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Olympic Battle

It’s an Olympic battle game. Enjoy simple engrossing games in this app. This app contain games like Long jump, 100 meter hurdles, discus throw, Javelin throw,High jump etc…
Game is developed using Wii Sports Resort graphics.
olympic battle feature
  • – This is Multiplayer game (Player vs Player)
  • – There is one wheel with listed games
  • – Player can spin wheel
  • – Player gets 3 chances
  • – Average score
  • – Best player meddle
  • – After winning or losing a game the player is receives coins
  • – Player can use this coins in the shop
  • – Player can also use this to get better performance
  • – Different weather and time zone effect like at evening, Game has evening too
  • – Game statistics-Weekly ranking and total ranking
  • – Players can buy coins, items or lives with real money.

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