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Zend is an object-oriented and open-source PHP framework released in early 2006 under the BSD license. It contains a collection of more than 60 PHP packages that you can integrate into the framework to simplify the process and reduce programming effort. As a business owner, if you want Zend-powered applications, you must Hire PHP Zend Developers with skillsets specific to your unique project needs. No wonder many programmers are in the tech world, and choosing the right one can be tough. So, here we continue our streak by presenting a new blog about onboarding the best PHP Zend developer. Also, learn what skills make a good PHP coder and what mistakes to avoid while hiring.

What Are the Functionalities of PHP Zend Developers?

A Zend Developer may work with MySQL, PHP, Ajax, and JavaScript to develop several Web-based products. Programmers can devise back-end components and integrate plug-ins for well-known frameworks using this technology. Here are the roles and responsibilities of PHP Zend developers.

  • Assess the idea’s viability before starting the course of action.

  • Develop, maintain, and update Zend applications to power businesses

  • Perform database development and optimization

  • Thoroughly test web pages for possible errors

How Do You Hire PHP Zend Developers for Your Project?

Selecting competent developers to manage your development project is important for overall success. Now, let’s learn the 5-step procedure to hire dedicated Zend developers with the right skills and proficiency to conduct your next project.

Determine Your Project Needs

Every business is unique, and so are its web development needs. You should prepare in advance and jot down project needs and requirements. Get yourself answers to the following questions:

1. Do you need an in-house developer or want to outsource work?

2. How large is your project, and how many Zend developers are needed?

3. How much budget do you have?

4. What skills do you want in your Zend developers?

A clear idea of what you are looking for makes hiring easier and quicker.

Outline Detailed Job Description

Create a detailed job description to hire PHP Zend developers. You must specify-

1. Technologies that they must know of

2. Work experience

3. Brief description of the Zend project

4. Job role

5. What perks will they get while working with you?

6. What will be the salary criteria?

7. Joining date

8. Mention any specific documents that are required to be presented

Draft a compelling post to capture potential developers’ attention. You can take references from the internet or similar job posts shared by other companies.

Leverage the Hiring Platform

Once the job description is ready, finalize relevant job boards to broadcast your message. Depending on your hiring model (like freelancers, full-time employment, or outsourcing), you can leverage online platforms such as LinkedIn, Upwork, etc.

Businesses can also post the requirement on their official websites or take assistance from PHP Zend communities worldwide. After the post is shared, you will receive responses from developers – Check their portfolio and previous work experience to narrow down the list.

Shortlist Candidates and Schedule Interviews

Shortlist a few candidates through technical assessment. Test their skills by providing a small task and asking relevant questions that may include:

1. What are the key features of Zend Framework?

2. What is Zend’s latest version, and what’s new in it?

3. What’s the function of autoloader in the Zend framework?

4. Can you define the objective of Bootstrap in Zend?

5. Explain the components of the Zend Framework.

Conduct the proper screening of candidates you have shortlisted. The screening ensures that the prospects match the position’s requirements, including skills, experience, certification, etc.

Sign NDAs

Once you find the right fit for the organization, present an offer, and don’t forget to sign NDAs. Specify all the terms and conditions, which include:

1. Expected product delivery

2. Joining date

3. Non-compliance penalties and liabilities

4. Payment and termination terms

5. Project scope

5. Responsibilities

Ensure to maintain complete transparency for long-term successful relationships.

Technical Interview Questions to Ask While Hiring Zend Developers

Q.1: Which Version of PHP Does the Zend Framework Require?

Expected Answer: You should install PHP 5.2.4 and above versions to run the Zend framework. This framework is upgraded to use the object-oriented features of PHP 5.2.4.

Q.2: What is Autoloader in Zend?

Expected Answer: The developers must know that there’s a default Zend_Loader_Autoloader that eliminates the need to include the file manually. The autoloader loads all the objects when any interface or class is called.

Q.3: Explain the Components of the Zend Framework

Expected Answer: The Zend Framework comprises three essential components:

Event Manager: The Event Manager component empowers developers with event-based programming capabilities. It enables you to create and manage events within your application, facilitating the decoupling of various parts of your codebase. This promotes modularity, flexibility, and easier maintenance.

Service Manager: The Service Manager is a vital component that simplifies the consumption of services throughout your application. It serves as a central registry for services, making them accessible from any part of your codebase with minimal effort. This promotes code reusability and ensures efficient management of dependencies.

Module Manager: The Module Manager is a valuable tool for organizing and encapsulating related functionality within your application. It allows you to bundle a group of PHP classes with similar functionality into a cohesive module. This modular approach enhances code organization, maintainability, and the ability to scale your application effectively.

What Skills to Look for in a PHP Zend Developer?

Good Knowledge of the PHP Framework

As the Zend framework is primarily built with PHP, solid proficiency in this language is significant. You must hire Zend developers with a good grip on PHP fundamentals, syntax, and other features to acquire apps that run seamlessly on compatible platforms. Also, such developers utilize their PHP knowledge to incorporate Zend libraries within the apps better.

Understanding of Zend

Developers must possess an in-depth knowledge of Zend, including its features, security, architecture, components, and best practices. Additionally, they should know the performance optimization and caching mechanisms to enhance applications’ responsiveness and loading speed. Its code reusability feature enables the quick development of scalable applications.

OOP and MVC Architecture

Developers should understand OOP (Object-Oriented Programming) and MVC architecture, widely used in Zend applications. The design patterns in OOP offer reusable solutions for general problem-solving. Whereas Model View Controller (MVC) controls complex data by splitting them into specific sections like business logic, UI logic, and input logic.

Database Languages

Applications rely on databases to store and retrieve data. Therefore, Zend developers must know how to interact with databases to fetch and manipulate data. Several types of databases are used for web applications, such as relational databases, flat files, NoSQL databases, and object-relational databases. Its solid knowledge helps write effective database queries to ensure high performance even when it involves a large amount of data.

Grip on Other Programming Languages

Depending on your project scope, hire PHP Zend developers with a good understanding of other programming languages relevant to your specific project. Generally, a Zend developer should know HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and other widely-used web technologies to better create and integrate user interfaces into Zend-powered apps.

Security Best Practices

Zend developers must know security best practices to safeguard apps against dreaded vulnerabilities such as cross-site scripting, SQL injection, and site request forgery. For this purpose, they can use the framework’s in-built features such as Zend\Validator, Zend\Escaper, and Zend\Filter, external libraries for secured email communications, and other practices, like using strong passwords, HTTPS, SSL certificates, etc.

Mistakes to Avoid While Hiring PHP Zend Developers

Skipping to Check the Developer’s Portfolio and Background

Performing extensive research and scrutinizing a candidate’s portfolio is mandatory to make an informed decision and avoid costly mistakes. Without an impressive portfolio, one mustn’t Hire Dedicated Zend Developers Also, ensure the developers you hire have worked on a similar project.

Weighing Cost Over Skills

Never prioritize cost over skills. Several developers may offer services at cut prices, but you may not get an up-to-the-mark functionality. Therefore, choose a technologically advanced, skilled, experienced team to acquire personalized apps.

Failing to Check Technical Skills

Don’t overlook the technical aspects while hiring candidates. Share a small test to analyze their app development skills. Especially include questions related to your project. Also, ensure they are well-versed with the latest updates and technologies for outstanding product delivery.

Not Considering Offshore Hiring

When you hire PHP Zend developers, don’t confine yourself to any specific region. Instead, consider seeking talent from around the globe. Rapid technological advancement has made connecting with offshore developers convenient and getting services at cost-effective rates.

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Finding the best professional in a marketplace full of developers can be challenging. But this guide helps you hire dedicated Zend developers with impressive and innovative skills for your specific project needs. Follow the above-mentioned procedure and consider all the points to make the most profitable decision. AIS Technolabs has professional Zend developers who can help you acquire A-1 apps to flourish your business.


Ans: There are several platforms you can use, like relevant job boards, third-party vendors, LinkedIn, and freelance platforms like Upwork. Share your job description on these platforms to locate a well-versed Zend developer.

Ans: There’s no fixed cost to hire dedicated Zend developers. It varies based on project scope, functionality, features, developer’s experience, etc. So, you must discuss the costing factor in advance.

Ans: Yes, you should consider hiring developers from the offshore market, as it is a cost-effective option. Also, you can hire a more flexible and diverse team with upgraded knowledge and skills.

Ans: When preparing a job description, mention everything in detail. It must include job roles and responsibilities, salary bracket, joining date, experience, or other specific requirements.

Ans: Zend developers check the idea’s feasibility and develop performant applications. Also, they help you maintain and upgrade your app per the latest technological innovations.

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