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With the world moving towards greater pollution, higher levels of stress and an over-reliance on fast food, people are striving to lead a fit and healthy life. Shifting from the domain of professional athletes, more and more people have embraced a fitter and healthier lifestyle. Unfortunately, due to time constraints, most people are unable to go to the gym, and therefore use tools within their disposal to get fit. With portable computing devices in their pockets, smartphones have become the perfect companions to enhance the fitness of individuals. There is a huge market for fitness enthusiasts who use smartphones to help them achieve their daily fitness goals and AIS Technolabs provides organizations with customized fitness app development services.

The healthcare and fitness segments is one of the largest, and have a sizable chunk of the GDP of developed as well as developing nations. With the ubiquity of technology in every human sphere, this provides organizations to provide their consumers with customized apps which provide fitness goals and benefits to their consumers. AIS Technolabs has garnered a niche in the market as a premium fitness app developer, with apps designed to harness the power of the smartphone to provide consumers with their daily dose of fitness activity requirements.

With the introduction of smartwatches, the personal fitness industry has become one of the largest markets for fitness applications on mobile and personal devices. Most smartwatches feature a large number of sensors which help to determine various bodily functions, and can be programmed for various fitness purposes.

What is a Fitness App?

A fitness app is a mobile application that helps users in their daily fitness routine and goals. There are a large variety of sensors in a modern smartphone that can be used to track the fitness activities of consumers. Broadly, fitness apps can be classified into three distinct forms:

GPS-Based Fitness Apps

Nearly all smartphones and most smartwatches come with an inbuilt GPS Tracking mechanism. The GPS module is used to develop apps for those who love to work out in the outdoors, especially those who want to time and track activities such as jogging and cycling.

Accelerometer and Gyroscope-Based Fitness Apps

The accelerometer and gyroscope in a smartphone and smartwatch, is used to track the orientation of the device, and can be programmed to detect changes in altitude and movement relative to a static spot. Such systems are used to develop apps for fitness enthusiasts who work out at a gym or their home, tracking movement for exercises such as chin-ups, sit-ups and crunches.

Sensor-Based Fitness Apps

In addition to the aforementioned sensors, smartphones and especially smartwatches contain additional sensors such as heart rate monitors, pulse monitors and other such devices. These components can be programmed to track the heart rate while performing intensive and strenuous physical activity such as bench-presses, weighted squats and other exercises which lets the user incur a large amount of cardiovascular activity.

AIS Technolabs has garnered a reputation in the fitness industry as one of the premier technological partners for organizations who have fitness app development requirements for both smartphones and smartwatches.

Fitness App Developers

Developing a health and fitness app is a very complicated process as healthcare as an industry deals with human life. The apps are expected to provide accurate results to the end users while they monitor metabolic rates and various other body parameters. At AIS Technolabs, we understand the complexities of the healthcare industry and hence do thorough research before commencing on your project. Our experienced fitness app developers have vast experience and capability to offer comprehensive Health & Fitness App Development Solutions. They create apps based on the customized needs of the healthcare industry be it personal trainers, fitness enthusiasts and gyms.

With a burgeoning market and a huge demand for healthy living across large parts of the world, the combination of technology and fitness makes it easy for a large section of the population to be fit and active using modern devices such as smartphones and smartwatches. Each and every day hundreds and thousands of people are using mobile computing devices in ways that improve their overall quality of life. This gives organizations in the health and wellness industry, a huge incentive to get the best fitness app developers who can not only create world-class fitness apps, but also provide their clientele with superior satisfaction through various innovative features that enhance their quality of life.

With smartphones becoming the dominant computing devices of the 21st century and with over 2 billion active devices; a well-developed fitness app is an apt solution that can propel organizations in the health and wellness industry to the forefront of the market. As a premium fitness app development company, AIS Technolabs provides organizations in the industry with superior tailor-made solutions in their platform of choice to help consumers get the best out of their fitness activities.

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