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The evolution of humans has been a saga of migration. Humans emerging out of sub-Saharan Africa has migrated and dominated the entire planet. This latent need for travel has been ingrained in our psyche, and travel is one of the most important aspects of human life. Whether be it for business or leisure, travel is rooted to our existence. With the easy accessibility of superior computing power within the palms of our hands, more and more users are using the internet and devices such as smartphones to book tickets and hotels, take self-guided tours, find optimal routes and get a taste of the local culture and cuisine. To this end, AIS Technolabs creates custom travel clone script guide apps for both businesses as well individuals travellers.

What is a Travel Guide App?

A travel guide app is a mobile application which guides and helps travellers to enhance their travelling experience. A travel guide app can be of different flavours, some of which are noted below:

Booking Apps

Booking apps are mobile apps which helps travellers book various objects as part of their travel itinerary. These apps can be for a single purpose, i.e. booking for flight tickets, or booking for hotel rooms and hostels; or can be multifunction, with the ability to book flight tickets, hotels, restaurants, buy museum and art gallery tickets etc.

Guide Apps

Tour apps provide a large variety of information about the notable tourist spots in the region where the traveller is headed to. These apps provide a unique look to the history, culture and locale of the region, as well as allow users to comment on those places. Guide apps can also focus on a particular fort, museum or a place of natural or historical interest.

Multifunction Apps

Multifunction apps perform multiple functions for tourists. These apps combine the features of booking apps and guide apps to provide a single seamless solution for all travel-related queries and requirements.

AIS Technolabs is one of the leading travel app developers, with an esteemed clientele based throughout the world. The company provides top-notch customized travel mobile app development services to various travel organizations, hotels, museums and other places across major countries.

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Travel Mobile App Development

With an increased smartphone user base, a custom travel guide app has a plethora of benefits for both travellers as well as organizations in the tourism industry.

Easier Hotel Bookings

According to a Pew Research conducted in 2014, over 35% of travellers book their hotel rooms or hostels using the internet; with 60% of the users using smartphones as their primary means of internet connectivity.

Restaurant Services

To not taste the local cuisine is to not understand the culture and traditions of the host country. Most travel guides provide information about the local cuisine as well as places to try out the local delicacies. Most guides feature complete sections for different types of meals, including street food, traditional cuisine, pubs, as well as fancy restaurants in those areas.

Guidebook Services

One of the key benefits of a travel app is to provide guidebook services, helping new tourists learn about the places of interest and providing them with reviews and ratings from other tourists, giving them an overview of both the good and the bad about those places.

Easier Transportation Bookings

The growth of the air industry has been led by the internet, with low-cost tickets being the hot favourite amongst travellers and backpackers worldwide. The internet has allowed users to pre-plan their travel itinerary with the minute details, including transportation options. Another industry which has seen tremendous growth is the online car-rental industry, with experts stating that over 25% of the bookings come from the internet.

Customized Tours

Travel guide apps allow people to customize their tours to their exact preferences. The travel and lodging requirements of a honeymoon couple is completely different from those of a business traveller or a backpacker. While most offline travel operators would provide the same tour options for all tourists, online travel guide apps allow tourists to pick and choose their destinations, as well as choose their preferred mode of transport.

As a leading travel app development firm, AIS Technolabs offers tailor-made solutions for various organizations within the travel industry, from hotels booking to guidebook solutions and from rental car services to theme parks. The company has served various exotic niches to cater to the burgeoning demand of the travel industry in various countries.

Travel App Developers


Our travel app developers hold lot of experience developing travel apps.They develop effective Travel App Solutions that leverage all significant features which is useful to accomplish your customers’ expectation and increase engagement. When it comes to designing a perfect travel app, there are many factors that comes into play like a great vision with proven strategy in addition to comprehend end-users need. Our developers have the right expertise and knowledge to make the entire process of travel booking script seem like a cakewalk.


Till date, we have developed numerous custom apps for some of the reputed clients in the travel domain.Our industry expertise and technical skills make us capable of understanding the clients’ requirements and creating matching solutions. We build powerful travel apps which posses features such as geolocation tracking, online reservations, and more.


With a greater impetus put on by governments on the tourism industry as an important means of foreign currency revenue, more and more organizations are using the marvels of technology to improve the experiences of travellers worldwide. With smartphones and mobile apps, it has become much more easier for a traveller to absorb and understand the culture and heritage of their chosen travel destination.

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