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AIS Technolabs is the perfect destination if you are willing to emulate the apps like Yik Yak and the things are much easier because Yik Yak has closed its functions on 28 April 2017 completely. And, if you choose us to develop the Yik Yak clone, we are able to achieve the results that you desire. After the launch in 2013, Yik Yak beats all the competitors and emerged as the best anonymous social network apps. Even though the app is not working but it has set a new benchmark for the existing app developers. So, you have a great chance to create a similar Yik Yak clone script with our assistance.

Yik Yak Clone

What is special about Yik Yak?

Tyler Droll and Brooks founded the Yik Yak app and before long, the app achieved a huge popularity among the college students of the USA. Later, a lot of similar apps followed Yik Yak and hiding the user identity became a trend. In most of the apps, you have to make a profile to prove the credibility but anonymity of the profiles also attracts the students and this is the main reason of the huge success of the apps like Yik Yak or Whisper.

Apps like Yik Yak is a real trend among people because they like to initiate conversations, build online communities, and wish to get familiar with new people without revealing the true identity of themselves. It is more attractive when the users want to interact with someone who lives nearby and they do not have any prior information about each other.

Benefits of similar apps like Yik Yak

With the use of powerful features and advanced techniques, the Yik Yak app has generated $1.5 as the overall revenue. Moreover, by enabling hyper-local community building with iOS and Android phones, it witnessed a considerable growth in all the basic areas of the business.

If you also wish to raise the level of your success in the app market and plan to have an anonymous social app, we are sure that you cannot ignore the amazing traits of Yik Yak app. The Yik Yak went beyond the boundaries in terms of popularity and fame . If you wish to achieve the same level of success, you can visit our talented Yik Yak app clone developers.

yik yak clone

Why AIS Technolabs to build a clone of Yik Yak?

Emulating a project is not as easy as it seems and you always need the assistance of some experienced professionals to achieve your goal. AIS Technolabs is a team of efficient coders who are properly trained to add the features that you need to have in your upcoming app like Yik Yak.

Surely, you and our team have a readymade business model but we have to make it more compatible with the modern needs of users and this approach ultimately ensures a considerable growth of the project in the future.

We have made similar apps in the recent past and we are willing to create an ideal solution for you once again. A different approach and innovative ideas are our real strength while we think of building an app that is better than similar apps.

The team of our company has mastered the art of cloning the projects but that does not mean we cannot handle the project with originality. It clearly means that we will provide you a completely original Yik Yak clone script along with all the features of Yik Yak app.

Every time we build a Yik Yak or similar app, like a Facebook clone script for our client, we make sure that we add something new that we have not added in the previous applications. In simple terms, you always receive the best solution within a competitive price.

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The Cost of the Project

Just visit us and forget about the cost of the project because our company is committed to providing the solutions at an affordable price. We have our own standards of quality and our policy of deciding the cost never affects the quality of the app. Therefore, just share your requirements and let us make the ideal Yik Yak like solution for you.

After you approach our developer, they make their best efforts to go the extra mile to help you build a better version of the Yik Yak app. Moreover, our consultants are going to tell you about the essential changes that are needed in your forthcoming project to receive great success.