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The expansion of ICT and internet technology has left a Smartphone with internet in almost every hand. This has fueled the demand for services on the go as people want more and more things to be done through their phone. This has created a thriving space for the on-demand app-based ecosystem to grow and develop.

Apps like Uber are considered as role models in the online on-demand app-based ecosystem. The success that Uber has got is what many of the budding entrepreneurs and business firms want to achieve. It’s quite obvious that something that stands out becomes the matter for inspiration and adoption. In this case, Uber happens to be that source of adoption.

Clone script is a method through which on-demand apps can be developed in a simple and cost-effective manner. The clone script or clone app technologies work by taking in the features of the desirous popular app into consideration. Uber clone app is one such popular app that most of the entrepreneurs/business firms look for.

Best Uber clone is what is commonly searched by those who are planning to venture into the online on-demand app-based business domain. In a dearth of clone apps, it is necessary to pick up a right one as per your needs. If entrepreneurs/business heads have technical abilities,then there are good chances of picking up a good clone script and having its effective customization. However, many who are planning to venture into this domain lack technical abilities. To aid them and to lend them a lifeline support, software and app development companies are working day in and day out. Getting your app developed as per the clone script of your choice and with desirous features is what one can easily get done with the help of IT and software firms.

Hiring services of app development firms or hiring a team of developers on project to project basis, are some common ways to get your app development needs fulfilled.

AIS Technolabs offers you the freedom and flexibility to hire a team of developers or individual developers as per your needs. The expertise that our developers have in terms of uber clone script based app development, is what that would add value to your business. To bring smiles on the faces of whom we serve, is the priceless token that we charge in return for our service.

Uber Clone Open Source

Opens source code is quite effective when it comes to the development of a clone app. Open source code for apps like Uber can bring in smooth and effective app development with all popular features on board. However, to have an open source code also brings its share of vulnerabilities apart from the difficulty in finding such a code.

First of all, it is difficult to find an open source code for Uber kind of an app as there are multiplicities of functionalities involved. These functionalities are designed and developed as per the customization need of the respective app.

Secondly, even if you get the uber clone source code , there is a huge possibility of it being open to the threat of anti-cyber elements. Since the code of the app remains an open source there is ease of accessibility for everyone and hence, hackers would find an easy option to break through your app.

The best option that is available in such a case is to get your open source based clone app developed through someone who has the ability to counter such vulnerabilities and threats. Since it’s a question of your business; risk can’t be taken in terms of such necessities. Thus, software firms are best suited for the purpose.

AIS Technolabs brings in expertise in handling and developing Open source based clone apps to your dispense. The efficient coding and quality development service would protect your app from all kinds of possible vulnerabilities.


AIS Technolabs is a pioneer in the domain of mobile clone app and open source based app development. Catering to the needs of open source code based app development solution from quite sometimes we have developed a robust coding methodology.
Comprehensive knowledge of app development and a performing team of professional developers bring in complex coding solutions in an easy and wholesome manner.

AIS offer you following benefits as your software and app development Company:

  • Best open source for your app’s need
  • Design similarity in terms of common apps
  • Professional coding standards are adhered to
  • Graphic designing needs of the app are also addressed
  • GPS tracking feature is integrated
  • Easy linkage with the popular payment wallet
  • Average cost and price estimation facility
  • App compatibility across platforms
  • Data synchronization with social networking apps
  • Required assistance and guidance to be extended
  • 24×7 technical support
  • Security threats are kept at bay
  • Easy to operate the app

If you’re looking for opens source code app or app clone script based app development, then you can trust AIS. Our commitment to keep the client’s trust and faith enact makes us work hard. One can register their development and software related needs through inquiry on our official website AIS is ready to bring to you a cost-effective and efficient solution.

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