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This Microsoft product helps Silverlight developers explore an ample field of internet apps. Initially, it was used as a plugin for video streaming. Many changes were introduced in subsequent versions contributing to interactivity. In its present form, it resembles very like Adobe Flash in that it enables developers to incorporate graphics, animations and multimedia in their Silverlight developments, and it also supports CLI languages.

AIS Technolabs is one of the top silverlight development company that excels at creating high quality HD videos and pictures. Our Silverlight developers are proficient in using this platform to produce app and sites with which the end-users will form strong and lasting connections.

We, at AIS Technolabs, boast a team of Silverlight developers who recognize the interdependencies of silverlight developments and clients’ needs. Their skill-set thrives on the latency of power that this framework holds out for them. Therefore, they are able to create products that satisfy our esteemed customers.


We pride ourselves on our originality. We already have and are committed to build high-end apps that cannot fail to serve the purpose they are designed for. We have thorough knowledge of .Net programming on which this programming model is based – the fact that explains why our web based solutions are so effective. Asp.Net programming on Silverlight framework is known for its huge versatility.


Silverlight Development Services – Major Advantages

The benefits of Silverlight development services are many and great. Thanks to the features it is endowed with, forty of which are assigned especially for enhancing content quality, high-end apps with rich content, such as is required by business apps, can be built on this platform.

Best quality experiences of videos

We have had the experience of making first-rate videos, such as you do not too frequently come across….surely not on ordinary websites. Our products are meant to feature on graphical sites.

Works on all platforms and browsers

Apps produced with this framework are compatible with all types of browsers and run without any hitch on all operating systems.

framework apps & the graphics can operate together

This feature holds out to the developers the advantage of being able to attend to back-end portion of the app while designing apps. Also, graphic team can freely use the potential power of XAML.

Mashup can be built up

This is a great tool for building mashups, and fix it with all types of content thereon. You can even add TV channels and radio broadcast to it

Usage of the platform for third party languages

This platform allows for the use of different programming languages such as Ruby and Ecmascript in order to get the most out of .Net platform.

One of the cheapest frameworks available

For creation of products like video streaming portal, this framework provides most cost-effective solutions. All you need to have is IIS installed on your Windows server.

Simple debugging process of applications

It makes debugging of apps extremely simple, not requiring separate codes for the purpose.

High Speed

This is one of the most sought after features in apps; because it enables users to tap the resources through apps without any delay.

Silverlight Development Company

An excellent tool for developing stunning videos which are quite different from the ones created using some of the platforms available for the purpose; because they are of superior quality and give an altogether different feel.


What services do we offer at AIS Technolabs on Microsoft Silverlight?

We offer diverse Silverlight development services such as...

Development of apps using Silverlight

Development of XAML.

Silverlight game development

Development of apps in out of browser mode

Silverlight & XML

Maintenance and enhancement of existing apps

Customization and implementation

Development of plug-ins

Video of the testing process accompanying delivery of our product

Testing of our product before dispatching it and

Silverlight & XML and

Testing of our product before dispatching it and

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