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Slot Machine Visual Basic Code

Slot machine gaming software solution development is a simple yet traditional game development service that IT/development firms serve to their clients.

Getting an engaging and need-based slot machine game developed requires a wholesome and holistic coding ecosystem whereby each element is paid adequate attention. Whether it is 2D, 3D or any other requisite feature that one wants in its developed slot machine solution, choice of programming language, design outlook, and smooth operations are the three critical things that must be paid attention to.

Slot machine visual basic code development is the core of the gaming development solution. The slot machine Visual Basic code is an example of source code development for slot machine whereby Visual basic is used as a developing environment.

Visual basic code for slot machine is a reliable programming language from the brand name Microsoft that provides freedom and flexibility to game developers to choose and modify the codes that are written as a part of the programming of the game. It is a wholesome event-driven programming language that offers an integrated development environment for your slot machine game development.

AIS Technolabs offers the choice to its clients to get their slot machine source code or other gaming source code to be developed in Visual Basic, HTML, PHP, and other programming languages. We respect the needs of the clients and tend to deliver solutions in sync with that.

Features Of Admin Panel

Powerful Admin Dashboard
User Profile Management
Manage User
Crypto Wild Casino Case Open
easy passenger management
Deposit & Withdrawal
In-app Purchase
Support Complaint Box
Slot Game Master
Reel Master

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Features of Players

Login/ Registration

Easy login and registration allowing your players to use social media accounts to login and register on the platform.

Game Types

AIS Technolabs is a well-known slot game development company, where we develop a variety of slot games that help you engage users.

Slot Table

Development of different types of slot tables that make betting more enjoyable for the users and make them return to your platform from time to time.

Auto Play

Allow your users to choose to play with a computer instead of them for reduced gaming efforts and ensuring higher wins.

Join Daily Tournaments

Develop different types of daily tournaments and organize them easily, this feature is going to increase engagement ten folds.


Make the wins easy and more enjoyable with game bonuses. Increase fun on your gaming platform through free games and contests.

Create private virtual slot tables

We help you in creating feature-rich virtual slot tables that increase the fun of betting for your users. This feature helps you in choosing what they love.

Easy deposit and withdrawal

Easy deposit and withdrawal of money through 3rd party integrations through various types of banking accounts and sources.

Uncover Treasures

Make gaming as treasure troving by adding hidden game wins, this increases retention rate on your platform by heightened opportunities of winning more money.

Win Virtual Jackpots

Increase the opportunities for wins on the gaming platform with the addition of virtual jackpots for free gaming.

Premium Access Slots

Increase more fun on your gaming platform through developing premium slot tables, facilitating them only to the players that are wishing to pay more.

Main Features


Integrated zig-zag and straight paylines that cross one symbol on each reel of the slot machine or different types of combinations of the symbol.


Wilds are the substitute symbols that ensure the wins of the player, this does not include the integration of wild in the scatter symbol and bonus symbol.

Free Spins

Provide free spins to your players to win real money on your platform without having to wager anything on the slots.


Manage the volatility of the game easily on your platform, the bet would become more engaging for the players.

Scatter Pays

Scatter symbol development with complete functionality that helps you trigger additional features of the game and increase the chances of wins on real money slots.


Game coin development that makes it easy for the players to place the bets on the slot games. Users can easily cash out the coins into money.

RTP (Return to Player percentage)

Return to player percentage is the algorithm that decides the win or losing chances on a particular wager for the players.

Cascading Reels

The video slot machine’s Cascading Reel feature replaces the win symbol by another symbol that features fun animation. This increases engagement.

Expanding Scatters

Expanding scatters that require a player to fall on the winning payline to get a payout, they can appear anywhere in the game and get triggered through free spin.

Multiplayer Symbols

Multiplayer feature that allows users to add multiple players present in their social media accounts to increase fun and engagement.

Bonus Games

Bonus game feature that makes it easy for you to engage more users to your platform and heighten the engagement on the platform.

Re-triggering Free Spins

This feature allows players to win on the same slot line by triggering the retriggering feature.

Gamble Features

Gambling feature that allows players to increase the chances of winning a bonus on the game platform, with chances of winning a bet to be at 50-50 chance.

Pay Tables

Pay table that becomes a reference for the players to see what game is playing them and what type of return on winning a bet placed on the slot game.

Progressive Jackpots

Progressive jackpots that increase the chances of winning in each slot game from time to time through gambling grand prize or progressive jackpots.

Themed Slots

Development of themed slots by adding different types of music, theme, background, animation, etc. for increased platform.

AIS Technolabs

AIS offers you the chance to encash following when you choose us as your game/software development service provider:

  • Proper consultation and support
  • Detailed explanation and elaboration before the start of the project
  • Coding in language demanded by the client
  • Open source code for developing solutions as per clients’ choice
  • Timely updates to clients about the progress
  • Installation and setup related assistance
  • Solutions delivered within deadline
  • 24×7 technical support
  • Protection form online/cyber threats

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