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If you have plans to implement a SharePoint project successfully, it becomes essential that you opt for an expert. Implementing a SharePoint project is an arduous journey that can take lot of time and if the work does not get started as per schedule, the entire project will be delayed. Hence, it is advisable that you keep certain important traits of the developer in mind when you are planning to hire one.

Important traits of a SharePoint Designer

  • Never be afraid to ask a question: When you hire an experienced SharePoint expert, you can be rest assured of the quality of work done by him. An expert has knowledge of the industry and the different companies operating. They will not hesitate to go ahead and ask questions, if they fail to understand. In fact an important part of the SharePoint services expert is to have an in-depth discussion with the stakeholders in order to find their viewpoint and understand what the client wants. This is done by asking questions whenever required.

  • Give a demo on how the different features of SharePoint work: It might happen that during the discussion, the different features of SharePoint are being discussed. In order to ensure that everybody involved in the discussion understands what the conversation on SharePoint app development is all about, the expert needs to give demo on site template. In fact they have to justify how your business requirements are in alignment with the multiple features.

  • Knowledge about the latest trends in SharePoint: The pace with which new features of SharePoint development services are being launched and added to SharePoint, it becomes vital for the expert to have an in-depth idea and knowledge on the latest trends. Unless he succeeds in keeping himself updated, there are high chances that he will fail to deliver the best for the project in question.

  • In-depth understanding of the uncommon features: Although it is a good idea to offer customized services, yet it becomes imperative that the expert has a complete idea on the different uncommon and out of the box features so that when the expert is suggesting a strategy for your project, they can offer the best possible options and solutions. After all, the different features of SharePoint online development on offer are quality tested through Q&A measures, and you get support from Microsoft too.

  • SharePoint custom development services: If your requirements are not met by the features offered by SharePoint, you want customized SharePoint consulting services. The expert should have relevant knowledge in offer tailor-made services using C#, VB.NET, JavaScript, Client Side Object Model, Server Side Object Model, XHTML and other skills to offer custom/hybrid solutions.

  • Adequate knowledge of 3rd party tools: Having the desired knowledge in this framework is not enough. The expert of the SharePoint companies should be aware of the existing third party tool. This knowledge will come in help when the expert is stuck and is unable to find any solution using the frame. Here, he needs to know which third party tool to use to crack the code and come up with the required solution.

  • Effective client management: No two clients are the same. The expert should be well aware of this and modulate his client management skills accordingly. Handling the client is a vital aspect of the project. If the SharePoint development company India fails to understand the client’s specifications and come up with required solutions, chances are the client will not hire the expert’s service again. Hence, it becomes vital that the expert has effective client management skills.

  • Communication And Correspondence Skills: When you are looking for an expert who offers custom SharePoint development services, make sure that he has excellent communication skills and can correspondent with all the members of the team in an effective and efficient manner. If they lack this skill, there are chances that he will not be able to convey the difficulties faced in completing the project and why it might take more time to complete the project.

  • Documentation skills: Make sure that the SharePoint web development project is documented properly. In the future after the project is implemented, if you face any issues you can always go back to the documentation to find out more about the steps involved. Hence, it is vital that the experts have in-depth documentation skills.

  • Teamwork: In the final analysis, the success of completing the SharePoint website development project depends on teamwork. Make sure that the expert will be able to co-ordinate with all those involved in the project to get the work done.
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