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What Is A Zoom Clone App?

Zoom Clone is a video conferencing tool with a desktop client, local, and mobile app allowing users to communicate online. Zoom users can record sessions or share, Blackberry, screens with an easy-to-use online platform. It offers quality audio, video, and wireless screen-sharing across Mac, Windows, iOS, Linux, Android, Blackberry, and Zoom rooms.

Zoom clone script is an open-source and innovative video conferencing solution used by businesses for video conferencing amongst its users together with helpful functionalities. Zoom clone has its users all around the globe.Using the Zoom Clone script, you can conduct online meetings, chat with others, collaborate remotely, and perform business needs seamlessly.

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How Can You Develop Your Own Zoom App Clone Using Our Zoom Clone Script In 3 Simple Ways?

1. Buy Your Own Readymade Zoom Clone App

You can opt to buy a readymade Zoom clone app from us, which you can install on your server and quickly start your services without wasting time. We can even help you add your logo to it as a part of branding.

2. Add Custom Features To Your Zoom Clone App

You can contact us if you need help to add custom features to your zoom clone app. The zoom clone app is 100% customizable as per your requirements.

3. Hire Developers To Develop Your Own Zoom Clone App

You can hire a team of expert developers from AIS Technolabs who are skilled and experienced in developing such Zoom clone apps.

Zoom clone script

In a modern business world, businesses should communicate with their employees remotely. Zoom Clone app can conduct webinars, teleconferences, meetings, and many more that enhances the productivity and operational efficiency together with enabling the management to convey real-time information. Zoom clone is cost-effective and a great alternative to conventional ways to hold meetings that makes sure that all users of the sane organization remain on the same page. Users can work collectively together in a streamlined and efficient manner. A huge benefit of Zoom Clone App is its simplicity. The app is lightweight and you can start it easily.

Advanced features of Zone Clone App

Zoom Clone App Script comes with all features that you require in a complete teleconferencing solution. The businesses of today and tomorrow require a video conferencing solution that allows users to collaborate and connect efficiently with other users by using the technological innovations, which the millennium will offer. Zoom clone source code is the answer.


Zoom clone enables users to interact with one another seamlessly through video conferencing. It is the best solution for businesses, which need remote connectivity among users in a timely and efficient manner.


The Zoom clone app can organize webinars seamlessly along with a huge number of attendees. It can host almost 100 active participants and a great platform for seminars.

Business conferences

Zoom clone script is a dedicated service for businesses that offers conference rooms, which can share multiple screens. Users can screen visuals, data from a remote location.

Record what you need

You can record your meetings if you need in real-time. You can record what you require using a Zoom app clone.

Screen sharing

The ability of sharing screens is important for small and big businesses. Screen sharing is vital for instructional videos, data fields, and PowerPoint presentation. This is offered by Zoom Clone source code.

Remote access

The Zoom app clone integrates augmented reality engines with remote access technology and this enables experts to solve problems without being available physically.

Pre-call video preview

Zoom app clone enables pre-call video testing. Users can use pre-call video facilities and also check the media and connectivity access.

Schedule and join meetings

Users can schedule their meeting in advance. Users using Zoom clone app can join meetings with the invite link that is shared by other sessions.

One-to-one Live Streaming

One-to-one live streaming of meetings can be done on Facebook, YouTube, etc using the direct broadcast option of Zoom app clone.

Many-to-many live streaming

You can opt for many-to-many live streaming using a Zoom clone app. It can help you to increase your follower base. You can stream them for the public audience.

Group chat

Users can seamlessly group chat with their clients, family, and co-workers with the help of a fully-featured chat facility.


You can record your meetings for documental and future references. Users can download audio and video.

Revenue model

Zoom app source code has a subscription revenue model. Users can opt for different membership as per their needs.

Businesses who can be Benefitted From
Business Video Conferencing Solution

Business Communications
Virtual classrooms
Teleconferencing and Broadcasting
Personal connections
Educational institutions
Customer Service
Information Technology
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What Does The Zoom Clone Script Package Include?

Intuitive iOS app

After you download the Zoom app, you can invite users to join you. You can connect with all iPhone, iPad, and other mobile devices.

User-Friendly Android App

Zoom includes an Android app and it enables you in hosting meetings. Users whom you invite into meetings shall need an Android app on thor smartphones.

A highly accessible web application

Both admins and users can get web applications with the features that are available readily and can be accessed on all web browsers.

A feature-filled Admin Dashboard

You can keep your platform the way you want using powerful tools and reports on the Admin dashboard.

How much does it cost to develop a
Zoom app clone?

The pricing of a Zoom app clone depends on multiple factors such as the customization needed, the time required for development, the features you want, and many more. These factors differ from one user to another, the price of the Zoom like app shall differ.

Zoom Clone App

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