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At AIS Technolabs, we welcome individual bloggers and writers to contribute high-quality content to our platform.
You can submit an original article (not previously written or published anywhere else, including your own website). You can write content based on your professional expertise and personal experiences, and our editors will review it for publication on our website.
Before You Submit Your Valuable Work To Us, Please
  • Go through our writing guidelines carefully. We will take into consideration only those articles that meet all the guidelines.
  • Adequately follow the submission steps, which are mentioned at the bottom of the page.
Why Write for AIS Technolabs?
By writing for AIS Technolabs you get to
  • Connect with the global audience.
  • Touch lives.
  • Share your unique messages and voice.
  • A contextual follow the link to the related post on your blog.
  • Link to your website.
  • Promotion to email lists of 2k+.
Sounds great?
Fantastic! Check our writing guidelines below…
Guidelines for Guest Writers
Our aim is to make AIS Technolabs, a premier platform for A-Z resources for experienced and beginner programmers who dream of building a solid career and revenue in the fields of
  • Mobile App Development
  • Web App Development
  • Software Development
  • Clone App Development
  • Game Design and Development
And in order to accomplish this, we want easy to understand, original, and authentic content.
Here, what we are searching for

We are looking for expert and experienced digital marketing professionals and software developers/writers who are well-versed in basic to advanced strategies in a comprehensive and simple manner, which anyone can understand easily.

From passionate new entrants to advanced software programmers and developers, our audience is vast and is always searching out for more knowledge. They are looking out for rich resources to develop a strong career in either mobile, game or web design & development as well as the network security, so that they can be more knowledgeable, more productive, and have everything to explore and learn all under one roof.

So, make sure your post meets these guidelines
  • You will get one do-follow the link for every post written by you.
  • Once we have approved the final content, you must share the same on the social network.
  • There will be a one change to rewrite content after a first rejection
  • Our editor holds the right to edit the content provided by you. This is to make sure that every piece of content on our website is free from errors, mistakes, and is a rich resource pool.
  • Images / Videos must be provided from your side.
  • The length of the content must be 900+ words.
In addition to this, your post must be…
  • Original and Unique – The post must be original to AIS Technolabs. The post must not have been submitted or published elsewhere offline or online (not even on your personal blog). You are not allowed to use it for future distribution.
  • Bring Unique Passion and Voice – You can write on your preferred topic. But the tone must be original. Please write based on your professional expertise and personal experiences. Infuse your passion in the content.
  • Select a Great Title – There are plenty of options available online for reading. People select to read content, which appears attractive to them. Define your article with a great title. Your title must give people a brief idea about the article, what they can learn, discover, and achieve. If you are solving a problem, the title must clearly speak about it.
  • Succinct and Logical – Structure your article logically. It must include short paragraphs, sub-headings, and proper sentence structure.
Most importantly, your article must include at least one actionable item. It must have a question to prompt readers to read the topic or offer practical tips, which readers can conveniently apply in their life.
Get In Touch
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Steps to Submit Your Article
Please email us your article as per below guidelines to [email protected]
Along with the article attachment, the email body must consist
  • Title of the article
  • Your bio in 120 words or less
  • A link for your website
  • Relevant Images or Videos
Important – Please submit one post at a time. We receive the bulk of posts every day. Hence, it takes to read every submission. We value your effort and time that you put into the contribution to AIS Technolabs. If your article is approved we will respond back within 7 days. If there is no response within 7 days, it means a rejection. But you can always try the next time.
Good luck!