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Affiliate Script

Affiliate script is a solution that helps you to start an affiliate program on your website. It helps you to create our affiliate network where both the publishers and merchants can sign up. Due to its emerging popularity and high demand, AIS Technolabs created Affiliate Script to help clients start their Affiliate Marketing business promoting and marketing other businesses on their own Affiliate Network. Affiliate Script can be utilized as a platform to promote your own business. We always suggest clients for affiliate business because it needs less investment and is the ideal way to practice and understand the modern market trend.

We provide you the readymade Affiliate Script which is one among the highest sales script in online marketing. The offered script supports several categories based on your interest and skill set you can import product from the store. The script is highly customized and can change the categories, subcategories, contact links, homepage banners, and essential information. The script is built in a way that it loads faster for a low internet connection.

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Affiliate Script

Our Affiliate Script offers
several benefits to the clients,
some of them are :

  • It makes possible to manage and control your sales and transactions without any problem. The system fills you in on the essential details regarding purchases and cash flow.
  • Admin Panel with user-friendly CMS
  • Affiliate script automates your sales process and tracks sales automatically, which in turn reduces your costs and maintenance
  • You need to work for a few hours in a day to make income while sitting anywhere in the world
  • With our Affiliate script, you will get full customer support
  • With the internet open for business 24*7 and your Affiliate script will provide advertising revenue all day, every day
  • Distinguish the dashboards for clients to manage and store details of client’s transactions

PHP Affiliate Script

With using advanced Google trends and latest updates, our PHP affiliate script is well optimized for search engine friendly. Our responsive design and user-friendly structure increase the sale force of the e-commerce website, as a flexible, customizable affiliate script process with a various level of department category of services holds accuracy in work of maintaining the easy flow of database. Our work process includes:

php affiliate script


We work on the concept of proof, minimum viable product, prototypes by evaluating market size and segment, growth potential, target audience, etc. to validate your idea.


The development process is done as per your custom Affiliate requirements. We have a team to carry out your specific requirement which involves agile development methodology and DevOps to implement the solution.

Design :

We will incorporate typical features required along with the UI and UX that can attract your target audience. It can be the same or different to one of your reference Affiliate sites.

Analysis :

To implement your Affiliate Marketing idea, Our Analyst team would be working on SRS, UCD, wireframes, sequence diagram, etc. to analyze the vision.

Quality assurance:

We carry out integration, unit testing, and regression testing to ensure the efficiency of the product. Apart from this, we also provide security testing, speed testing, load testing, server load balancing, and stress testing as per your requirement.

Launch :

This process help with deployment on your server to help you go live. The server can be near to your target market from where you are expecting the traffic.

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Affiliate Clone Script

We, at AIS Technolabs, have the Affiliate clone platform all set for you and because the platform is customizable, we can add particular features according to your specific needs. Whether it is about UI design or a responsive web design requirement, features modification or adding new features; we do it all for you and carefully listen to your requirements. Our Affiliate clone script includes all the basic features that will enable you to check the shores with a prototype. If you are looking for the best Affiliate clone script, we are here to provide the best solution. Give your business an edge with our Affiliate clone script. It gives help you to get total control of your business operations and returns from sales. A glimpse of the features our Affiliate clone script:

Registration :

Affiliate Script include registration with Email id, email verification, and select country

User Account:

It provides personal information of the customer, message center and customer’s purchases product detail, amount and seller name

Affiliate Dashboard:

Affiliate Script provides view statistics of users, search products, approved products, select category, recent best sellers, and search by keyword, quick links, search results, affiliate request detail page and also display transaction details

Newsletter Subscription:

It provides newsletter subscription with a specific user and also manages user subscription

Sellers Dashboard:

It consists of a dashboard that provides statistics of user add new and view products, manage product, upload contracts, affiliate options, reports, etc.


It provides search products by keyword, product detail page, category and subcategory, product description, product name, seller name, top seller, buys now option, featured products with the product name and affiliate details.