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Doctor Appointment Software

In today’s fast paced medical environment, where each day poses an emergency it is crucial to set up a highly robust doctor appointment software to carry out effective operations and handle the bulk of appointments. We, at AIS Technolabs, design a powerful ZocDoc script to lessen your hardships of managing the day-to-day operations. It is our mission to create and deliver value to high priority businesses like yours with our ZocDoc clone script. We are aware of the problems caused by existing ZocDoc clone wordpress apps such as lack of security of data, using more manpower, time-consuming and needing calculations to be done manually. Therefore, we seek to clear all such issues with our powerful ZocDoc clone script.

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Zocdoc Clone Script

Admin console :
zocdoc clone for Doctor Appointment Booking App

At the admin side, you can now experience a robust admin console through which you can manage doctors, patients, discounts and effectively administer the entire system with our ZocDoc clone wordpress solutions. Additionally, you can also track statistics to study appointment results and check appointment payment history etc.

Easy customizing options

You can add customization options such as social login, cancelling an appointment, submitting a patient medical record, and for adding an emergency option with our ZocDoc script.

Add extras

We give you an option to add unlimited extras to ease your tasks. Few examples are: setting the length of the time slot for each appointment, set how far in advance a booking can be made and auto-fill option while entering information.

Appointment management system

You can easily manage all the information of appointments, monitor and track bookings with our ZocDoc script.. Apart from these, we give you resource management in which you can store doctor data and perform actions such as adding, editing and updating of records. You can also choose to add test details options, offline records, maintenance etc.

Configure SMS, notifications and text alerts

You can choose to send custom email messages with booking or appointment details to patients. You’d also get an option to configure SMS and text alerts for your customers about free health check-ups, medical camps, and any other special offers. Additionally, you can also configure email notifications for staff and doctors after a booking has been made.

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User Console:
Zocdoc Clone WordPress

At the user end, convenience is the key. Thus, we’ve anticipated and built features in our doctor appointment booking app or website that users find crucial to access all the valuable information within their reach. The features below will ensure task completion, efficiency and satisfaction of the users.

Flexible search options

We understand that users cannot afford to lose precious time while waiting for doctors and specialist information to load. This is why we bring you the highly functional and flexible search options to cut down the waiting time. You can add search options based on your preferred fields such as doctor, therapists, health consultants, booking, hospital affiliation, insurance and specialty.

Booking Appointments

With the appointments booking system, you can effectively manage all the booking information without any errors. You can also store the bulk of information without any discrepancies.

Review and ratings

You can add reviews and rating options to know your customer’s voice and know the bigger picture of how your software is changing people’s lives. We also give you an option to search within the review and rating section.

Doctor console

At the doctor end, flexibility is an important factor and we’ve determined that the range of actions a doctor can perform makes this software definitely a go-to option for doctors.


We ensure to keep the security of data as one of our priorities while developing the system. Not only this, we reduce manual data entry and bring in more efficiency.Minimum time consumption, proper control and data accuracy are our top priorities as well. Additionally, you can choose to add excel exports for doctor and appointment information.


With the booking calendar embedded, you can manage and leave scope for future bookings based on the specialist availability. Customers can see the service availability and book an appointment directly online. You can specify the settings to appear daily, weekly or monthly scheduling. In addition, you can choose to add many more options according to your preference.


Knowing the name and how the doctor performs is not enough. So, learning every little detail about doctors to know what type of concerns they attend to is necessary. This is the reason we also give you the feature of adding doctor credentials so anyone can make an informed choice.


We built this system keeping in mind the complexities you face while navigating the system. It is powerful, interactive and reliable at the same time user-friendly. Thus, no formal knowledge is required to use this system. You can experience great working feasibility throughout the software and run your ZocDoc clone seamlessly.