

Non-InclusionWe do not include your projects in our portfolio as they are already a part of your portfolio.

No Branding - The services rendered shall necessarily bear the reseller's name.

Secrecy - We assure complete confidentiality. Your client will never know that project was done by us.

Returns - Profits! The differential between what you pay to us and what you charge to your client is your profit.

The Benefits

  • Up To a 500% markup on Products and Services
  • Recurring revenues
  • 24/7/365 Customer Service and Dedicated Sales, Design and Development Team
  • Accountable and Proactive White Label Partnership Management Team!
  • Two tiers of White Label Resellers – make money from people you recruit!

We produce numerous award-winning solutions for our White label Reseller Partners and clients with our combined years of experience, skills, and expertise.

Join us for an Experienced Team!
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