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Online casinos are an ever-increasing craze that has made people across the globe to play and win extra dollars or pounds. Ever wondered as to how they operate or shuffle? Taking note of the shuffling aspect of slot machines, html5 slot machine has played a vital impact. At AIS Technolabs, we create functional slot machines in HTML5.

With the constant attention to the adoption of technologies in our working modules, our team is productive in creating slot machines and other forms of functional gaming tactics without much difference. We develop slot machine with an advanced technique that allows players to access the game from anywhere at any time.

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We Design and Develop Slot Machine as per Your Need

HTML5 slot machines are making a significant impact on the casino industry. So, give your users a newer way to play a slot game developed using HTML5. We design and develop slot game according to your online casino requirements. We make sure that every piece of content and features of HTML5 slot machines must be the user-friendly base because it helps players to develop interactivity with the game.

With the necessary support of our slot machines, users will enjoy a wonderful game. We know that casino players find it boring to sit for long hours to get the results. But, slot machines designed and developed by us work smartly to generate faster results. In fact, these machines are said to be diverse versions of gambling that allows casinos to increase their network. The existing casinos can make use of slot machine HTML5 to widen their network of players beyond the physical casino.

Features to Attract Players for HTML5 Slot Machine

daily bonus system
Daily Bonus System
mega bonus system
Mega Bonus System
earn rewards and points
Earn Rewards and Points
mega wins
Mega Wins
social media integration
Social Media Integration
daily goals
Daily Goals
ultimate graphics
Ultimate Graphics
impactful sound
Impactful Sound

Features Of Admin Panel

  • Login/ Registration

    Easy login and registration through social logins such as Facebook, Google, Instagram etc., making the process hassle-free.

  • On-screen bet/ play/ cash buttons

    On-screen bet play and cash buttons development for improved navigation and gaming experience for increased retention.

  • Coin / token hopper monitoring

    Coin and token hopper monitoring allows you to keep a close eye on the money being approved by the division that is to be dispensed.

  • Manage payout System

    Easy management of the payout system allows users to add multiple accounts and manage their withdrawals on the go, while you can approve and disapprove easily.

  • Deposit and Withdrawal

    Easy deposit of money to get the game coins and withdrawing the game wins through the integration of online payment gateways.

  • Manage Animation

    Advanced user features for managing animation in the gaming application as per individual needs.

  • Auto Play

    Auto play mode for improved gaming experience, helping users to give less inputs without hindering gaming experience.

  • Push Notifications

    Integrated push notification services that help you in communicating with your players efficiently.

  • Support Complaint Box

    Integrated support and complaint box feature allowing players to connect with you in case they face any problem with their player account.

  • Slot Game Master

    Slot game master is an amazing feature in which jackpots wins are multiplied after you spin a multiplier wheel.

  • Reel Master

    Reel master in a slot game is a vertical position on the grid which spins after placing bet and different symbols land on them everytime.

  • Reports

    Instant report generation allows your players to keep a close track on their spends and wins on your platform.


Features of Players

Main Features

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Expert straight and zig-zagged payline development crosses one symbol on each reel of the slot machine or the combination of symbols on the slot machine reels, indicating the player is paid out for the bet made on the combination.

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Slot game with wild symbol indicating the power of substitute of all the other symbols on the reel and helping the player win. We have an advanced algorithm that also includes the rule where the wild cannot replace the scatter symbol, free spin and bonus symbol.

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Free Spins

Keep the players super glued to your slot game with additional features such as Free Spins, allowing people to spin the slot for free, without paying any real money. It is a very good addition to your game, making it more realistic.

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Volatility in an online gambling game refers to the risk involved in the game. It means you can lose the bet, but this addition to the slot game makes the game more interesting and profitable for gamers and you both, for the small and big wins in the game.

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Scatter Pays

Scatter symbol is a special symbol in the online slot game that has a specific function, when it comes it triggers additional features of the game, and increases the chances of winning real money slots.

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Slot machines are programmed to pay out as winning 0% to 99% of the money that is wagered by the player, and theta are usually paid out in Coins which can be cashed out for real money.

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RTP (Return To Player Percentage)

The return to player percentage refers to the payback that a player can win on putting a particular bet. Our robust algorithm makes the game engaging by dividing it between 0 to 99 %.

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Cascading Reels

The cascading reel feature of the modern video slot game replaces the winning combination with new symbols to give players a chance to win back to back from the game without spinning again.

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Expanding Scatters

Expanding Scatters development which does not require you to fall on a winning pay line to get pay out. They can appear anywhere in the reels. Three or more scatters tend to trigger bonus features like free spin round.

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Multiplayer Symbols

Include multiplayer bonuses, and allow your users to play along with their friends and family. This feature can exponentially increase your market presence with improved engagement and game time.

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Bonus Games

Inclusion of bonus games to keep your gamers fresh and always intrigued. This allows you to retain your users even when they are not looking for betting, this ultimately increases your brand presence.

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Re-Triggering Free Spins

Retriggering allows your players to set off another round of free spin when playing in the free spin mode. This is a highly useful feature which allows you to accomplish by lining up the same special symbols to launch into free spin mode initially.

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Gamble Features

Slot game with gamble feature which allows players to double their wins on the board or in a bonus game, our algorithm is built to offer 50-50 chance of winnings getting doubled if you win, or get nothing if lost.

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Pay Tables

Pay table refers to the list of payouts on a slot machine or video poker machine. The table shows each combination of symbol and the number of coins bet or credit points the bettor gets on winning the game.

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Progressive Jackpots

Progressive jackpot or a gambling grand prize or payout refers to an increase of the payment each time the game is played, irrespective of winning or losing the game with a small percent.

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Themed Slots

Themed slots with different types of animation, music and other visual features allow you to increase the gaming experience of your users over your game.

Online Slot Game is the New Future of Casino Business

The trend of slot machines is gaining momentum because its capability to provide easing casino gaming procedure. And when it comes to the matter of identifying a legitimate slot machine provider, we happen to serve the best of machines. We make sure that every aspect of the machine is developed smartly so that the game does not halt in between. We have expertise in developing various slot machine games which are mentioned below.

online slot game is the new future of casino business
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    2D Slots

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    Futuristic Slots

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    Vector Slots

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    Classic Slots

Knowing All About Slot Machines

In our HTML5 slot machines, user required to put the coin and press the liver. The best thing about our slot machine development software is that you do not require any planned strategy to operate it. Surely stating, our slot machine games are an ideal source of enjoyment for the casino lovers, who do not find time to go to casinos and keep their needs suppressed. This is the reason that the slot machines are developed carefully to have a flawless operating system.

Being technically advanced in nature and developed in HTML5 language, our slot machines are meant to ease the process of gaming for casinos.

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