Data Governance And Security In Enterprise Mobility

The mobility of enterprise has proven to be a revolutionizing concept in the context of organizational working style and productivity enhancement. The idea of enterprise mobility carries in its core , breaking away from traditional barriers like desk-based work and rigid time duration for task completion.
The realization of this concept of mobility in various enterprises has led to the enhancement of flexibility and integration in the working environment through the utilization of cloud computing and its related tools.
What is data governance?

Data governance as an approach refers to the management of all the data related to an organization for which the organization wants to maintain high quality until the data exists.
In other sense, data governance can be described as the practice of overall management of the usability, availability, integrity, and security of the data related to an enterprise.
To ensure proper data governance a defined set of procedures and plan along with an able governing council or body is required. Enterprises can hire the services of software and IT firms to ensure the proper governance and management of their data.

Security in enterprise mobility
Since the mobility of an enterprise involves integration and sharing of data at large scale there is always a threat of unauthorized access or breach of data security. As enterprise mobility involves flexibility of connecting and sharing of data (by using their own personal devices) the risk of comprising of security of the data multiplies.
Protection of data in the context of enterprise involves a two-layer security framework.
The first layer of security
is concerned with the management of mobile devices. This first level/layer of security keeps a proper track of devices, user access records, and sensitivity of the data. Any suspicious happening is noted immediately and the IT department of the enterprise is alerted.
The second layer of security
deals with the management of the mobile application. Here a kind of check and balance is installed. Since the employees have got the flexibility of working due to mobility adoption in the enterprise, ensuring their accountability becomes necessary. This second layer of security ensures that accountability by allowing the enterprise to control the devices that its employees use.
This two-layer security requires the installation of seamless software to realize its effect in a real sense. Software and mobile app development companies are best suited to offer such services.
AIS Technolabs
When it comes to data governance and security solutions extension (in context of enterprise mobility) AIS Technolabs holds the distinction of catering to the needs of firms across the globe.
Having developed a wide and comprehensive understanding of the data management and security related vulnerabilities ,AIS offers you the best-suited solution based on the needs and growth requirement of your enterprise.
With a vast experience of tendering software and data security solution, AIS is an established name in the business.Having the experience of serving big and renowned enterprises in their respective domain AIS has earned a name for itself as a quality solution provider.
You can expect following benefits when you choose us as your data governance and security solution provider:
  • Well-designed architecture to ensure the security of your data
  • Effective software solutions to manage and track the integration and sharing of data
  • Arrangement of all necessary data according to business requirements.
  • A dedicated team of professional and data managers to work on your solutions
  • 24×7 assistance in case of any issue
  • Assistance in transition towards mobility of your enterprise
  • Additional support or help at market competitive rate
  • Security software/app that is compatible with enterprise mobility solution/integration solution
  • Nominal rates of tendering solutions
  • A team of experienced and skilled developers to handle your security-related software needs
  • We also help you to establish databases for all software solution
  • We design you solution according to your business requirements
Final say
It’s obvious that an enterprise can’t ignore mobility just by the fact that it requires certain efforts to ensure data governance and security. Knowing the benefits of enterprise mobility in the context of enhanced efficiency, it is highly unlikely that a firm would opt out of it.
To address the data governance and security-related needs the answer lies in the adoption of effective and efficient software solutions that are offered by various IT/software development firms
AIS Technolabs is offering such services at highly competitive rates. Having the experience of tendering such solutions from quite some time, AIS happens to be the perfect fit for addressing your data governance and security-related concerns.
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