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Modern smartphones have enhanced the ways by which people can interact with others easily. Other than traditional phone calls, smartphones allow people to chat with each other using a wide variety of messaging protocols, some of the most common of these protocols being Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, iMessage App on iOS and WeChat. While the core functionality of these systems is to provide SMS-like functionalities by using internet protocol systems instead of the outdated SMS protocol, solutions such as iMessage provide a large number of solutions to consumers and allow developers to create superior solutions based on these platforms.
Launched in 2011 by Apple for their iOS and Mac OS range of devices, the iMessage app has become not only a messaging application, but an ecosystem where users can play games, watch videos, take notes, doodle and accomplish various functionalities within the app itself.

AIS Technolabs creates customized solutions that use the iMessage platform to create iMessage App for its esteemed clientele worldwide. As an iMessage app developer developer, AIS Technolabs creates superior solutions for clients to engage and interact with their consumer base through the iMessage protocol.

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What is an iMessage App?


Transaction Apps

Transaction apps allow users to send or receive money using the iMessage app. These apps allow users to create their own in-app wallet to store money. The wallets are linked to bank accounts or credit cards, and users can easily transfer money to anyone across the world with the platform. This has led to the rise of personalized e-commerce, where people interact and transact personal goods and services within the iMessage ecosystem.


Gaming Apps

The iMessage app allows developers to develop games based on the iMessage platform. Such games are inherently multiplayer in nature and enhance the social gaming aspect for consumers. AIS Technolabs provides superior iphone game development services using the iMessage app platform.


Content Generation Apps

Content generation apps allow users to create content and share them with others directly on the iMessage platform. While sharing of images and videos were possible through iMessage, the system now allows users to share content in the form of PDFs, as well as doodles and custom-written notes. AIS Technolabs provides superior iMessage app development solutions which enable organizations to provide additional services through the platform.

Who are the Beneficiaries
Of iMessage Apps?

As an app platform, iMessage provides a whole host of benefits to both consumers and organizations alike. For consumers, these apps enhance the social nature of interaction, allowing them to perform ordinary tasks such as transaction, gaming and content generation directly within the app platform. The platform does not require consumers to open other apps for the same functionality on their iOS and Mac OS devices, which ensures that their phones and computers require lesser resources to perform the same tasks.

For organizations, the iMessage app provides a simple and easy-to-use platform to deploy apps. The nature of the iMessage platform makes interoperability between various devices a breeze, with no requirement to change the codebase while transitioning the app from a mobile-based device to a computer device. In addition, the iMessage platform provides developers with readymade tools to easily create apps that are compatible across the entire range of Apple devices, including smartphones, tablets, desktops, laptops and smartwatches.

App Developer

Our iMessage app developers come with a lot of experience in developing apps on the iOS platform. They are fully aware how App extensions work. Other than that, they pay special attention to Apple’s Message Framework for iOS 10 or later APIs. The message framework lists out what Apple allows and does not allow to be created for their iMessage app. In addition to the APIs, our iMessage app developers include the following things when they create an iMessage app:

  • They create interactive messages
  • They can create custom stickers to be added to the app
  • They can roll out different custom interfaces
  • They can also create a new way of sending media and stickers, as well as text in the app

Thus users can now send each other rich links, with music and videos playing directly within the conversation through our iMessage apps.

Of iMessage Apps?

iMessage apps provides a whole host of benefits for both consumers and organizations alike. Some of these benefits are:


The inherent security of the iMessage platform with superior encryption is extended to the iMessage apps. This ensures that confidential data can be swiftly transferred across the network without any fear of hacking or eavesdropping mechanisms which can steal the data.


The iMessage platform is tightly integrated into the entire Apple ecosystem, with full interoperability across a wide range of devices.


The iMessage as an app development platform provides superior customization benefits for iMessage app developers . Developers can not only influence the look and feel of the app, but can also provide improved aesthetics including better fonts and rendering techniques which makes the platform as a robust solution for app deployment.

As an iMessage app development firm, AIS Technolabs provides superior solutions to its esteemed clients to deploy their solutions on the iMessage platform, to tap into a user base of over 100 million globally. With the ubiquity of the iOS platform, the iMessage app development solution has become one of the most effective forms of app development in the modern era.

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